Logitech Wireless Mouse Not Working: Full List of Possible Solutions 

Trying to send that all-important mail to your company, but your Logitech wireless mouse is not working? Don’t worry: you’re not the only Logitech customer facing this problem. Wireless mice from Logitech are super-convenient tools. They don’t have wires, so they don’t clutter up desk spaces. They’re also faster and easier to navigate than most built-in laptop trackpads. But, wireless mice from Logitech are not perfect devices. 

Every now & again, they stop working for no apparent reason. The Internet is full of articles explaining why this issue keeps happening with wireless mice from Logitech. The company itself has admitted that its wireless mice are prone to malfunctions. So, if your Logitech mouse is not connecting or not working properly, it’s no cause for great concern. 

This article will teach you every possible way to fix this problem. The solutions we provide will apply to all the best-selling wireless mice from Logitech: from Logitech M325 to Logitech M570. But first, let’s learn how to connect these devices to laptops & PCs. 

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How to Connect Logitech Wireless Mouse?

When a wireless mouse is not working, the first thing you should do is check its connectivity. Is the mouse not working, or is it simply not connected properly to your PC/laptop? To ensure the latter is not the case, re-connect your Logitech mouse to your PC/laptop. Here’s how you should connect a wireless Logitech mouse to your PC/laptop:

  • Unpack the wireless Logitech mouse from the box 
  • Insert a battery into the mouse
  • Make sure to align the batteries in the correct direction
  • The mouse will come with a tiny USB receiver & a Bluetooth receiver
  • Take the USB receiver out 
  • Plug it into one of your PC/laptop’s open USB slots
  • Wait for the mouse to connect automatically
  • On your PC/Laptop, open Settings 
  • Inside the “Settings” menu, enter the section titled “Bluetooth & other devices”
  • Here, you’ll find a list of Bluetooth devices that are connected to your PC/laptop 
  • You’ll notice that your wireless mouse’s receiver is displayed as a USB Receiver in this list 
  • Now, turn the mouse on by sliding the power switch located on its body 

The wireless mouse is now connected to your PC. Move the wireless mouse around the screen to check if mouse sensitivity & speed are adjusted for your use. Some of the latest wireless Logitech mice come with small “Connect” buttons on their bases. If your mouse has such a button, switch it on as soon as you plug in the wireless receiver. 

If your wireless Logitech mouse won’t connect, then it’s probably an underlying hardware issue. For, e.g., the USB receiver on the mouse may be broken. If it is, check out this video guide on how to fix faulty USB receivers in Logitech wireless mice:

If this fix doesn’t work, take your mouse to a nearby Logitech showroom. Sometimes, the Logitech wireless mouse not connecting issue arises because of damaged hardware. Get the mouse manually assessed by Logitech’s technicians. 

Why Is My Logitech Wireless Mouse Not Working?

If you’re not facing any connectivity issues (as explained above) & your Logitech wireless mouse has stopped working for no reason, you’ll need to apply various troubleshooting techniques. There are many potential reasons why wireless mouse not working. Let’s address these reasons in great detail to see if they apply to your problem. We’ll also discuss the most basic Logitech mouse troubleshooting techniques for each type of problem.

Faulty or Dead Battery 

Logitech batteries are known for dying prematurely. Even though the batteries in Logitech mice come with 18-24-month warranties, they don’t always last that long. So, suppose your Logitech wireless mouse is not working for no reason. In that case, it’s probably because it has a damaged or drained battery. To ensure that’s not the case, take the following steps:

  • Remove the wireless receiver inside the mouse
  • Remove the batteries inside the mouse 
  • Wait for 10 minutes to allow the mouse to discharge completely 
  • Re-insert the battery and re-insert the connector into your PC/laptop’s USB port

Check if the issue is resolved. If it isn’t, replace the old batteries with new, high-quality batteries. Align the batteries correctly and then re-connect the mouse to your device. Hopefully, this simple fix will resolve your problem.

Surface Issues

The type of surface on which you place your wireless mouse will affect its performance. For instance, Logitech’s wireless mice typically don’t work on plain wooden surfaces. To ensure that your desk’s surface isn’t causing this problem:

  1. Try switching surfaces.
  2. Get a mousepad from Logitech.
  3. Use that pad whenever you use your mouse.
  4. USB Slot Issues

The first step of troubleshooting a Logitech wireless mouse is checking whether the USB slot into which the mouse is getting plugged in is working or not. Next, test all the different USB ports on your PC/laptop. A damaged USB port won’t support the mouse’s receiver. 

PC or Laptop Issues

A damaged USB port on a PC/laptop won’t support the mouse’s receiver. But what if the PC/laptop itself is damaged? A wireless mouse will never function properly on a damaged PC/laptop. So, before you try out any complicated Logitech mouse troubleshooting techniques, test the mouse on a different PC/laptop.

If the mouse works on another computer & not on yours, it’s probably because the drivers installed on your PC are out-of-date. 

Installing the Right Drivers 

Without the right drivers, a wireless mouse cannot function properly. To ensure your PC/laptop has the right drivers to enable wireless mouse use, take the following steps: 

  • Open Run (Press Windows + R)
  • In the Run dialogue box, type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter
  • A window called “Device Manager” will open 
  • On this window, select the category titled “Mice and other pointing devices”
  • Locate your mouse on this list 
  • Right-click on your mouse and select “Uninstall”

Once your wireless mouse is uninstalled, restart your PC/laptop. But don’t disconnect the mouse from your PC. After the restart, your PC will automatically detect the wireless mouse. It will also automatically install the right default drivers (your PC must have an Internet connection). Once the drivers are installed, your mouse should start working properly.

If this fix doesn’t work, try manually updating the drivers. Take the following steps:

  • Open Run (Press Windows + R)
  • In the Run dialogue box, type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter
  • A window called “Device Manager” will open 
  • On this window, select the category titled “Mice and other pointing devices”
  • Locate your mouse & right-click on it 
  • Select the option that says “Update Driver Software”
  • Select the option that says “Search automatically for updated-driver-software”

Windows will now automatically browse the Internet to find the right drivers for your wireless mouse model. It will install the correct drivers. Once the right drivers are installed, your wireless mouse should work properly.

How to Repair Logitech Wireless Mouse?

If none of these solutions work, head to Logitech’s technical support website. Speak with one of Logitech’s customer support technicians & inform them about your problems and the steps you’ve already taken to resolve them. Hopefully, one of these troubleshooting techniques will work out before you need to take that step. 

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