Facebook News Feed Not Working: How to Get It Working Again?

Is your Facebook news feed not working again? It’s nothing new. Facebook undergoes frequent updates & algorithm changes. The social media platform has over 2.91 billion users. Each of these users spends an average of 19.6 hours per month scrolling, commenting, & liking posts on Facebook. 

Due to this large & active userbase, the platform experiences several outages yearly. So, if your news feed isn’t available right now, the best thing you can do is wait for Facebook’s engineers to fix the problem. But what if your Facebook news feed is not loading for hours? Is there a problem on your side causing these loading issues? Yes. 

In this article, I’ll explain why your Facebook news feed may freeze from time to time. I’ll also tell you what you need to do to fix these types of problems. 

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Why Isn’t My News Feed Working on Facebook?

Here are some possible reasons why your Facebook posts are not loading:

You Have a Slow Internet Connection

Over the past 5 years, Facebook has significantly increased its data usage. According to a recent survey, just one hour spent scrolling on the platform results in the usage of at least 100 MB of mobile data. That means if you scroll through Facebook for an hour a day for one month, you’ll spend over 3 GB of data. 

Due to Facebook’s ever-increasing data requirements, users with slow Internet connections often receive the following message: “Your Facebook news feed isn’t available right now.” To fix this problem, you’ll have to get a faster Internet connection.

Facebook is Down

As stated before, Facebook experiences multiple outages & downtimes every year. However, on October 4th, 2021, the company experienced the biggest mass outage in its history. Due to this outage, billions of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger users could not access their accounts for several hours.

According to the company, the outage prevented billions of users from refreshing their Facebook news feeds & sending messages on the platform. So, if Facebook is not loading news feed, you should Google whether the company is experiencing an outage. 

Wrong Feed Preferences

Do you know that you can customize your Facebook feed per your personal preferences? If your Facebook news feed is not showing recent posts, it’s probably because you’ve set the wrong preferences for your news feed. Here’s a helpful video guide on how to set news feed preferences the right way:

Facebook Application Problems 

Is your Facebook news feed not showing posts exclusively on the app? Try opening the website via your phone’s browser to verify if that’s the case. If the browser version of Facebook is working fine, then there’s probably something wrong with the app. For example, the Facebook application on your phone or tablet may have corrupted files

Or, you may have forgotten to update the app. Unfortunately, these types of errors often cause the Facebook application to not behave as expected.

Incorrect Date and Time Settings 

Facebook maintains time by receiving time-related data from your PC or phone. So, if the device you’re using has incorrect date & time settings, Facebook won’t work properly. Correcting the time & date settings on your PC or phone is the only way to fix this problem.

Hardware Issues

Is your smartphone advanced enough to support Facebook’s latest, updated version? If you’re using an older smartphone, the answer is- probably not. Try using the Facebook Lite version instead & check if the newsfeed issues persist. 

How to Fix Facebook News Feed Not Working?

Solutions to your Facebook feed problems will vary depending on the underlying cause. When I experience such problems, I go through a checklist of troubleshooting techniques until the problem is fixed. Here are all the troubleshooting techniques you should try out when your Facebook news feed is not working:

Check Your Internet Connection

According to Facebook, all the features on the platform work optimally at an Internet speed of 12 or more MBPS. So, get a new connection if your Internet connection is weaker than that. 

Turn Off VPN 

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) will mask your IP address and hide your online activities. However, your encrypted data may confuse Facebook’s servers, leading to newsfeed malfunctions. If your Facebook most recent is not working, try accessing the platform again without an activated VPN service. If the problem goes away & your newsfeed refreshes properly, avoid using VPN services every time you use Facebook. 

Check If Facebook is Experiencing an Outage

You can check whether Facebook’s servers are experiencing issues on this website. When Facebook servers are down, all users on the platform experience newsfeed-related problems. All you can do is wait for Facebook to fix the problem. 

Reinstall Your App

If you constantly face newsfeed-related problems on your Facebook app, there’s probably something wrong with the app itself. To correct this, delete & then reinstall the Facebook app on your device. You’ll receive its latest, updated version by re-downloading the app. 

Reboot Your Device 

Giving your PC or smartphone, a reboot can fix your newsfeed-related problems on Facebook. In addition, rebooting your device may eliminate any temporary glitches causing the problems. 

Update the Facebook App

Update the Facebook application on your device via the Play Store. Check if the newsfeed-related problems disappear after the update. If not, delete and reinstall the application.

Correct Date and Time Settings 

Make sure your smartphone or PC’s date and time settings are accurate. If they’re not, correct them & relaunch Facebook. 

Clear the App Cache 

Excessive app cache can cause your Facebook app to become slow & unresponsive. Clear the Facebook app cache on your phone to give the app a better chance of performing more efficiently. 

Change Newsfeed Preferences

Make sure your newsfeed preferences are flexible and niche. If they are, then Facebook will filter most posts on your newsfeed. Edit your newsfeed settings & make sure that you don’t block new posts on the platform. 

Facebook continues to be one of the most-used social media apps worldwide. Use this guide to optimize your experiences on the platform! 

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