How to Reset Sonos Speaker and Why do This?

Sonos is a name that goes around in the tech space a lot. 

Having one Sonos speaker begs for you to have another in a separate room. The way they have perfected the art of multi-room audio and built a thriving ecosystem is very impressive. Beyond that, they have partnered with several music services to listen to music via their devices so much easier. These include Spotify, YouTube Music, Tidal, SoundCloud, and over 100 more.

That ridiculous catalog of streaming platforms paired with seamless multi-room audio enjoyment is completed by the simple fact that Sonos speakers sound so so good. 

However, with all this complexity associated with them, particularly regarding the ecosystem that can be built around them, sometimes one or two speakers in your set-up no longer act in sync with the others. This can be worrying, but you can easily reset Sonos systems to get them back to proper function.

This article is all about how to reset Sonos speaker without much of a headache. This article will guide you through the proper means.

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Why Does Sonos Speaker Need Reset?

So, you must be curious. This company sells six million dollars worth of speakers every year, so it’s not uncommon to have one! Before we get into how to reset Sonos speakers, you may want to know the reasons that call for this in the first place.

It could be because you’re finally moving house and it’s going to find itself connected to a new Wi-Fi system. Or, perhaps, you’re going on a journey with something a bit more portable. Or you’re borrowing it from a friend to enjoy for some time. If you want to sell it, too, you’ll need to pull a Sonos factory reset.

If this happens, you should get the speakers to reset to make things easiest for those looking to purchase. After all, nobody wants to buy a device that they can’t even connect to. Doing this will help with that. It will also help if you’re doing a Sonos reset simply to fix a speaker that isn’t working as it should be.

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What Does Sonos Reset Do?

Before you attempt to reset your Sonos speaker, you should know that it is different from a reboot. If you want to reboot, simply follow the steps here.

A reset will completely wipe your Sonos device. Any registration info, music services you have integrated, and content on My Sonos will be deleted. Just think of it as returning it to factory settings.

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How to Factory Reset Sonos Speaker?

Resetting is easier than you might have thought, though. Getting a reset done on these devices is a piece of cake. However, resetting the Sonos system depends on the specific speakers of theirs that you are dealing with. The different speakers are reset in different ways. I’ll cover the steps to resetting a Sonos speaker regardless of which one you have.

If you have any Sonos product that isn’t the Sonos Move or the Sonos Roam, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that the speaker is unplugged from power.
  2. Look for the connect/join button. Press it down and hold it.
  3. If you notice that your product does not have a connect or join button, you can press and hold the play/pause button or the mute button instead.
  4. Without releasing the button, plug the speaker back in. 
  5. Wait until the light flashes white and orange. You can let go of the button once it does.
  6. The light should flash green. When it does, the speaker has been reset successfully.

But what do you do if it’s the Sonos Move that you have?

  1. Remove the speaker from its charging base.
  2. Ensure it is powered off. You can do this by holding down the power button on the back for about five seconds. There will be a sound to indicate this has been done successfully, and the LED will switch off.
  3. Hold down the Join button.
  4. Put the Move back onto the charging base without releasing the Join button.
  5. Keep holding the button down until the LED flashes white and orange. You can then release it.
  6. The light should eventually flash green. This indicates that the process is successful.

And finally, what steps do you take resetting Sonos speaker if it’s a Roam?

  1. For this Sonos speaker reset, you will need to ensure it is off. Hold down the power button on the back for five seconds to do this. You will hear a sound, and the light will turn off if done right.
  2. Hold down the Play/Pause button.
  3. While still holding it down, press the power button on the back once.
  4. Don’t release the Play/Pause button until the LED flashes orange and white.
  5. The light will flash green for a successful Sonos factory reset.

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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