How to Reset Xfinity Cable Box? Why Won’t It Work?

“How to reset Xfinity cable box” – the Internet is flooded with questions like this. Some struggle to connect their Comcast cable boxes to their TVs. While others don’t know how to reset Comcast box. These problems are very frustrating, and they keep users from watching their favorite shows & streaming their favorite music. 

Without your Comcast Xfinity cable box functioning properly, you can’t connect your TV to Comcast’s network & watch TV. Here’s a complete breakdown of the issues Comcast Xfinity users frequently face. 

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Problems with Xfinity Cable Box

The Xfinity cable box not working is a common issue many users face. Unfortunately, the company can’t help these users because Comcast employs only a limited number of field agents. People who contact Comcast’s support team either have to wait for long periods or go through highly complicated user manuals. 

That’s why users must learn about common Comcast problems and how to fix them in the easiest ways possible. 

From Comcast box not working to issues related to resetting the device – here are some common problems with Xfinity cable boxes:

Comcast Xfinity Cable Box Problems

Many users get blank screens on their TVs. This issue can be fixed by ensuring the TV line is connected to the box’s right input channel. Users can also try to reinstall their Comcast cable boxes to fix this problem. 

Slow Comcast Xfinity Internet

Speed tests are the only way to fix slow Comcast Internet problems. For example, without 3 MBPS internet speed, it’s impossible to stream video content on the Xfinity cable box. 

Comcast Xfinity Modem Problems

If your Comcast Xfinity modem isn’t working, resetting it is the only solution. If resetting it doesn’t solve the problem, contact your local Comcast office & request a new modem.

Comcast Xfinity On-Demand Problems

There aren’t many quick fixes for these issues. On-Demand services stop working whenever issues prevent the Comcast system from functioning properly. Users are advised to use the Xfinity Stream apps for Android & iPhone to work around these On-Demand issues.

Why Won’t My Xfinity Box Work?

As you can see, Xfinity users have to deal with various issues. In many cases, even the company’s support team fails to address these issues & help customers on time. So, if your Xfinity box won’t turn on – don’t panic. It’s a common issue that several users face.

 Before you reset Xfinity box, take the following steps:

  • Check whether the cable boxes are securely installed on the wall of your device. 
  • Make sure your TV and your TV Box are working properly.
  • Inspect the batteries and make sure they’ve not run out. 
  • Check if all the wires are connected to the correct input points.

Use the reset key on your Xfinity cable box only after taking these steps. Resetting your cable box means restoring it to its original factory settings. Once your device returns to its default state, everything installed/saved inside the device will be deleted. In addition, you’ll lose all your data once you factory reset Xfinity cable box. So, this step should always be seen as a last-resort measure. 

How to Reset Xfinity Cable Box?

To reset Xfinity cable box, take the following steps:

  • Download the Xfinity app. 
  • Launch the app on your phone or iPad and log into your account.  
  • Open the menu & navigate to the bottom of the page.
  • Search for “TV options” and select the device that needs to be reset. 
  • You’ll see a troubleshooting prompt pop up on your screen. Tap on the option that says “continue.”
  • Wait for the screen to refresh; once it does, tap on the option “System Refresh.”

The app will reset your Xfinity cable box in some time. If you don’t have the Xfinity app, you can still reset your Xfinity cable box by taking the following steps:

  • Turn on the device.
  • Make sure the green light on the cable box is blinking.
  • Press the menu button & the power button at the same time. 
  • A menu called “User Settings” will appear on your screen.
  • Use the device’s up and down navigation arrows to navigate through this menu.
  • Select the option that says “Restore to Default.”
  • Click OK and wait for the factory reset to begin.

This isn’t the only way to factory reset Xfinity cable box without using the app. Here’s another method:

  • Find the reset button behind your cable box. Look carefully at the back of your box to find this reset button.
  • Use a slim, pointed object to push this button. Use a light, harmless object like a toothpick, not a steel pin. 
  • Push the reset button behind your cable box and hold it for 10 to 15 seconds. 

This step will again give your device a complete factory reset. The default settings will return, and all your previous settings, passwords, etc., will be lost.

Final Take 

Before you learn how to reset Xfinity cable box, learn how to restart Xfinity box first. Try resetting only when restarting or rebooting the device doesn’t work. To reboot or restart Xfinity box, users should take the following steps:

  • Find the power button on the box. It’s located right on the front of the device. 
  • Press and hold this Power button for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Wait for your TV Box to restart automatically.

Some Xfinity cable box models don’t feature the power button (e.g., the Xi5 7 Xi6 Wireless TV Boxes). You can restart these devices by taking the following steps :

  • Find the Power Cord that’s connecting the TV Box to your home’s electrical system. 
  • Unplug this cord to shut off your TV box. 
  • Keep the TV Box turned off for 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Plug the Box back in.

These simple rebooting tricks may not seem effective, but they often fix users’ issues with their TV boxes. Trying these options before resetting your device and losing all your data is vital. Only reset your Xfinity cable box when rebooting, and other solutions don’t work. Call the company’s technicians and ask them for alternate solutions before resetting your device. 

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