How to Unlock Your Roku TV’s Bluetooth Capabilities?

Consumer queries regarding Roku TV Bluetooth connectivity features are increasing daily. That’s because people are buying this TV streaming player/platform in record numbers. In 2021, the platform had 60+ million active accounts. That’s more than Amazon Fire TV & Google Chromecast. 

In 2022, Roku became the leading smart TV operating system in the US. The company licenses its OS to various TV manufacturers – from China’s TCL TO Walmart’s ONN. Currently, 1 in 3 smart TVs sold in the US runs Roku’s operating system. 

Millions of consumers are buying Roku TVs, expecting they can connect them with their smartphones, tablets, speakers, & other smart devices via Bluetooth. The prospect of playing video/audio from apps installed on your smartphone/tablet on your Roku TV is very alluring to buyers.

But, do all Roku TVs have Bluetooth? Or, have you bought a TV streaming player that’s not compatible with your Bluetooth-capable smartphones, tablets, or laptops? Unfortunately, the answer may not be exactly what you’re looking for. According to Roku, there’s no “direct-connect” method for Bluetooth connectivity on the company’s devices.

Only Roku speakers can directly connect with Roku TVs. So, does that mean you’ll never be able to connect your JBL Bluetooth speakers, Logitech earphones, or other Bluetooth-capable devices from other brands to your Roku TV? Not quite. Like with most electronic devices, there are secret workarounds that you can exploit with your Roku TVs.

In this article, we’ll detail the coolest Roku TV Bluetooth hacks that many consumers aren’t aware of. You’ll need the Roku-compatible app installed on your smartphone/tablet to execute these hacks. So, go ahead – download that app & let’s address all of your Roku Bluetooth pairing queries one by one. 

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Does Roku Have Bluetooth?

As stated above, there’s no direct-connect method for non-Roku Bluetooth devices on Roku TVs. Therefore, if you want to connect non-Roku Bluetooth headphones, speakers, etc., to your Roku TV, you’ll have to know certain hacks. The easiest “hack” is downloading the Roku-compatible app on your smartphone/tablet & then using that device as a third-party Bluetooth transmitter. Here’s how. 

Can Roku TVs Connect to Bluetooth?


Yes. All Roku TVs have Bluetooth capabilities. These features are just not designed in the convenient way we all conveniently hoped for. Thankfully, the following hack isn’t by any means complicated. You can connect your Roku TV to Bluetooth by following these simple steps:

  • Download & install the official Roku mobile app on your iPhone, Android phone, or Windows device
  • Pair your Bluetooth-capable device with your smart device
  • Launch the app on your smart device 
  • Make sure that your smart device & Roku TV are both connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network
  • Return to the app
  • On the app, enter the section titled “Remote” (look for a gear-shaped icon on the bottom region of your app)
  • The app will ask you to search for devices
  • If your Roku TV is on, it will connect automatically to your smart device; this connection will be established via your home’s Wi-Fi connection) 
  • Go back to the remote control on the app; you’ll notice a headphone button on the bottom right region of the remote
  • Press this headphone button to enable the “private listening” mode on your Roku TV 

Your mission will be accomplished once the three devices are connected: 

  • Your Roku TV
  • The Bluetooth-capable device (e.g., speakers or headphones)
  • Your smartphone, tablet, or PC (third-party Bluetooth transmitter)

Are they all connected? Congratulations, your Roku TV is now indirectly connected to the Bluetooth device of your choice! If you want to learn how to disconnect Bluetooth devices from your Roku TV, visit the company’s official support team via this link go.Roku/Bluetooth pair help. Here’s a helpful video guide on this technique as well. Check it out:

Is ONN Roku TV Bluetooth Compatible?


ONN Roku Smart TVs don’t come with built-in Bluetooth capabilities. However, there is an alternative technique to give your ONN Roku TV Bluetooth capabilities. It’s the same technique for activating the Bluetooth capabilities of other Roku products. All the latest Roku products can become Bluetooth capable via the “Private Listening” feature. 

  • You’ll need a third-party smart device (phone or tablet) with the Roku app installed. 
  • Your ONN Roku TV needs to be on the same Wi-Fi network as the party smart device. 
  • Pair your Bluetooth device (e.g., headphones) & your third-party smart device. 
  • Launch the Roku app.
  • Tap the Remote menu at the bottom of your screen.
  • On the remote menu, press the “Private Listening” button (the headset icon). 

Once Private Listening is activated, you can stream audio from your ONN Roku TV to any Bluetooth device of your choice. However, audio-video desynchronizations may happen because of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi latency issues. 

Is TCL Roku TV Bluetooth Capable?

Can you give your TCL Roku TV Bluetooth capabilities? Contrary to popular belief, yes, you can. Unfortunately, many Roku TVs from TCL (e.g., the TCL 6-Series Roku TVs) don’t have built-in Bluetooth capabilities. But, they can be given these capabilities via the “Private Listening” mode. Just follow the same instructions mentioned above.

Connect your TCL Roku TV, the Bluetooth device (e.g., headphones) & your third-party smart device (e.g., your smartphone). Once these three are connected, you can use Roku’s Private Listening feature to stream audio from your TV to your Bluetooth device. 

Can I Use Any Bluetooth Speaker with My Roku TV?

Technically, yes. You can use Roku’s Private Listening mode to connect & use any Bluetooth speaker with your Roku TV. But, if you’re buying a Bluetooth speaker specifically for your Roku TV, consider buying one from Roku. These speakers can connect directly to your Roku TV. They don’t need to be used via your smartphone or via the “Private Listening” mode.

Here are the best Bluetooth speakers for Roku TVs:

How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to Roku TV?

There are three ways to connect a Bluetooth Speaker to a Roku TV:

  • You can buy a compatible Bluetooth speaker from Roku (e.g., Roku Streambar) & connect it directly to your Roku TV.
  • You can use your smartphone as a Bluetooth transmitter & use the “Private Listening” mode on your Roku app. 
  • You can buy a Bluetooth transmitter, plug it into the back of your Roku TV, & stream audio to a paired Bluetooth speaker.

Since you’re probably going to own your Roku TV for a while, we suggest you try out all three of these methods. Hope this article helps you make the most of your Roku TV’s Bluetooth capabilities!

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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