What to Do When Alexa Having Trouble Understanding You?

The idea of virtual assistant goes as far back as 1994 with IBM’s Simon, but in the form we know them today, it’s all Apple’s doing. The age of virtual assistants started with Siri on the iPhone, first seen in 2011. From there, others began to pop up, such as Google Assistant, Samsung’s Bixby, and, … Read more

How to Reset Sonos Speaker and Why do This?

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How Do You Turn a Normal TV Into a Smart TV? (4 Easy Tricks)

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How to Change Alexa Voice, Speed, Accent, and More

Since the birth of virtual assistant voices in the 21st century, one of the most popular and helpful AI virtual assistants is Alexa. For those who don’t know, Alexa is Amazon’s virtual assistant AI technology. Alexa was first used in one of the best gadgets ever – Amazon Echo smart speakers, with phrases like ask … Read more

7 Levitating Gadgets That Make You Wonder What Year Is It Now

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Best Apartment Gadgets to Buy and Improve Your Life ASAP

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