What Channels Are Free With The Fire Stick And How To Get Them?

Amazon’s Fire TV stick offers immense convenience in terms of content streaming. But have you asked yourself what channels are free with the Firestick? Join me as we explore the vast world of TV channels available to you. This article is about free channels on the Amazon Firestick.  

As we begin, let’s find out if Fire TV is free. 

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Is Fire TV Free?

Fire TV channels come in two varieties: free and paid channels. Therefore, you can opt to subscribe to the latter or enjoy tons of unlimited free opportunities on the streaming device. Interestingly, these channels are available for download on Amazon Store. 

What can I Watch with a Firestick?

Amazon Firestick offers you a variety of content that you can watch. You can select from categories like sports, movies, news, shows, kids, music, games, and many more based on your interests. For example, being a classic content lover, FilmRise Classic TV is my go-to channel. 

What Channels are Free with the Firestick?

There are so many free channels on Amazon Firestick that you might get confused about what to watch. Nevertheless, I have selected some of the best non-paid channels to guide you in choosing.  

The best Fire TV free channels include Tubi TV, IMDb TV, Pluto TV, YouTube, Sony Crackle, etc. However, it is essential to note that these channels are ad-supported. Therefore, you’ll get used to commercials popping on your screen during watching.

Let’s explore some of the best free channels that you can watch:

Pluto TV 

Pluto TV is rated as one of the best free Firestick channels that you can find. You can access more than 250 live TV channels, running 24 hours a week. In addition, you get free access to on-demand movies and series. Here, you’ll enjoy favorites like Star Trek. 


Are you a college student or a public library staff and enjoy watching documentaries? If yes, then you’d be home with Kanopy. Additionally, it’s among the few streaming platforms that offer you art films. The best part is that no commercials will interrupt your viewing. 

Sony Crackle

One of the pioneer streaming channels is still available today and enables you to set parental controls. Thus, you can regulate what your children watch when you’re away. Moreover, you can assemble your favorite movies and series to watch later. Nevertheless, you’ll have to put up with occasional advertisements. 


In case live shows are your thing, Freeform is the go-to app. It’s also one of the latest streaming services that enable access to on-demand shows. In addition, you can watch behind-the-scenes footage and cast interviews. The app does not ask you to sign in or create an account. 

Nick Jr 

Trust Nick Jr to keep your children entertained during their free time. It packs an extensive library of original content to entertain and educate the juniors, including curriculum-based videos, music, and ordinary kid shows like Shimmer and Shine. 

CBS Sports Stream & Watch Live

 If you are a sports enthusiast, this channel guarantees round-the-clock sports coverage, including game previews and recaps for major sports like NFL and NHL. It also brings you live analysis from sports experts. As a bonus, it offers you betting tips and recommendations. 


With Tubi free TV channel, you get to enjoy numerous sports shows like Fox Sports and MLB. Also, you can watch live TV and stream movies on Tubi. Moreover, you’ll be at home with a collection of classics and popular movies to enjoy with family and friends. 

CBS News 

This channel provides 24/7 news coverage and will keep you abreast of all breaking news stories happening worldwide. In addition, CBS News offers on-demand business news, thus enhancing your entrepreneurial acumen. 

Al Jazeera 

Firestick also offers you free access to the globally acclaimed news channel, thus saving you cable TV subscriptions. Also, you no longer need the services of a TV provider to know the trending news. 

ABC News Live

You are assured of round-the-clock live news coverage and other trending stories with ABC News Live TV channel. Also, you get to enjoy more content from Good Morning America, among other news shows. Like Al Jazeera, this channel also relieves the trouble of cable TV subscriptions. 

How to get Free TV on Firestick?

To access free channels on amazon fire stick, go to your home screen, navigate to “Find,” then scroll down and select “Free.”

If a channel you want to watch is missing on the Firestick, navigate to the “Find” tab on the home screen, select the “Appstore,” and then type the channel you are looking for on the search bar. Finally, use the download icon to install it on the Firestick. 

Wrapping up 

I believe this article has helped you to realize the enormous potential of the Firestick as a streaming device. Needless to say, the diverse free TV channels that not only entertain but also keep you informed. Also, keep in mind the cost-saving aspect of these channels, which helps you to invest that extra dollar elsewhere. 

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