Essential Bedroom Gadgets That Can Truly Improve Your Sleep Quality

A smart bedroom is that bedroom that leverages technological devices to provide increased ease and comfort while making the bedroom more appealing than you probably had ever thought. And that’s where bedroom gadgets come handy. 

In this article, you’re going to find all the relevant information about little gizmos that can serve the noble purpose of improving your sleep. 

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4 ways bedroom gadgets can improve the quality of your sleep

Generally, as manufacturers and inventors claim, bedroom gadgets can improve the quality of your sleep, in either or all of the following ways:

  • They help reduce or remove visual distractions that may trigger anxiety and consequently helps your body go to a relaxed state- which facilitates better deep sleep
  • They simulate natural sounds and light intensities- thus making you stay energized and refreshed for each time you sleep

Let’s go into more details, though. 

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Best music for deep sleep

Typically, people would tend to consider music to be a disturbance for sleep generally. However, numerous studies are proving that it’s not at all the case. 

E.g., here’s the research from 2012 published in the Journal of Music Therapy

Statistical comparisons showed a significant improvement of sleep quality and well-being in traumatized refugees by listening to relaxation music at bedtime. 

Kira Vibe Jespersen, Peter Vuust, The Effect of Relaxation Music Listening on Sleep Quality in Traumatized Refugees: A Pilot Study, Journal of Music Therapy, Volume 49, Issue 2, Summer 2012, Pages 205–229

 In fact, lullabies have been used for a long time now, but adults too would sleep with the right type of music.

Many bedroom gadget manufacturers seem to have carefully researched the best music for deep sleep and have come up with solutions.

For instance, bedroom gadgets with white noise outputs are great for facilitating deep sleep. E.g. this one by Housbay produces a programmed sound intensity that creates the right rhythm for rest. This type of device has a sleep-inducing specific sound loudness range, while the sounds themselves produce relaxing effects on the listener. Other feature is a light infrastructure that is also pivotal for promoting sleep.

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Best scent for sleep

In aromatherapy, some aromas are what calms the user down firstly, before sleep gradually sets in.

And that’s not just a random statement: it’s been researched and tested. 

Aromatherapy massage could improve the sleep quality of nurses with monthly rotating night shift.

Chang YY, Lin CL, Chang LY. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2017

and here’s more:

Considering the effects of aromatherapy on the improvement of mother’s sleep quality during postpartum period, aromatherapy has been suggested as a non-pharmacological method for the improvement of maternal health.

Keshavarz Afshar, Behboodi Moghadam, Taghizadeh, Bekhradi, Montazeri, Mokhtari, Iran Red Crescent Med J. 2015

Inhalation aromatherapy containing any of piperonal, santalol, linalool, or cedrol may improve difficulties in maintaining sleep and EMA in elderly persons with dementia. 

© 2017 Ai Takeda, Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2017

And that’s just to name a few. If you’re able to use the best scents for sleep consistently, you’ll find out how much improvement you’ll get in your overall sleep experience.

Now, don’t be quick to buy every supposed scent for sleep, as not all products are really effective. However, there are some like this relaxing blend, that has stood the test of time. The oil has a sweet scent and can be applied to feet and arms. The good thing with these types of oils is that their calming and relaxation effects are rapidly felt. So you don’t need to wait for several weeks before you notice the positive changes.

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Best things to fall asleep to

If you’re not sure of what can really make you close your eyes and end lasting insomnia, then music may be your most valid option. You may not see the relevance of this until you get a bedroom gadget that knows the right sounds mix.

When you’re ready to try this solution, you may adopt such a sleep sound machine. This one is a great option. It has about 24 non-looping soothing sounds, and several natural and fan sounds. Looks good, works well, costs little, and deeply relaxing.

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Best wake up light

The way a person wakes up every morning is quite pivotal to the type of energy that they exude for the rest of the day. The light intensity that wakes you up is an essential factor that could make or mar your day. Research has shown that waking up sharp and sudden like your regular alarm or intense light would make you really increase your energy and zest. This is why you may need a bedroom gadget like a wakeup light alarm, as it helps your waking up processes come naturally. 

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Best high tech bedroom gadget

Light therapy glasses 

If you have irregular and unsatisfactory sleep habits, then now is the time to change. And one option to consider is using the Pegasi 2 smart light therapy glasses

Asides from improving sleep quality, it also reportedly boosts users’ energy levels. Especially at the times when they need to stay alert. Additionally, it is an excellent choice for people who suffer periodic or constant jet lag, and even people who have some consistent nervous system-linked moodiness. 

This probably explains why the glasses don’t only enhance a person’s sleep tendencies, but also ensure that their sleep is importantly deep and restful.

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Best sleep gadgets for insomnia

Smart Pillow 

As we’ve covered previously, the right music can help to make people sleep. And this smart pillow is probably all you need to become genuinely convinced. Breathable and hypoallergenic memory pillow foam produces the type of quality sounds that relaxes your body. It also gives your shoulder and neck some real comfort, while also subtly drowsing you to perfect sleep. The audio cable speaker provisions on each end of the pillow ensure that the user will hear the music without causing any disturbances for other people in the room. 

Another reason to love this pillow is the fact that it saves you from the discomfort associated with earphone use. Unlike the earphones that may hurt your ears and are not so convenient for use in bed, the device does not require you to use earphones before you hear the music. Simply connect it to a music source- such as your smartphone – and you are all set. You may also make use of the product’s mobile app, which now comes with many ambient tones. With the Pilo classic ergonomic, smart music pillow, your sleeping struggles should only be your thing of the past.

AtEase Therapeutic Glasses

Every day, people deal with various traumas and visual distractions that really can make them anxious. AtEase therapeutic glasses are another valid smart bedroom gadget that could help you to improve your sleeping pattern significantly. And as a result, boost your productivity and vigor- one way or the other.

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The best light for sleep

Is there a color that promotes sleep?

Yes, there is! Based on scientific findings gathered over the years, red seems the most effective sleep-inducing color.

Although the topic is controversial and there is a lot of information and guidelines on the subject that can suggest completely opposite. However, let’s turn to some research: 

My favorite is the one from the University of Oxford led by Dr. Stuart Peirson from Oxford’s Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute. The scientists were investigating how lighting color affects sleep and wakefulness in mice established that “green light promotes sleep while blue light delays it.”

Another one found that:

 “Color is closely related to sleep induction.”

Copyright © 2017 Seonjin Lee and Dongwook Kim. * J Healthc Eng. 2017 

Although there was less clarity on which shade does what exactly. However, we can always stick with Oxford’s mice findings to start the trial. With that being said, lights for sleep are actually working. And our favorite is this Led lights carefully designed to facilitate sleep even at the times when you seem most unsettled for it. And the upfront investment for a pair of lights is so tiny that it’s definitely worth a shot. 

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Nowadays, there are so many ingeniously crafted bedroom gadgets that help put you to sleep, in the most natural way. The following cool bedroom gadgets are designed to variously impact on the brain, as a way of making it initiate the body’s response to sleep.

Best bedroom accessories

White noise sound machine 

This bedroom accessory comes packed with over 20 natural sounds that have been found to produce a relaxing effect on the brain. Consequently, they make the brain produce signals that relax the body and cause you to sleep.

The sound outputs are not too loud and definitely not lower than can be heard. This makes it well-positioned to promote sleep- rather than hinder it. It is also the machine to help you feel rested even after a hectic day.

Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier

This diffuser is quite simple in design, but it works well for the purpose.

An important feature of this product is the added salt crystals packed with various vitamins. Once the diffuser is put on, the added salts become heated to release a pleasant aroma that calms your nerves. It is compact enough and doesn’t require any significant space. And it also comes with up to seven different LED lights.

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 Best sleep mask

Wireless 3D Eye Mask

Asides the aesthetic feel of this device, it comes handy when you have to focus on falling asleep as it completely shuts down all the sound and visual distractions. Since music is proven to help a lot of people find sleep, this headphone is one of those top bedroom devices that provides that solution interestingly.

Since the mask includes the builtin headphones, you don’t need to worry about headphones sticking inside your ears.

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Best Sunrise Alarm Clock

Wake-Up Light Clock

Light is good for waking up and simulate those natural circadian rhythms. But, if you’ve fallen asleep at 4 a.m. preparing that super important presentation, bright sunrise won’t be met with “Morning’s here, oh, morning’s here.”

Less radical way out is to use this sunrise alarm as you’ll be able to gradually go from dim light intensity to a higher brighter light intensity. The clock also has its natural sound alarm. Those include birds chirping or the natural breeze early in the morning. Other useful features of the product are its radio receiver and the USB ports. The L-Bell wake-up light clock is a great bedroom gadget that provides real value for your money.

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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