Essential Geeky Decorating: Best Ideas to Upgrade Your Room

Nerd’s room not necessarily has to be too nerdy. Even though it’s way sexier to be a geek in our day and age of third industrial revolution, geeks’ habitat traditionally still requires a makeover. Today we’ll jump into the research of the perfect geek decorating items to pimp up any nerd room. The things on the following list will create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere in the apartment and probably unforgettable conversations with your visitors (including ladies).

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Geek decorating for cheap

Justice League poster

A poster is your way to appreciate arts, artists, a hero, and sometimes comic characters. This Justice League poster, eye candy of any geeky room, is a little bit different than most due to the way all characters are drawn. It does not clearly show the face of your heroes, so you are free from associating it with actors and actresses. Overall dimension measures at considerable 34” H x 22” W, so it should cover a lot of wall space in your room. One of the best things about it is that it does not prominently show actors’ actress’ faces behind the masks of superheroes. Batman is Bruce Wayne, not Adam West. Green Lantern is Hal Jordan, not Ryan Reynolds, etc.

Star Wars snack bowl

This bowl will be a big hit any time you’ll invite over anyone who has some feelings toward Star Wars (and let’s face it, it’s a decent chunk of our planet’s population).  

It’s available in a shape of Chewbacca, Jabba the Hutt and Wampa.  

I can promise you with the probability of 99% that you’ll be smiling out whenever you’ll grab a handful of popcorn or any other snack of choice from this bowl. And it will bring up the nerdy fleur to your apartment.

Lightsaber chopsticks set

If besides of Star Wars you also happen to love sushi than I have good news for you: from now on any Japanese themed feasts at your place can quadruple its awesomeness with this chopsticks.

Its colors are super bright, and the ON/OFF button is a smart function for preserving the life of the batteries. Solid and well made, they come in a lovely gift box. And even though they are more than affordable, they look well made. Are you ready to fight for the last piece of marinated ginger?

Spirited Away Kaonashi piggy bank

The innocence, the charm, and the respect for the universe are all things that set Hayao Miyazaki films apart. The music, the script, the dialogs, the characters –  it’s like all the most talented people in the world came together to make those. And Spirited Away is by far one of the most loved of Miyazaki’s works (both by nerds and the rest of the humanity too).

No Face (Kaonashi) is the one who makes me think a lot. There probably can be too many meanings, but for me, it’s quintessential of what’s wrong with modern culture. We are all social beings, and we often succumb to the demands and the emotions of those around us. And sometimes we are just turning into monsters eating lots of food and consuming tons of other staff.  So, this piggy bank is a great reminder about all the brilliant ideas that Miyazaki is sharing with us. Plus it’s quite practical. Even during the era of digital money, I am still struggling with keeping the change in a neat order.

You can see this thing in action in this video.

Floating moon lamp

Most of the geeks are into sci-fi and might nostalgically remember the times where we all awe at technological wonders created by the producers of Back To The Future series. I don’t know about you, but the hoverboard was my favorite. Even though it doesn’t feel so fascinating these days.

However, anything “hovering” will make a cool addition to any geeky room. And those “flying objects” are widely available nowadays to whoever craves them. Just like this floating moon lamp. It looks pretty realistic. It comes in various sizes (read: fits any budget). And you can adjust the time of work and the brightness of the lamp too by using a remote control. Love it! 

Check my guide for more levitating gadgets if you are into flying objects as much as I am.  

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Cool nerdy home decor at affordable price

Zelda wireless charger

Adoration for comic books and classic computer games is one of the essential traits of any geeks. And, well, what’s not to like about it? Punchy characters, exciting twists in the plot and most of the time great costumes and superheroes’ symbols.

So if Zelda is amongst your favorite games, consider this wireless charger as a legit geek decorating idea.

It supports various devices from iPhone, Google, Microsoft, Huawei, Sony, Samsung, and more. It’s super slim and looks REALLY cool.

Constructive Eating Utensils  

Children need to eat a lot, but they only want to eat as little as they are allowed. For them, playing with toys is more important than having breakfast. Sometimes adults are the same way. And constructive eating utensils thankfully has the right answer. It is a combination of toys, plates, forks, spoons, and food pusher to make meal-time great again. All materials are FDA approved; they are free from BPA, Lead, Phthalate, and Paint. The idea is good. You may also imagine yourself being a construction worker while eating and using those utensils. That can be a nice imaginary career move that can be a good thing for the sake of variety.

Death Star Wine Bottle Stopper

If you open a wine bottle, you might as well drink it all unless you want the drink to go rancid. You can avoid this with an excellent re-sealing system. Among many available out there, this one is distinguishable and useful at the same time. The top portion of the stopper is molded in the way that it resembles Death Star straight out of Star Wars. The actual part that closes the bottle creates a tight seal to keep your wine tasty and fresh, even after you open it.

And even though wine enthusiasts and Star Wars fans sometimes may not get along well, this wine bottle stopper will change that paradigm.

Einstein formula shower curtain

Claim your geekiness and fondness for Einstein and universal laws of physics with this shower curtain. It’s easy to install (comes with ring hooks) and looks very sophisticated.

Who said that only room should exude nerdy vibes? The bathroom can do that too!

Superhero floating bookshelf

What else should be on the list of favorites of a real geek on top of comic books? Ordinary books, of course. And this uncommon bookshelf combines those two passions. Therefore both superheroes fans and book lovers can’t remain indifferent to it.

Looks dope and gives a feeling it is floating in the air, and the superhero character seems to stop the books from falling. Although this Superman is quite stunted so maximum weight the shelf holds is 3.5 kg. But maybe you might need a couple of those? Problem solved!

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More expensive nerd room items

Word Clock

It is indeed a word clock, not a world clock. The name says it all because the clock is displayed in words instead of numbers or revolving hands. It measures 8 square inches and is best for a table clock.  It comes with an AC adapter, so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries now and then. Every word that corresponds to the current time is highlighted.

This clock is a perfect example of “form over function” design. It is an excellent geeky thing to stand on your desktop, and maybe you can give it to your nerdy kids once you’ve learned how to read time on a regular clock.

BB-8 Waffle Maker

Waffle makers are common kitchen appliances. And most of the times you probably will not find anything substantially different in their looks.  Materials and shapes can be different, but the results are more or less the same with slight differences. ThinkGeek has come out with something unique with BB-8 waffle maker. It works like any other typical waffle maker, but your breakfast will be in the shape of a Star Wars Droid. It comes with a type-B socket, so it works with a standard American power outlet (and you can see more in this video). The force is strong with the waffles.

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Connected Clock by LaMetric

The internet-connected clock makes your space different with beautiful clock appearance, controls smart home in a glimpse, follows digital metrics in real time, creates a music-charged environment with the dance of pixels. It’s the ideal size for a bedside table or any other place at your home. It works like a charm, all of the apps you might want to install  ( (Instagram, FB, Twitter, Youtube, etc.) will work flawlessly as reported by avid users it’s a breeze to set up. It does what a real geek wants.

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The whole idea about the nerdy home decor is that it beautifies your place, makes you feel comfortable, highlights your personality along with the interests and also it’s very functional. So, I hope you found something you love on the list. And maybe even planning in your mind where exactly you will put it and how your guests will react to it. Whatever this item is I am sure you’ll have lots of fun with it.  
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