Blink Camera Lights Meaning: Explained 

Understanding Blink camera lights meaning is the key to getting the most out of your home security camera. In the past few years, consumer forums & social media platforms have been flooded with questions regarding this topic. Unfortunately, most users haven’t found satisfactory answers to their questions. Red light, green light, blue light – what do they all mean? Let’s go through everything that Blink camera users need to know about these lights.

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Blink Camera Light Meaning: The Basics 

Home security cameras by Blink are some of the most affordable home security cameras on the market. Due to their affordability, many people have purchased these smart home indoor cameras in the past three years. While most buyers have been satisfied with their purchases, some feel very confused about the light signals from these devices. Here’s the first thing that Blink camera users need to know – these light signals are called “Blink status LED.” Lights of different colors convey different information regarding your camera’s status. Once you understand these signals, you’ll be able to use your camera more efficiently.

What Is Status LED on Blink Camera?

The first status LED light you’ll notice while using a Blink camera will be blue-colored. This Blink camera blue light meaning is simple – it indicates that your camera is actively recording. A blue light will pop up whenever your Blink camera records a clip. You can turn it off if you don’t find this light appealing. 

To turn off blue light on Blink indoor camera, follow these steps:

  • Open the Blink app on your phone 
  • Select Camera Settings 
  • Select the indoor camera that you want to adjust.
  • Scroll down to the option that says “Status LED.”
  • Select the “OFF” option

Now, your Blink camera will record clips without displaying the Blue LED light. 

Red Light: Solid & Flashing 

The second status light users need to know is the red-colored light. A Blink camera flashing red light means it’s on the verge of recording. Right before the blue light pops up, you’ll notice a flashing red light which indicates that the camera is set up. 

Bear in mind – this flashing red light will only last for a few seconds. If your Blink camera displays a solid red light, it means that the device isn’t connected to the internet. You’ll need to connect the camera to your nearest Wi-Fi network to get rid of this solid red light. 

The latest Blink Indoor/Outdoor cameras also flash red whole recordings to indicate that they’re running on low batteries. Blink camera red light when recording means you should recharge your device as quickly as possible. 

Yellow Light

Next comes the yellow light status. Blink camera yellow light means the device is trying to find the network. Once your camera is connected to a Wi-Fi network, the light status will switch to blue. A solid blue light indicates that your camera has a working Internet connection.

Why Is My Blink Camera Flashing Green?

A Blink camera flashing green light is not good news. A solid (non-flashing) green light indicates that your camera successfully connects to its local Wi-Fi network. However, if the green light starts blinking or flashing, there’s something wrong with the camera’s Wi-Fi connection. Here’s how you can fix this issue.

Check the Blink Server 

Your Blink camera could be flashing a green light due to connectivity issues because of an external Blink server outage. For example, blink’s servers may be undergoing maintenance/upgrade sessions. All Blink cameras connected to that particular server during these sessions flash green lights. To confirm this, use third-party websites like Down-Detector to verify the status of the Blink servers. If there’s a server outage, wait for Blink to fix the issue on its end.

Check Your Internet 

If there’s nothing wrong with Blink’s servers, your home Wi-Fi network is probably the main culprit. First, check your router to see if there’s an Internet outage in your area. Also, check whether your Blink camera is far from your router. Sometimes weak signals from routers cause Blink cameras to display flashing green light signals. 

Place your camera closer to your router. If there’s nothing wrong with the router, check whether you have an active internet connection. If your Internet connection is slow/down, your Blink camera will experience connectivity issues & display flashing green lights. 

To confirm the quality of your Internet connection:

  1. Visit
  2. Find out your Internet connection’s download/upload speeds.
  3. If there’s nothing wrong with your Internet connection, re-verify the status of your Wi-Fi router.

It may need a reboot. Reboot it by unplugging its power cords. 

Re-plug the router after a minute & re-connect your Blink camera. Then, wait for the light status to come on again. Blink blue light is what you should see. But you’ll have to perform a power cycle if you still see a flashing green light. 

Perform a Power Cycle

Remove the batteries from your Blink camera for 1 minute before reinserting them. Then, turn on the camera to see if the trick worked. If the flashing green light is still there, you only have one last option – reset your Blink camera to factory settings. These steps usually don’t work when Blink cameras have serious software issues. So, users have no choice but to reset their Blink cameras to factory settings.

Contact Blink Support

If none of these solutions work, your last option is to seek help from Blink’s customer support team. These steps (including resetting the device) usually don’t work if there are underlying hardware issues. Only Blink’s professional customer support team can tell you how to deal with such issues. If your warranty period is still active, you can get the hardware issue fixed for free.

Use this guide to optimize your Blink indoor/outdoor cameras. Blink subscription plans cost a lot ($3 – $10 per month). But, don’t let light-related issues damage your overall user experience! 

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