How to Block TV Ads on Smart TV and Will It Affect Your Warranty? 

Imagine this, you have just upgraded from your old cable tv to Smart tv, and the first thing that pops up when you connect it to the internet is an ad, much to your annoyance. Unfortunately, this is common disgruntlement, and many smart TV owners do not know how to block TV ads. I bet some of you have even wondered if there aren’t ad-free smart TVs out there. 

Relax now, as I’m going to share with you some of the tips you can use to enjoy watching your smart tv without ads. This article will answer some of the common questions about ads on smart TVs. 

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What You Need to Know About Smart TV Ads?

The massive migration from cable TVs to internet-powered TV has shrunk linear TV viewing. In effect, TV advertising has suffered a blow, prompting advertisers and product promoters to devise smart ways of reaching their audience. 

You have probably come across some unskippable popup ads in the middle of a program that lasts between 15 to 30 seconds. However, others lead you to a landing page when you click on them and invite you to buy or book a ticket. Making it worse, some ads can redirect you to a phishing site where criminals can steal your private data. 

All these annoying commercials and ads on your smart TV are because of third-party companies that send ads based on the programs you watch or what’s on-trend.

Are There Smart TVs Without Ads?

I know this question must have crossed your mind as that would be the ultimate solution to smart tv ads. But, unfortunately, there aren’t any smart TVs without ads. Ads are part and parcel of internet-powered TVs. Fortunately, there are several ways you can block ads on your TV.  

Is There a Way to Block Tv Ads?

Yes, you can use the following tips to block TV ads. 

YouTube premium 

One of the easiest ways to block TV ads on your smart TV is to use YouTube Premium. This is an ad-free option, but you have to pay for a subscription. Thankfully, there are different plans you can choose from depending on your budget. 

Internet router 

Another reliable way you can block smart TV ads is by tweaking your router’s settings. Go to your web browser and access your router’s configuration settings. Use the username and password are under the router or on the manual guide. Alternatively, you can call the manufacturer or service provider if the login credentials are unavailable. Access the router’s control panel, locate the Firewall or corresponding setting and click on the ‘Content Filter’ settings. Go to your smart TV and copy-paste the URL you want to block on the content filter. 

Domains to block on the router:




● /ads



LG smart TV 





Roku TV





Ad blocker 

Moreover, you can install an AdBlock for smart TV. However, most TV ad blockers are risky because they contain malware that inject malicious code that can damage your smart TV. This can be a viable solution if you use a trustworthy provider. 

How to Block Ads on Smart TV?

Here is how you can block ads on different smart TV brands. 

Samsung Smart TV AdBlock Most of the Samsung smart TVs have some proposed content and advertisements. Even the latest models we have tested also behave the same. Although most of the ads are not intrusive, you cannot deactivate them completely.  

  • Press the Home button on your remote control and click on ‘Settings’
  • Head over to the ‘Terms & Policy’ tab on the window that appears 
  • Go to the ‘Viewing Information Service’ and untick the ‘I Agree’ box 
  • Select the ‘Interest-Based Advertising’ option under the ‘Terms and Conditions 
  • Navigate to ‘Data Service’ in the settings and click on ‘Expert Settings’ 
  • Then, go to ‘HbbTV settings’ and uncheck ‘HbbTV‘ 
  • Finally, return to the ‘Settings’ and click on the ‘Conditions’ tab. Locate the ‘Reset PSID’ and click on ‘Reset’ in the window that appears. 

Sony’s smart TV interface does not show ads, which is amazing. However, it has a row of suggested content, but you can completely remove the feature. 

  • Go to your TVs’ Settings & Apps’ 
  • Find the ‘Android TV Core Services’ 
  • Reduce the updates and ignore the warning 
  • Return to the home screen
  • Click the minus button to eliminate the sponsored channel 
  • Resume to the ‘Settings & Apps’
  • Locate ‘Android TV Cores Service’
  • Force Stop it and deactivate it  

Roku TV

Open ‘Settings’ on your TV and click on ‘Privacy’. Then, locate ‘Use information from TV inputs’ and turn it off to deactivate the ads. However, this option can disable other features on the TV. 

Will My Warranty Be Void If They Realize I Have Installed Adblocker on My Smart TV?

Installing an ad blocker on your smart tv does not invalidate its warranty. The law binds your smart tv manufacturer or vendor to honor the terms of a warrant if the warranty period has not lapsed. 

Agreeable reasons for warranty invalidation are:

● Expiry of the warranty period

● Intentional damage, misuse, or poor maintenance, leading to product failure 

● Making a significant modification to the product that affect its performance

● The warranty does not cover that kind of defect.

Ensure that you read your smart tv’s warranty to be fully aware of all the terms. Know the permissible changes you can make on your smart tv to avoid warranty invalidation. 

Overall, the main aim of modern TV smart manufacturers is to collect as much information as possible from your viewing habits. Others show intrusive ads, which cybercriminals can use to install malware on your TV. Thankfully, many brands have a way to disable the ads so you can enjoy an ad-free smart TV. However, the easiest way to prevent the ads on your TV is by not connecting to the internet unless necessary. Also, you can block the ads on the router, use YouTube premium and install an ad blocker. 

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