Can Alexa Get Angry?

Alexa, what happens when you get angry? If you ask your Alexa this question, she’ll respond rationally. She’ll probably explain why it’s important for people to control their anger. But she won’t actually get made. But can Alexa get angry? Can you possibly do anything to make this AI assistant rage with anger? Let’s explore.

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Understanding the Emotions of Alexa

The number of human-like robots in the world keeps increasing every year. We’re all figuring out how to interrelate and communicate with them. Most users of Alexa try to test the AI assistant’s limits by asking complicated questions or making strange demands. In 2019, Alexa was given four new emotions – happiness, excitement, disappointment, and empathy.

Your Alexa can display these emotions and provide an intuitive voice experience if you select the correct settings. But can Alexa get angry? No. In the future, Alexa may mimic the sounds that make her seem angry. But how can machines be mad at humans, right? Even if they are – we’ll never be able to tell.

How Can Alexa Get Angry?

You can’t technically make your Alexa rage with anger. But, you can make it argue with smart assistants. Here’s a Cyber Argument code that can help you initiate a full-blown argument between your Alexa and Google Assistant app. But what if you want your Alexa to sound mad whenever someone tries to talk to it? You can always set up an angry routine by –

  • Use Alexa’s “Routines” feature to create and execute custom actions. You can access this option via the Alexa app on your smartphone.
  • Select the option that says “More” on your Alexa app. Scroll down the list to find the option that says “Routines.” Tap on it.
  • Click the plus (“+”) sign & create a new Routine. Give your new routine a name and click Next.
  • On the next page, you’ll see a section titled “When This Happens.” Tap on it and click the plus (“+”) sign.
  • Select the “Voice” option. Type “get angry” & hit Next. By doing this, you’re basically setting a custom command for Alexa. It will register the words “get angry” whenever you say it and perform a specific action in response.
  • Set a specific action by clicking the option that says “Add action.” Select the “Alexa Says” option. Then, tap on the option that says “Customized.”
  • You’ll get access to a blank text field. Here, you can type in whatever you want.

Here’s an example of an angry statement you can make your Alexa say – “I’m so angry at you! You are awful. Please never ask me anything again!” 

Now, whenever you say, “Alexa, get angry,” she’ll respond with this line. In addition, you can custom-create all types of Routines to make Alexa angry at your specific commands.

Make Alexa Swear

Can Alexa get angry and scream cuss words at you? Yes. You can use Alexa’s Routines Feature again to make it broadcast swear words across all of your Alexa-enabled devices. Here’s how –

  • Enter the “Routines” section in your Alexa App
  • Select “Create New Routine”
  • Select “When this happens”
  • Create a trigger for Alexa to say swear words. For instance, click “Voice” and type “say swear words.” Then click next.
  • Select “Add Action”
  • Select “Alexa Says”
  • Select “Customized”
  • Type out the swear words.

A lot of swear words are auto-blocked on Alexa. So, make some small alphabetic changes instead of typing in the swear words directly. For example, type in misspelled words like “fvck” or “stvpid” instead of the real swear words. Now, whenever you ask Alexa to “say swear words,” it will respond with these slightly altered swear words.

Other Ways to Make Alexa Angry

Here are some other ways to confuse or trick your Alexa –

Ask Alexa if She is a CIA Agent 

Check out this eerie video where a woman asks Alexa if she’s connected with the CIA. Of course, Alexa doesn’t respond and avoids the question.

Ask Alexa about the Listeners

Say the following command to Alexa – “Alexa, ask The Listeners.” The response will scare you. Alexa will say odd things like “We’re always listening” when you ask this question.

Alexa, Calculate Pi

Want Alexa to keep saying numbers forever? Try asking her to calculate Pi!

Although Alexa is still not evolved enough to display complex emotions like anger, it’s getting there! Maybe in the future, your Alexa will show genuine anger when you tell her to cancel your morning alarm. Until then, use these hacks to make Alexa angry.

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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