Can Alexa Take Dictation?

Alexa can do a lot of cool things. It can play your favorite album, playlist, or song on command. It can also make calls, set reminders, change your smart light settings, and create/manage lists. During the pandemic, Alexa even helped healthcare professionals serve their patients remotely. But can Alexa take dictation? Can it jot down thousands of words as you dictate them and convert your audio into text? Let’s explore.

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How Can Alexa Take Dictation?

Many users are curious whether Alexa can help them write long pieces of text. The answer is yes – Alexa can take dictations. You don’t need to buy additional software tools or create special workarounds to make Alexa help you write. So, how can Alexa take dictation? The answer lies in a free-to-use Amazon feature called Voice Pad.

  • Amazon’s Voice Pad feature is designed to convert the user’s speech (audio) into text.
  • You can use Voice Pad dictation whenever you’re near your Alexa device. You can also use it on the go via the Alexa phone app by Amazon.
  • Ask Alexa to “Record.” Then, dictate whatever you want to say. Alexa will keep recording until you give a loud “stop” command.
  • Once you say “stop,” Alexa will stop recording.
  • You can then tell Alexa to email your recorded note.
  • You can record multiple notes throughout the day, in different sessions. Ask Alexa to email all the notes at the end of the day.
  • Once your dictation is converted to text & that text file is mailed to you – Alexa deletes the recording. Until you send the text files to your email ID, Alexa stores them in her memory.

PS: This may not work if you store too many notes back to back. Alexa may auto-delete some of your recordings to save space.

Alexa can also read back your dictations. She can also delete all your current recordings and notes and allow you to start fresh. You can use these dictation features when driving your car or washing the dishes. You essentially have a personal assistant next to you, waiting to hear and record your dictations. Here’s a simple video explaining this process.

Can Alexa Take Dictations Accurately?

The dictation feature on Alexa isn’t perfect yet. But, it’s good enough to create simple notes. Each note can only consist of 500 characters. That’s not enough, right? Wrong. There’s no limit to how many notes Alexa users can create on their profiles. 

So, let’s say you’re dictating a 1000-word article to Alexa. That’s over 5700 characters. So, you’ll need to create more than 15 notes to convert 1000 words into typed text via Alexa. That doesn’t sound easy. But, it’s the best that modern-day voice assistants have to offer. 

Plus, you can replay your notes any time you want via Alexa. Just ask, “Alexa, please tell me my notes?” You can even edit the notes you make via the Alexa app on your phone. First, edit, cut, copy, & paste your notes from the app. Then, paste the text into other apps. 

Say goodbye to manually write long articles. Instead, just dictate whatever you want to write to Alexa. Create multiple notes. Access these notes from your email ID. Then, copy and paste the text to make your writing job easier. 

Apart from taking dictations, Alexa can also help you boost your productivity by 

  • Allowing you to record ideas on the spot. Just say, “Alexa, create a new list.” The voice-assistant app will instantly create a new list. For instance, ask Alexa to create a list titled “Geography Notes.” Say, “Alexa, add deadline day 7th August to my Geography notes.” Your list will now contain the term – “Deadline Day 7th August.”
  • Get spelling assistance. Just ask the device, “Alexa, how do you spell *insert word*?” Alexa will tell you the correct spelling. Also, all the dictations that Alexa takes are usually 100% accurate in terms of spelling.

 Alexa is super-advanced when it comes to an understanding the English language. Can Alexa take dictation? Yes, and it’s getting better at it every year. Although Alexa isn’t the perfect personal writing assistant yet, it’s the best one in the current market. Other paid dictation software tools aren’t half as efficient as Alexa at detecting, recording, and converting voice notes into text.

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