Cheapest Android Auto Head Units (That Are More Than Worth It) 

Want to make driving easier and less distracting? You can do it by spending less than $250! The cheapest Android Auto head units on the market cost less than $250. In addition, they offer way more features than the average stock head unit.

As long as your car comes with Android Auto support on its stereo, you can replace its in-built infotainment system with a brand-new Android Auto head unit. Installing this piece of equipment will give your car an instant upgrade.

You can use your cheap Android Auto head unit to send texts, make calls, listen to songs via Spotify, Pandora, etc., & receive GPS guidance. But, shopping for these devices without spending a fortune isn’t easy.

You’ll have to consider various factors – budget, warranty, RAM, display size, storage, & more. But, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We’ve tested multiple cheap Android Auto head units to assess their viability. 

We’ve also read thousands of online queries & customer reviews regarding this topic. Here’s what we found –

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How to Choose the Best Budget Android Auto Head Unit?

To answer this question, we assessed three key factors:

  •   Single or Double DIN: Most cheap Android Auto head units come in two sizes – single & double DIN. Single-DIN stereo openings measure 2×8 inches. Double-DIN stereo openings measure 4×8 inches. Single-DIN units come with limited features. For example, you won’t have as many options to add smart devices to your stereo with a single-DIN unit. Double-DIN units are more flexible & they allow users to add multiple smart devices to their stereos.
  •   Overall Features: Android phone integration isn’t the only feature a cheap Android Auto head unit should offer. Does it offer a capacitive touchscreen? Does it come with HD and satellite radio tuners? Are these features worth the money? We assessed all these factors while reviewing different models.
  •   Connectivity: Android head units with wireless Android Auto app connectivity & Bluetooth offer the most convenience. So, these types of sets were reviewed positively.

The Best & the Cheapest Wireless Android Auto Head Units

Here’s my short, sweet and conclusive list of the best cheap Android Auto head units.

ATOTO A6 PF Double-DIN Car Stereo

This cheap Android auto head unit is the latest highly-rated ATOTO A6 series car stereos member. It comes with CarPlay & Android Auto support. In addition, it has an intuitive UI, making it one of the smartest, safest, and most fun auto head units in the market.

From making calls to texting to using Maps to listening to music – this device allows you to do it all with a touch or a word. That’s right – this is one of the few Android auto head units to offer high-quality, full-time voice command support. In addition, using its built-in GPS Navigation system becomes much easier thanks to voice command support.

The ATOTO A6 PF double-din car stereo also offers wired phone mirroring features. However, the highlight feature of this auto-head unit is its connectivity. This device offers not two but three different methods of Internet access: Bluetooth, USB Tethering, & Wi-Fi.

The USB tethering feature allows users to share phone data with others in the car. Some other standout features include – Bluetooth media streaming allows, lag-free connections to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, & Dual USB and Aux Inputs. Here are the key specifications of this cheap Android Auto head unit:

  • 7-inch IPS-LCD touchscreen display (responsive)
  • 1080×600 Full-HD resolution
  • Built-in GPS navigation system
  • Built-in CarPlay
  • Built-in Android Auto
  • Dual Bluetooth (BT2: 4.0 & 5.0)
  • Dual USB and Aux Inputs
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Two-second fast bootup time

If your car supports Double-DIN stereo, the ATOTO A6 PF is the best & the cheapest Android Auto head unit for you. Based on customer reviews – it typically lasts for 3-4 years which is great at that price bracket. Here’s a helpful video guide on how to install this Auto head unit.

Boss Audio Systems BCPA10

This one is for those exclusively shopping for single-Din Android auto head units. The BCPA10 Audio System by Boss is widely popular among car owners mainly because of its impressive 10.1-inch touchscreen display. 

It also has voice command support, steering wheel control compatibility, & advanced connectivity features like wireless FM radio. But are these features any good? Well, the device is called an “Audio System” for a reason. It’s designed to give great audio quality & it does.

This sleek and stylish auto head unit can fully integrate into your vehicle’s infotainment system. Once it’s connected, you’ll get nothing but premium-resolution FLAC audio. The steering wheel control compatibility feature will let you adjust the volume with maximum ease – no hands required! Android Auto & CarPlay work great on this device as well.

Here are the standout features of the BCPA10 Audio System by Boss:

  • 10.1 Inch responsive LCD display
  • Built-in Android Auto
  • Bluetooth for music streaming
  • Supports USB charging
  • Supports High Res-FLAC audio
  • 3-Years Warranty
  • Small size; can fit in any vehicle
  • Numerous customizable settings

Vanku Android 10 Car Stereo

Love auto head units that come with extended memory capacities? Then, you’ll love this budget-friendly double-DIN head unit by Vanku. The Vanku Android 10 Car Stereo has 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM. Using it is basically like having a tablet in your vehicle at all times.

On this device, you can easily download your favorite apps, get live news, get real-time directions via its pre-loaded Google map, & watch 4K videos. Here are some more key features of this double-DIN head unit:

  • Built-in navigation system which works without an Internet connection
  • Fast boot-up time (takes 2-3 seconds to fully boot up)
  • Supports Apple CarPlay
  • Seven-inch responsive touchscreen
  • 1024×600 Resolution
  • Built-in Android Auto (Android 10 OS)
  • 4 GB RAM & 64 GB ROM
  • Supports Backup Camera
  • 18 months warranty
  • Comes with installation kit

There you have it – the cheapest Android Auto head units under $250 are definitely worth your money! Use this car to upgrade your car & driving experiences in the most cost-effective way possible! 

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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