GameStop Access Denied Again? Here’s How to Fix It

GameStop has recently been in the news thanks to a ridiculous jump in their stock price fueled by regular Reddit people. If you’re looking for the entire explanation in detail, this is a good place for you to start. GameStop is a lot more than just their stock price, though. For some people, that was the first time they heard of the company, but for gamers, it’s a name they are mighty familiar with.

GameStop is a company that specializes in the sales of video games, consoles, and accessories. However, they have expanded to include electronics of various kinds, collectibles, and clothing. Despite this, 50% of their sales still come from traditional gaming hardware. So if you’re trying to access their website, that’s likely what you’re looking for.

The company may have been founded in 1984, but they have certainly kept up with the times with their modern website. However, you may try accessing it and get hit with the GameStop Access Denied error. You might try with a different connection or even on an other device and still get this error. In some cases, you might have been able to use the website fine before.

Well, regardless of the reason why you’re dealing with GameStop Access Denied, I’ve got a bunch of tips and tricks that will help you get things working again. Just trust me and follow my lead.

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Why is GameStop website down?

Are you trying to buy a new console or video game, but you’re dealing with the GameStop website not working? This can be an absolute pain in the neck. I have faced the same issue, and it wasn’t fun because I was baffled by why I couldn’t access it.

Fortunately for you, I eventually discovered the reasons why you might face the GameStop site down, and they’re actually rather interesting. Let’s talk about them.

Location Issues

You may find the GameStop website blocked in several countries. The reason why they do this isn’t too clear to me, but you may also experience similar with other websites. I sure have. I think it has to do with the countries that actually have GameStop stores, but nonetheless, I feel you should be able to access the site all the same.

The following are the countries that can access the GameStop website:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Most countries in the European Union
  • Australia 
  • New Zealand

If you’re in any other country, that’s when you’re bound to find yourself hit with the Access Denied message. 

Server Problems

Problems with their servers can cause the issue of the GameStop website not working. This might be because they’re currently experiencing GameStop servers down, or it might be because there is a sudden burst of traffic on their domain.

You’re likely to experience such heavy traffic when a new console or a major video game has just been released. People will be storming in to get their pre-orders or orders in, and for you, this might seem like the website is not working.

How can I fix the GameStop Access Denied error?

Not being able to access GameStop is not the end of the road. It certainly is not because I faced the same issue and found ways to finally make my way to their page. Try these fixes out to get past GameStop site down.

Use a VPN

Remember what I said about the website only being supported in specific countries? It might seem like the only option is to pack your bags, buy a ticket, and take a vacation in one of the supported countries so you can get your PS5 order in. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. You can trick the website into thinking you’re in a different country just by making use of a GameStop VPN.

By setting your location to the United States, Canada, or maybe Australia, you’ll be able to access the website with no stress whatsoever. It works, trust me. 

Of course, if you don’t know much about which VPN to use, here are my suggestions:

Turn off your VPN

I totally understand if you’re confused. But hear me out. Do you live in any of the supported countries, but the GameStop website blocked for you all the same? Well, let me ask a question: do you use a VPN? I think the answer is yes, and your GameStop VPN location is set to one of the unsupported countries.

In that case, all you need to do is switch off the VPN when you want to access their website! I know that there are excellent reasons for using a VPN all the time. E.g., access Netflix content that is usually not available in your region or just for general privacy purposes. Still, you can turn it off for the few minutes you need to access GameStop’s page.

Alternatively, you can change the country for that short amount of time instead of choosing to switch it off entirely if that doesn’t make you comfortable.

Check to see if GameStop servers down

Thanks to technology, we are all interconnected in a way that is quite amazing. However, websites and applications need to use big servers to store data and take care of communication to be connected. If for any reason, something goes wrong with them, you might end up asking yourself why is GameStop website down?

This happens to even the very best platforms. In fact, Facebook services like Instagram and Whatsapp, and of course, Facebook itself, get hit by such downtime. It can be frustrating, but that’s one of the risks of the industry.

Fortunately, websites like Down Detector allow you to see whether it’s just on your side or if GameStop servers are down for everyone else too. If it’s a problem everyone is experiencing, you have no option but to wait. They lose money for each minute the GameStop website is not working, so you know that they’ll be on it as fast as they can be.

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