The Best Free iCloud Lock Removal Tools

Facing an iCloud Activation Lock on your Apple device & need a free iCloud lock removal tool to bypass the firewall? Don’t worry: we’ve got you covered. Countless Apple users want to learn how to bypass the iCloud activation lock without spending any money. Unfortunately, the Internet is full of nefarious “guides” & “articles” that direct these users to pay for premium services. We won’t do that. Instead, we’ll simply list the most trusted iCloud removal service providers & explain how you can use these services for free. Let’s explore. 

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How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock for Free? 

First, is it even possible to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock without spending any money? Yes, it is. The iCloud Activation Lock is a very useful feature that Apple added to its “Find My iPhone” app in 2013 with iOS 7. Since then, this feature has prevented unauthorized users from accessing files stored in locked iCloud accounts. In addition, you can use the iCloud Activation Lock feature to remotely lock your Apple device in case of loss or theft. 

But, what to do when your device isn’t stolen or lost & you’ve simply lost your iCloud account’s password? According to tech experts, users can always reach out to Apple to bypass their iCloud’s Activation Lock firewall. The company’s support team will unlock your device if you provide proof of ownership to Apple. But, this process can take days or even weeks.

What if you need to bypass the Activation Lock as quickly as possible? That’s where a free iCloud bypass tool can be of help. Now, there are many “unlock iCloud” tools in the market. Most of these tools require users to pay fees. We’ve scouted the market to find iCloud unlock tools that do the job for free. Here’s a detailed list of these free tools.  

The Best iCloud Unlock Software Tools That Work for Free 

Tenorshare 4Mekey

Tenorshare 4Mekey is one of the market’s most highly-rated free unlock iCloud tools. It’s also easy to use & provides guaranteed results. Here’s how you can use this iCloud removal tool for free:

  • Download the Tenorshare 4MeKey iCloud removal tool for free from the official website on your PC or Mac 
  • Agree to the terms of service & complete the installation process 
  • Connect the locked iOS device to your PC or Mac with a USB cable
  • Now, the tool will “jailbreak” the locked device 
  • The “jailbreaking” process will happen automatically, but it will take a few minutes
  • Once the device is successfully jailbroken, a pop-up menu will appear
  • On this menu, click “Next”  
  • Confirm your device information

The Tenorshare 4MeKey iCloud removal tool will now proceed to remove the iCloud Activation Lock on the connected device. Once the lock is removed successfully, reset your iOS device & login into the Apple Store with your brand-new Apple ID. 

EaseUS MobiUnlock 

EaseUS MobiUnlock is another extremely popular iCloud removal software tool. Just like Tenorshare’s 4MeKey, it’s free to use. It works on Apple devices that have iOS 12.3 to 14.8.1. If you’re reading this on a PC, follow this link to download the software on your PC. 

Then, use the free trial option to bypass the Activation Lock for free. Here’s how you can use the EaseUS MobiUnlock iCloud removal software tool for free:

  • Launch the EaseUS MobiUnlock software on your PC 
  • Connect the locked Apple device to your PC
  • Once the software launches, select “Bypass Activation Lock” on the main menu 
  • Read the “Term of Use” & select “I Agree” if you agree with all the requirements
  • On the following page, click “Start” 
  • Now, the software will jailbreak your locked Apple device 
  • Once the jailbreaking process is complete, you’ll receive a notification saying “Jailbreak Completed” 
  • On the next page, select “Bypass Now” 
  • The software will now start removing the Activation Lock feature from your Apple device 
  • Wait for the removal process to complete
  • Once the removal process is complete, click “OK” 

Congratulations: you’ve successfully unlocked your Apple device for free. Now, you can reset your iCloud account.

iCloud Generator v3.2.1

iCloud Generator v3.2.1 is a widely popular iCloud removal tool because it can be used on all iOS 7 to iOS 11 devices. Using this software is also pretty easy. You simply need to take the following steps: 

  • Download the iCloud Generator v3.2.1 software on your PC
  • Connect your locked Apple device to your PC with a USB cable
  • Install the software 
  • Provide whatever info the software asks of you 
  • Select the “Remove iCloud” button

Once you select the “Remove iCloud” button, the free unlock iCloud software will start removing the Activation Lock feature from your locked Apple device. Once the device is unlocked, reset your account. 

DoulCi iCloud

DoulCi iCloud is another free iCloud unlock tool. It can help you bypass the Activation Lock feature on your locked Apple device within 30 minutes. The good thing about DoulCi iCloud is that it works on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. It’s also one of the few free iCloud activation lock bypass tools on Apple iPods.

Here’s a helpful video guide on how to use the DoulCi iCloud tool for free:

You can also check out the tutorial video on DoulCi iCloud’s official website for more guidance. 


As the name suggests, this tool can help you “checkmate” iCloud’s Activation Lock for free. Checkm8 is one of the market’s oldest iCloud activation lock removal free tools. It can unlock iPhones (iPhone 7 to iPhone X) and iPads (iPad 2 to iPad Pro 12.9). Here’s a helpful video guide on how to use the Checkm8 iCloud unlock tool for free:

The software is free & easy to use. Once you download the software, you must follow the on-screen instructions to kickstart the Activation Lock removal process.

Which of these iCloud removal software tools is the best for you? Ideally, it would help if you asked your local Apple seller for further guidance. They’ll know which of these tools is the most compatible with your Apple device. If you can’t get in touch with a certified Apple seller, try each of these tools until your device is unlocked. They’re all free to use, so you don’t have to worry about wasting money! 

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