12 Amazing Geeky Gadgets (That You Might Keep for Yourself)

There was a time when being a geek was seen as being uncool. Luckily, as time moved on, pop culture evolved, and so did the mindsets of many people. 

These days, many would say that not only is it not uncool, but being a geek is actually pretty cool

So, you might have a proud geek as a friend or family member, or you might be a proud geek yourself. In that case, you must know how hard it can be to find cool gadgets and gifts that will be greatly appreciated. Nothing is surprising for geeks. 

Fortunately for you, I have put this list together that gives you multiple options for really cool geeky gadgets that you can choose from. Whether you are buying these as gifts or for yourself, you will find that they are just perfect for anyone who likes geeky gadgets.

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Waterproof Shower Speaker

A lot of us bring music with us into the shower. If I’m not singing at the top of my lungs, my phone is right outside the shower providing music for me. It can get muffled or overwhelmed by the sound of the water, though, and I have always wished I could bring it inside with me. 

That’s why this waterproof speaker is pretty awesome. Its build is so good that it can be dunked in water without any harm, and it comes with a full 1-year guarantee. That’s how confident they are that this is a quality product, and that inspires confidence. It has a battery that can playback for 10 hours and can be charged to full in just 3. This geek gadget simply needs to be connected by Bluetooth to your phone, and you can enjoy your songs right in the shower. 

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Retro Speaker for Gamers

Some little nerdy tech gadgets carry more charm than you think they could fit in their small frames, which is one of them. This pixel art game comes in various colors so you can find a perfect one for your or a loved one.

Using the app, you can make pixel art from your phone and show it on the screen of this gadget. It is so uncomplicated to use. Gadgets for geeks are always awesome because they have more than one trick up their book. You also get a 10W speaker with this one, as well as a clock and alarm clock. And with the fact that its battery lasts 10 hours, it is clear why nerd gadgets like this one are such easy choices to make.

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Portable Movie Theater

Another cool thing about geek gadgets is how they can somehow work magic with technology that already exists. You probably wouldn’t believe that you could fit a great projector’s components into a half-pound cube, but that’s exactly what Cinemood did.

This projector can be used to take the movie theater on the go with you. The battery in it gets 5 hours of playback, and it can project up to 12 feet away, which is plenty considering its size. You can access all sorts of streaming services like Netflix and YouTube, and you can even stream your own videos. This is easily one of the best geek gadgets I have seen!

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Pixelated Digital Art Frame

I am in love with this pixel art frame. If you find it too small, guess what. You can connect up to 4 of them together. The possibilities with this are great, and you can make some really stunning designs to brighten up any room.

Nerd gadgets from Divoom are easy to use. Simply download their app and get to drawing. It is that easy! It can also work as a digital clock for any space you put it in, and it is a really nice touch, no matter the décor.

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Wireless Charger with Mug Warmer

I wasn’t joking when I said you’ll find all sorts of geek gadgets on this list. Now, close your eyes and imagine this. A warmer for coffee, so that it doesn’t get cold. But not only is it warmer, but it also has a cooler for drinks that are too hot. Sounds awesome already, right? Now through a wireless charging pad into the mix. Now it’s too awesome.

It uses Qi for its wireless charging, which means that most phones will be compatible with this and easy to charge. Your coffee will be within arms’ length, and so will your device. This is such an intelligent way to elevate the experience of a coffee warmer through nerdy tech gadgets.

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Smart Instant Translator

Wait, are you trying to tell me that the universal translator from Star Trek is a real thing? Well, that was fast! New geek gadgets are starting to get quite advanced, and this smart translator shows that, with support for 42 languages, which is a lot.

With the app by your side and the Microsoft AI translation engine in the hardware, you get an excellent geek product that will prove indispensable. It gets 2 weeks of use on a single charge, which is perfect! This will easily help break down those language barriers!

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Retro Keyboard

Gadgets for computer geeks don’t get any better than a mechanical keyboard. Most geeks know that the best typing experience you can get is off of a mechanical keyboard, even though they may be a bit bulky.

This one is built of aluminum alloy, which is not only durable but looks fantastic. Apart from the attractive typewriter appearance of this one, you get versatility. It can be used wirelessly with your smartphone or tablet, or it can be plugged straight into a PC. But honestly, even without all of that, it’d be hard to resist because it just looks way too good.

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Bluetooth Rubik’s Cube

Now, I’m sure the first thing you’re wondering is, “how the heck can a Rubik’s cube be Bluetooth-enabled?”. I asked myself the same question. These new geek gadgets are really getting crazy! Well, here’s how it works. You can connect this to your smartphone, and with the app, you can track the moves you make as you make them, and the app can help suggest how to improve your time and make better moves.

This is one of the best geek gadgets that you can get for younger people, and it will really help perfect their Rubik’s cube solving skills.

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Smartphone Printer

We all have excellent cameras in the palms of our hands, right on the back of your smartphone. Sometimes you may take a picture with a group of people, and you’ll have to part ways soon. There’s no better way to leave them with the memories than to print the photos of your adventures together. With a printer like this, it is ridiculously easy!

It also comes in 4 attractive colors and will print your picture in just over 10 seconds. You can even buy one of these printers that comes in a bundle with photo paper. A geek gadget like this is bound to be loved by everyone.

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Penguin Robot Kit

Assembling fun little robots is one of the best ways to get children involved and interested in robotics. This little penguin robot is so cute that you won’t even need to do much convincing. It runs on the Arduino platform and can be programmed to do a wide array of things. This also makes a great way to get children into coding!

It has 3 color options and will come with a manual and CD that will teach you a lot about assembling the robot and how to program it. 

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Polaroid Camera (Mandalorian Edition)

Do you know one of the franchises that are almost universally loved by geeks everywhere? Yep, you guessed it. Star Wars! Pretty much all cool geeky gadgets that have a Star Wars character slapped on them will go down well with geeks. Considering that The Mandalorian was the most-watched streaming series in 2020 in the US, it seems more people than just geeks fell in love with it.

This Polaroid Now Instant Camera is The Mandalorian Edition, which means it has a unique design and a special edition film pack. The camera can do a lot, too, with a 2-lens autofocus setup as well as a self-timer to help you take pictures of yourself! This is a good-looking camera, and it takes good looking photographs!

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Electric Motor for Paper Planes

When we were younger, we all tried to construct the perfect paper airplane. Sometimes we got one that would glide endlessly, and other times, one that would flop straight to the ground. It was an art, and making one that flew well was always a thing of pride. Well, this kit brings precision to that concept.

You get to do the folding of the paper airplane yourself, which teaches you the optimal design and technique to make one. But it’s not complete without a bit of overkill. You get a propellor and an electric motor with this, so you keep it airborne for even longer. You should be able to get over 30 seconds of hangtime.

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