10 Ideas of Techy Gifts for Bakers in [currentyear]: from Nut Grinder to Roti Maker

Baking can be a bliss for many. I see it as a very special kind of creative therapy. You take your mind off mundane and put all of your efforts into working on something that everyone (most likely) will enjoy. 

Although some steps in baking might be a real pain when you end up with the cooking space that will require hours of cleaning. And that can diminish all the therapeutic effects. 

Thankfully there are plenty of little gadgets that will help tackle the most tedious tasks, and all will make great gifts for bakers. 

I put many hours of research to find the best possible option in each category (based on the “humanity” of existing reviews, price/value ratio, and features). I hope you’ll find the list a good starting point on your quest for a perfect cooking and baking-themed gift.

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1. Roti maker

There are many tortilla makers. But there’s definitely a shortage of devices that do authentic roti. 

The difference between tortillas and roti is that the former is made by using lard to achieve that silky texture. And the latter often does not use any oil content but still brings the flavor and taste. So using the same machine for both is not an ideal solution. 

And if you prefer roti over tortillas, this machine will be your best friend. It makes them so quickly and easily. And saves the HOURS of manual labor. And this gadget takes the mess out of the usual process of roti making. While the taste is fresh and super authentic. 

Not to mention it’s a huge budget saver too: the price for 8 to 10 tacos purchased from the store is around $2.50-5.00. But with this little guy, you can make 10 under $1. 

And unlike tortilla machines, this device is pretty versatile: it can definitely handle things like tortillas, flatbread, chapatis, and naan. 

2. Cake mixer

Every baker knows that making the dough is probably the most important (and annoying) step in the baking process. So that cake mixer is a must if you do this a lot. 

This powerful machine can mix, knead, and whip as it has 3 different attachments for different tasks. The container is large enough for 10 people (7.5 quarts), so you can double the recipe and make several batches of favorite cookies or the dough for an extra-large pizza at once.

The noise from this cake mixer is very low, and the speed is super fast. It also comes with a splash guard for keeping your kitchen tidy and clean.

And even though it’s inexpensive, it still does wonders and looks very stylish. 

3. Baking Scale

Sometimes baking is all about precision – even if you use measurements like cups, teaspoons, and tablespoons. And if you prefer to use the correct amounts of ingredients, the baking scale can be a perfect gift for cooking adventures. 

If you bake “gravimetrically”, add flour and dry ingredients by weight, taring your scale between components (tare = reset scale to 0.) It’s an easier way to measure butter and fats, and it’s really faster than measuring out cups by volume. And it’s more accurate.  

You can set to either ounces, grams and milligrams/liters, all more precise amounts than my dented aluminum cup measure or my no longer visible marks on my glass liquid measure. 

The stainless-steel bowl is huge and can handle a lot. And it’s also detachable for easy cleaning and storage, or using other measuring containers. 

Overall it’s easy to clean, easy to use, precise, and looks expensive.

4. Edible printer

The edible printer is not the cheapest option on this list of techy gifts for bakers. But it’s undoubtedly one of the most desired ones. Since possibilities are endless with it. Whether you prefer to surprise your family with fancy-looking cakes or start your own business endeavors and sell personalized baked goodies. 

This pinter works with rice paper, sugar and wafer sheets, and chocolate transfer sheets. 

And it’s super easy to use and manage so you’ll be making those masterpieces in no time and with very little learning. 

5. Popsicle maker

Even though popsicle is not necessarily baked good, every baker would make it once in a while as it’s as fun and tasty as making a cake. 

And with these silicone molds, the process could get any easier. 

These come in many shapes: from penguins and robots to yeti and dinosaurs. But zombie ones are by far my favorite. 

It’s a super affordable and entertaining gift option that will definitely bring tons of joy. 

6. Cake decorating airbrush

If the edible printer is out of the budget cake decorating airbrush can be a viable gift option that will bring any hardcore baker to the roof happy. You can use it to create colorful blue skies and green fields, to stencil, to write phrases and to accent cakes and cupcakes with dots, swirls, and other details. 

It’s easy to use, too, and comes with an excessive manual. So it can be ideal for everyone, from beginners to experts.

7. Cake pop maker 

When making cake pops the traditional way with rolling crumbled cake and frosting into the balled, it takes ages to finish. Cake pop makers cost so little and free up so much of your time it’s a true lifesaver. With this machine, you don’t have to worry about the consistency of the cake pop and the frosting. (And it’s often the case when it’s too moist, so the cake pop will break through the lollipop stick that can be very frustrating). 

It also makes the cake pops extremely fast – it only takes 3-5 minutes for a batch. 

This cake pop maker heats up quickly, is easy to clean and tiny to store

And there’s no need to stop at cake pops, of course. Bacon cheddar biscuit bites, hush puppies, pizza bites, Swedish meatballs – whatever comes to mind can be executed in this little machine. 

8. Pancake maker

Pancake makers are not a novelty device. But those are still handy. And in this particular case a bit nerdy too. Whether the baker loves Spider-Man, Star Wars saga, or prefers to support female superheroes like Wonderwoman, this device can fit all the bills. 

It makes pancakes in minutes. And on top of printing your favorite comic design, it does an exceptional job of actually cooking those pancakes (or grilled cheese if you want).  

Easy to clean and doesn’t take up much counter space. And high levels of fun are guaranteed. 

9. Nut grinder

The upper compartment holds the nuts. The chopped pieces are clearly measured in the lower glass compartment. Overall, a convenient little gadget for chopping walnuts and almonds for cookies, candy, and other desserts. Its blades are super sturdy and sharp, so they cut all the nuts quickly. 

10. Kitchen torch

 A kitchen torch is so much more than just caramelizing sugars and Creme Brulee. You can also use it for browning meringues, barbecue, melting cheese on gratins, etc. The strength of the flame (max. 2500℉ / 1371C) is adjustable, so it will work for many applications. And it’s built with safety in mind too: it features piezo ignition, protective hand heat guard, and security lock. 

And anyone can feel like a real Michelin star chief while using this little thing. This torch adds the perfect finishing touch to many popular desserts and dishes, and it’s so much fun to watch while someone is using it. 

The only disappointment for some might be that it doesn’t come filled (but security first, right?). However, the filling is easy, and you can buy butane as an extra with no fuss (e.g., this one from Zippo). 

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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