Hatch Rest vs. Hatch Rest Plus: Which Sound Machine is Right for Your Child?

Hatch Rest vs Rest Plus – this is the new, raging debate that countless parents of newborns across the globe are currently engaged in. Which sound machine is better for babies to get their 9 hours of sleep every night? That’s the question countless people on the Internet are asking

If you’re one of these people asking, “Which Hatch sound machine should I buy for my child?” keep reading. We’ll assess every difference between Hatch and Hatch Plus to accurately answer this question. But before that, let’s understand exactly what Hatch sound machines do.

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Hatch Rest vs. Hatch Rest Plus

A sound machine is a device that produces white noise. Many parents use these devices to create sound sleeping environments for their children. The Hatch Rest is a multi-functional, smart sound machine. That means it offers way more than a typical sound machine. 

You can program your Hatch Rest device via an easy-to-use app. In addition, the device offers multiple sound/volume settings. It also comes with a built-in night light & a customizable time-to-rise feature. These are the reasons why this tapered cylindrical device is so popular among parents.

The Hatch Rest was officially launched in 2014. 

The Hatch Rest Plus, a higher-end version of the original Hatch Rest was launched in 2019. A 2nd Generation version of the Hatch Rest Plus was established in 2022

The Hatch Rest Plus offers all the features that the original Rest does & some new features & functionalities. These new functionalities are making parents across the US ask the question “Which Hatch sound machine should I buy for my child?” 

To answer this question, let’s assess all the new functionalities in the new Plus version of this device:

  • The Rest Plus has a LED light clock that parents can control via the Hatch Rest app. 
  • This device also features a brand-new two-way audio monitor; parents can use it to listen in to their children & talk to them via their phones. 
  • The Rest Plus is compatible with Alexa; you can use your Alexa to relay instructions to your sound machine. 
  • The Rest Plus also has better sound quality. The white noise sounds from this sound machine are crystal-clear. 
  • Wi-fi (instead of Bluetooth) connection (only in the Rest Plus 2nd Gen version).
  • The Rest Plus comes with a rechargeable battery. So, it can be used without cords. 

These are the most glaring differences that stand out when you do a Hatch sound machine comparison. But, of course, there are other smaller differences. Any new & upgraded device will have slightly more advanced features than its predecessor.

But, are these differences worth the extra dollars? Or should you stick with the original Baby Rest? Let’s answer these questions in a parent-centric manner. First, let’s review which device is more parent-friendly. 

How Long Does Hatch Battery Last?

Parents have busy lives. They often forget to charge most of the devices they use. So, sound machines with better batteries are obviously more appealing to them. In this department, Rest Plus wins by a clear margin.

The original Hatch Rest had an 8-hour battery life. It’s a corded sound machine with no rechargeable batteries. The power cord is also pretty short so parents have to design their nurseries around available outlets to get the most out of the Hatch Rest.

The Hatch Rest Plus has a 10-hour battery life. It also comes with a backup battery. You can charge this battery via a 3.2 USB cable. That means the Rest Plus can be used even when it’s unplugged. That also means you can place the device anywhere in your child’s room. 

Can You Use Hatch Without wi-fi?

Yes. You can use & control the original Hatch Rest via Bluetooth, even when there’s no wi-fi connection. There’s a Bluetooth button on the bottom of the original device. Press this to connect your phone to the device & use it without wi-fi. 

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the Hatch Rest Plus 2nd Generation. The Hatch Rest Plus 2nd Gen doesn’t offer Bluetooth connectivity. It would help if you had a reliable Internet connection to use this device. 

What Volume Should Hatch Be On?

According to pediatricians, white noise doesn’t affect children’s sleep when played at 65 decibels or lower. So, you must ensure that you play your Hatch sound machine at the 65-75 decibel mark. Sounds higher than that can damage children’s little ears. 

Thankfully, both the Hatch Rest & the Hatch Rest Plus offer 11 sounds (9 white noise, 3 lullabies) that can be played at 75 decibels or lower/higher. In addition, you can adjust the volume & decibel settings via the easy-to-use Hatch Sleep app.

How to Reset? 

Parents often need to reset their smart devices because of previous errors. Resetting the original Hatch Rest & the Hatch Rest Plus is easy. Here’s how you can reset these devices: 

How to Reset Hatch Rest?

  • Turn off Bluetooth on your phone/tablet
  • Stand close to your Hatch Rest device & turn your phone/tablet’s Bluetooth back on
  • Unplug the Rest device for 20-30 seconds
  • Plug the Rest back in 
  • Check whether the power cord is firmly in its place 
  • Locate a small reset hole in the base of the device (it will be marked “contains FCC ID”) 
  • Hold down the center button in the middle of the device’s base (i.e., the power button) 
  • While holding this button down, insert a paperclip into the reset hole 
  • After 5-10 seconds, release the power button

Open your Hatch Sleep app and reconnect to the device. 

How to Reset Hatch Rest Plus? 

  • Make sure your Rest Plus is plugged in
  • Turn off the LED clock by inserting a paperclip into the small hole marked “R” (located to the left of the device’s main power cord)
  • Unplug your Rest Plus 
  • Shut down the device by pressing two of the furthest buttons on the base of your Rest Plus for 10-15 seconds 
  • Plug the Rest Plus back in 
  • Wait 2-3 minutes for the reset to complete

Open your Hatch Sleep app and re-connect your Rest Plus. 

How Many Decibels Is the Hatch?

Both the Hatch Rest & the Hatch Rest Plus have a maximum audio output of 96.3 dB (decibels).

Which Hatch Sound Is Best?

The TV static sound is the most popular Hatch Sound among parents. This white noise sound is available on both the Hatch Rest & the Hatch Rest Plus.

Hatch Bluetooth Connectivity

The original Hatch Rest is definitely more Bluetooth-friendly. The Rest Plus only uses Bluetooth to connect with a phone/tablet during registration. Once the registration process is over, it needs wi-fi to connect & function with other smart devices. 

Hatch Rest Vs. Rest Plus: Pricing

The original Hatch Rest currently costs $69.99. The Rest Plus currently costs $89.99. Is the $20 price difference justifiable? Yes. While both these devices have similar designs and offer many similar features – the Rest Plus is way more multi-functional than its predecessor.

It can be used as a two-way audio monitor, a dimmable alarm clock, and an LED nightlight. So, buying the Hatch Rest Plus definitely makes sense if you have an extra $20 to spare. 

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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