How To Clear The Queue On Fire Stick?

Have you tried to download a new app on your Fire Stick device, but it gets stuck on ‘queued’? This is a common problem, and the downloading process may not proceed even after waiting. It may be caused by slow internet, insufficient space or other reason. This article will show you how to clear the queue on Fire Stick and much more. 

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What does it mean when an app is queued on Fire Stick?

Fire Stick queue status is an indication that the app you are trying to download has not been successfully installed. Some of the reasons that can stop apps from downloading include; 

  1. Poor internet – A sluggish internet connection can affect the downloading process on your fire stick device. 
  2. Excessive apps – The queued message error can appear if you try to download multiple apps simultaneously. 
  3. Temporary glitches – Sometimes, you can run into a temporary bug that can disrupt the download process. 
  4. Insufficient space – Lack of sufficient space is another reason that can cause apps to queue but not download. 

How to clear the queue on Fire Stick? 

These are some things you can do to stop queueing on your Fire Stick device. 

Restart the fire stick and router 

One of the simplest solutions to fix the apps stuck on queued is the power cycle. Use the following steps to do it. 

  • Switch off your TV and Fire Stick 
  • Unplug the Fire Stick and router from their respective power outlets 
  • Wait for a few minutes 
  • Plug back the power cables and turn them on 
  • Connect Fire Stick to the Wi-Fi connection

Try downloading the apps again and checking if the queueing issue has been resolved. Proceed to the next step if not yet. 

Download apps from the Amazon website 

Another way to clear the queued status on Fire Stick is by downloading the apps from the Amazon website. Use the following steps to do it. First, however, remember that you should be logged into the same account you used to activate your Fire Stick. 

  • Cancel all the queued downloads 
  • Restart your Fire Stick device 
  • Go to your desktop or mobile browser and log into the account linked to your Fire Stick. 
  • Search for the app you want to download and choose it 
  • Choose your Fire Stick device and click the deliver button 

The app will install on your Fire Stick device within a short while. 

Check your internet connection

The app queued status on your Fire Stick may be because of connectivity issues. For example, a bad or slow internet connection can prevent apps from installing on your Fire Stick device. 

Use or any other internet speed checker to see your internet speed. If the internet is slow, try to move the router closer to your Fire Stick. Also, you can try to reboot the router to see if the speed will improve. If the situation is not improving, you can use cellular data or contact your service provider for help. 

Clear the cache and app data 

Apps cache and data can also cause downloading queueing issues on your Fire Stick device. So, clearing them can help fix the problem. Here is how to do it:

  • Go to your Fire Stick’s home screen 
  • Open the ‘Settings’ option 
  • Launch ‘Applications’ 
  • Select ‘Managed installed applications’ 
  • Click on ‘Force stop’ 
  • Then clear cache and data 
  • Restart the device 

After rebooting, you will see that the download section is empty. So, you need to search for the app you want to download and start the process again. 

Update the Fire Stick software 

Updating your Fire Stick’s firmware can help solve the downloading queueing issues. Use the following steps to do it. 

  • Open ‘Settings’ on your Fire Stick 
  • Choose the ‘My firetv’ option. 
  • Navigate to the ‘About’ option and select ‘Update’ 
  • Click on ‘Check for updates’ 
  • Install the latest firmware version 

Restart your Fire Stick device after completing the process. Now try to download the apps and see if the queueing issue has been fixed. 

Does restarting Fire Stick clear cache and queued downloads?

No. You will have to clear the app data and cache manually, as shown in the 4th method above. On the other hand, apply the five tips in this article to clear the queue on Fire Stick. 

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