Can you use a fire stick for multiple TVs?

One of the biggest concerns of people with multiple TVs is whether it is possible to use two Firesticks on a single account. Many fire stick brands allow a charge for each device. This means you need a separate account for each fire stick. 

So, can you use a fire stick for multiple TVs with Amazon? Continue reading to know how to connect fire stick to TV, possible limitations, and much more. 

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Do you need a fire stick for each TV?

The easiest way to stream the same movie with your family on multiple TVs is by using an Amazon fire stick. Below are two different ways to connect one fire stick on two TVs or more. 

Using wired HDMI connection 

An HDMI splitter will enable you to simultaneously use a fire stick on two or more TVs. It will split the audio and video signals and distribute them to multiple TVs. 

Use an HDMI cable to connect the fire stick to the splitter, then connect to two TVs with an HDMI cable on the other ports. This is an efficient way to use one fire stick on two TVs. In fact, there are splitters with even 16 ports. 

The problem with a fire stick HDMI splitter is too many long cables running through your home. Some HDMI cables have a length of up to 200 feet. 

Through a wireless connection 

There is also an option to stream to multiple TVs through an HDMI extender wirelessly. It will copy the signal of one TV and fire stick to another TV set. However, this can only work if both TVs are close enough, preferably 100 feet. Also, you should remove any barrier between the transmitter and the receiver. 

Use a fire stick HDMI splitter model with a 5 GHz band for the best results. This will minimize interference from other electronics such as cameras, monitors, and wireless networks. 

What is a fire stick, and how does it work?

A fire stick is a streaming device that lets you stream content, install apps, play games, music, etc., on your TV. This is a great way to bring entertainment to your home or office. It has Android hardware, which will change your old-version TV to a smart one. 

The fire stick configuration process is straightforward once you have inserted it into your TV’s HDMI port. Then, connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi network, create an account and start streaming.

How Many fire sticks can you use with One account?

There is no limit on the number of fire sticks you can register on a single Amazon account. The problems arise when you simultaneously use the fire sticks on different TVs. 

Usually, you can use three or more TVs, each with its fire stick at the same time. However, you cannot stream similar content on more than two TVs with fire sticks on the same account. 

Amazon allows you to have multiple fire sticks in one house on a single account. At the same time, other services offer one fire stick per account. Therefore, it will come in handy in organizations with numerous offices and households with several rooms. 

Another significant benefit of Amazon’s fire stick is parental control. So, this will give you the peace of mind that your child in the next room isn’t watching anything inappropriate. 

Issues that may arise when using multiple fire TV sticks on a single account

These are some of the problems you may encounter when using a fire stick and how to troubleshoot them. 

Can’t stream additional videos 

Usually, the Amazon fire stick will allow you to play similar content on two TVs. However, you will face an error if you watch the same content on a third or fourth TV. 

A simple solution is to close or discontinue the movie for several minutes, then try to open the video to stream if it will stream. 

Extra devices fail to stream

You can try the above trick, but the third TV will still not stream content. Another effective solution is deregistering the fire stick from your first TV. Use the following steps to do it. 

● Navigate to settings and then click on ‘My Account.’
● Choose your amazon account
● Click ‘Deregister’ from the next screen
● Confirm

Wait for a few minutes, then register your account again to start watching your third TV. Remember that you can use two or more fire sticks on one account. However, you have to stream different content on the third TV. 

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