How to Pair Xfinity Remote to TV? The Simplest Solution

In 2015, Comcast launched a new remote control device – the Xfinity remote with voice control features. Since then, millions of customers have successfully used these voice-enabled remote-control devices to optimize their TV-viewing experiences. But, the experience hasn’t been smooth for every user. What’s the main complaint? Their inability to pair Xfinity remote to TV sets.

 “Why is my Xfinity remote not working?” “How to pair Xfinity remote to my TV?” Countless users have posted such questions on the Internet but to no avail. In this article, we’ll discuss everything users need to know about pairing Xfinity remote controls with their TVs. So before spending money on a new remote, use this guide to fix your pairing issues.

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How to Pair Xfinity Remote To TV?

First, let’s talk about who uses and needs help pairing Xfinity remote to the TV. Only those who have Xfinity TV subscriptions or Internet connections get this remote control device. For example, suppose you get the latest Xfinity Flex 4K streaming device. In that case, you also get an Xfinity remote with that package. 

Once you set up the Xfinity remote, you can easily monitor your viewing experiences. You can even change the channels, navigate between streaming platforms, etc., via voice commands. The first step to setting up your Xfinity remote is determining which model you have. 

To check the model of your Xfinity Remote, look at the device’s battery compartment. You’ll find the name of your Xfinity Remote’s model on that back plate. The most popular Xfinity Remote models are 

  • XR2
  • XR5
  • XR11 (comes with voice-enabled features)
  • XR15 (comes with voice-enabled features)
  • XR16 (comes with voice-enabled features)

In addition to the model, you must determine whether your remote control features a setup button.

What is the Setup Button on Xfinity Remote? 

Some of the latest versions of the Xfinity remote don’t feature setup buttons. So, for example, if you own the XR15 or the XR16, don’t worry if those devices don’t have setup buttons. Instead of using the Xfinity remote setup button, you’ll have to use their microphone features to set them up. 

On other devices (the XR2, XR5, or the XR11), the setup button is on the top right, or the bottom left. First, check your Xfinity remote to find this oval-shaped gray setup button. Once you find this button, you can use it to pair the remote with your streaming box or TV. 

Pair Xfinity Remote to TV: Find the Remote Code

Before you sync Xfinity remote to the TV, learn the code of your remote-control device. This code will help your TV or streaming box identify the brand/model of the remote. Once your TV recognizes the code, the syncing process becomes faster and more efficient. 

To obtain your remote control’s code, visit – You’ll have to choose your remote control’s model number (XR2, XR5, or the XR11, etc.) on this link. Once you do, you’ll be redirected to the next page. Select what type of device you want to control with your Xfinity remote. Next, select the device’s brand & click “Next.” 

On the next page, you’ll find your Xfinity remote’s code. Now, we can use this manufacturer’s code to pair the two devices. Here’s how:

  • Turn on your TV or streaming box. 
  • Hold down the Setup button on your Xfinity remote.
  • Keep holding down the button for a few seconds. 
  • What if there’s no setup button on your Xfinity remote? Then, press the Info (i) & Xfinity buttons together instead. These two buttons together will produce the same result as pressing a setup button.
  • You’ll notice the LED lights on top of your Xfinity remote control transition from red to green. 
  • You’ll be redirected to a page that asks you to enter the manufacturer’s code on your TV. 
  • Use the numeric keypad on your Xfinity remote-control device. Enter the manufacturer’s code you found in the previous step.
  • The LED lights at the top region of your remote will blink twice once you successfully enter the right code.

This green signal suggests that your remote & your viewing device have been successfully synced. This process of pairing Xfinity remote is very simple. All you need is the manufacturer’s code to set up a connection between the remote & the viewing device. 

But, what if you can’t find the manufacturer code? What if the previous step fails & you can’t access your remote control’s code from the Xfinity website? Don’t worry. There’s another way:

  • Turn on your TV or streaming box.
  • Press & hold down your remote’s Setup button for 60 seconds.
  • If there’s no Setup button on your remote, press & hold the Info (i) & Xfinity buttons together instead. 
  • Again, you’ll see the LED lights on top of your remote-control transition from red to green colors.
  • This time, instead of entering a code, enter the digits “9-9-1” using the numeric keypad on your Xfinity remote control. 
  • You’ll see the LED lights (now green-colored) mounted on top of your remote blink twice.
  • Now, turn off the TV by repeatedly pressing the “CH” (i.e., Channel Up) button on your Xfinity remote. 
  • Once the TV has shut off, press the setup button to lock in the code.

Now, you can press the “TV Power On” button to turn on the device. The remote control has been synced. After you pair the Xfinity remote to the cable box or your TV, the fun begins. Now, you can operate your TV or cable box from anywhere, even with voice commands. 

Pair Xfinity Remote to TV: Who Can Do It?

Only the users who are subscribed to the Xfinity TV services can pair & use their Xfinity Remotes. Or, you can rent an Xfinity X1 TV box. These boxes usually come with streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.) and a wide range of TV channels. 

For example, the Digi Premier Xfinity TV Plan comes with 260+ channels and various streaming services. Pay for these monthly packages to get the most cost-effective deals. Then, pair Xfinity remote and enjoy amazing viewing experiences!

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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