Roku Overheating: Is It Normal? Can Roku Explode? How to Fix It? 

In the United States, Roku devices are extremely popular. In the first quarter of 2021, the company reported 61.3 million active users every month. Such a massive number brings Roku up as the leading connected TV device brand in the United States, making up 53.1% of the market in the country.

If you’re reading this, you almost definitely have a Roku device, but you would probably know someone who does even if you didn’t. They have a lineup of Roku devices for you to choose from, but one of the most popular ones is the Roku Streaming Stick. It’s easy to see why it is so loved. It is tiny and can be completely out of sight at the back of your television.

The problem is that such a compact body makes it prone to overheating, especially as it needs to do the same processing work as the bigger products. Despite that, you might even notice the bigger ones getting hot too! Of course, when you notice your Roku overheating, it brings a lot of questions into your head. Are there any Roku overheating problems to be worried about?

These are typical questions if you feel your Roku Streaming Stick is getting hot. Don’t worry. All these questions have answers, and I’m here to provide them for you. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about your Roku device overheating.

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Is it normal for Roku Stick to get hot?

It shouldn’t be a worry if you feel your Roku stick getting a little warm to the touch. With a processor inside and no active cooling, this is perfectly understandable.

However, what should definitely not be happening is your Roku Stick getting hot enough to boil water! It is understandable if you notice that it gets pretty hot after an extended period of use. Still, it shouldn’t be happening too quickly and should not be getting extremely hot either.

The good thing is that if you’re dealing with your Roku overheating, you can usually tell when it gets to a severe level when your device displays a Roku overheating warning or you begin to notice clear signs of malfunctioning.

Why is my Roku overheating?

Suppose you have the Roku overheating issue happening to your device. In that case, there are a few different reasons why this might be happening. Keep in mind that depending on your exact Roku player model, some of these Roku overheating problems are specific.

One easily avoidable Roku overheating cause is not giving the device any space to breathe or be cooled down by natural ventilation. This is particularly notorious when your Roku Streaming Stick is plugged directly into the back of the TV without the HDMI extender. 

If you have a Roku Ultra overheating, it may be due to the vents being blocked or clogged. While the heat can be dissipated through the plastic, these holes give it a more convenient route to be expelled through, even without an active fan.

If you have a Roku Express overheating, it may be due to having too many things around it. This can include other appliances that give off heat or just large objects that trap heat around it. This can also apply to a Roku Premiere overheating as both devices rely entirely on the plastic casing to dissipate their heat.

A damaged power outlet that is giving off the wrong amount of electricity can also result in your Roku device overheating. However, you will probably notice that the power adapter is hot in these cases. It may also be due to a malfunctioning power brick.

Finally, ensure your device is not exposed to direct sunlight, adding to the heat that the Roku player naturally produces. If you notice your Roku TV overheating, this is likely to be the cause. However, note that the televisions are not made by Roku, and only the software is. Contact the manufacturer, usually TCL, if it gets really problematic.

How to check Roku temperature?

Suppose you want to perform a Roku TV temperature check to find out the exact temperature in degrees. In that case, a secret menu on the device gives you the power to do this.

To access the Roku TV temperature check menu, you need to use the remote control to enter a very precise sequence of inputs. If you miss one, you will probably need to start over!

Go to the Home Screen and press the following combination of buttons:

  1. Press the Home button 5 times.
  2. Press Fast Forward.
  3. Press Play.
  4. Press Rewind.
  5. Press Play.
  6. Press Fast Forward.

Once you enter this input correctly, you will see the temperature of your Roku device at the top of the screen. Note that this value is in Celsius. We don’t know which temperature prompts the Roku overheating warning. You can access this menu when the warning appears (or a solid red light glows on the front of your player) to know what is considered too hot.

Roku overheating problems: what can go wrong?

A Roku device that stays at a dangerously high temperature for too long can become damaged. This can result from softening solder on the circuit board or damaging components like capacitors. Insulators can also melt and cause short circuits that ultimately result in the Roku overheating issue leading to a permanently damaged Roku product.

This is why many electronics have safeguards in place to cause them to automatically switch off when they get too hot. You don’t need to let it get to this point, though, as you can take action whenever you see a warning that your Roku player is overheating.

Do Roku sticks burn out?

It can burn out if you push your Roku Stick to its absolute limit. It is not any different from any other electronic that can get damaged by severe heat. So it is important to take precautions to avoid any Roku overheating cause that can cause your Stick to burn out over time.

What to do when your Roku is overheating?

Suppose you have a Roku Ultra overheating or any other one of their products that is simply getting too hot. In that case, there are some steps you can take to stop this from happening or to remedy the situation.

The first thing you should do when you realize that your Roku is overheating is to unplug it from power. The device running is the primary cause of heat, so turning it off can prevent further internal heat production and give it a chance to cool down.

The best Roku Stick overheating fix is to avoid plugging it directly into the back of the television, instead using one of Roku’s HDMI extenders. It will create space between the Stick and the natural heat that the TV produces.

Keep the device away from any electronics that produce a lot of heat. This can be a game console, a wireless router, or large power bricks, among others. Also, place it where it gets ample airflow that isn’t impeded by walls or large objects.

Keep it out of direct sunlight and try to place it on a flat surface. You can easily remove the plastic cover if the overheating is particularly severe, though this requires some expertise.

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