Everything You Need to Know About T-Mobile Free Netflix Plans: Are They Worth It?

T-Mobile Netflix free plans are the talk of the town. Everyone wants to know do you get free Netflix with T-Mobile because the streaming service is getting more expensive every year. Ten years ago, Netflix’s standard plan cost $7.99 per month. In 2023, the same plan costs $15.49 a month. That’s way more expensive than most streaming platforms.

Hence, murmurs about T-Mobile free Netflix plans are spreading like wildfire on the Internet. So, is Netflix free for T-Mobile users? If yes, how to get free Netflix with T Mobile? Let’s answer these questions one by one.

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Does T Mobile Offer Free Netflix?

Is Netflix free for T Mobile users? Yes. Back in 2017, T-Mobile and Netflix partnered up to introduce an offer called “T-Mobile Netflix on Us.” As of 2023, this offer is still available to T-Mobile’s mobile customers. According to this offer, certain T-Mobile users with certain plans can get free access to Netflix.

If you choose the correct T-Mobile plan, you too can get free access to the streaming service. Not all plans are eligible, however. If you get a basic T-Mobile plan, you’ll have access to a free Netflix Basic Plan (costs $9.99). With Netflix Basic, you can stream on one screen at-a-time. You’ll only be able to stream videos in standard-definition quality.

If you sign up for a more expensive Netflix plan, T-Mobile will only cover the Basic Plan’s costs ($9.99 per month). If you spend more on a slightly more expensive T-Mobile plan, you’ll get free access to Netflix Standard. This Netflix subscription costs $15.49 per month. With this free subscription, you’ll get to stream simultaneously on two screens.

You’ll also get to stream videos in high-definition quality. If you sign up for a more expensive Netflix plan, T-Mobile will only cover the Standard Plan’s costs ($15.49 per month). So, which of T-Mobile’s plans makes you eligible for free access to Netflix? Here are two helpful lists that will help you choose the correct monthly T-Mobile plan:

For free access to Netflix Basic (costs $9.99 per month independently), you’ll need to sign up for any one of the following T-Mobile plans:

  • Magenta First Responders (multi-line)
  • Magenta 55+ (multi-line)
  • Magenta Military (multi-line)
  • Magenta (multi-line)
  • Magenta MAX (single line)

For free access to Netflix Standard (costs $15.49 per month independently), you’ll need to sign up for any one of the following T-Mobile plans:

  • Magenta MAX
  • Magenta 55 MAX
  • Magenta First Responder MAX
  • Magenta Military MAX

As of 2023, the following plans are non-eligible for getting free Netflix with T Mobile:

  • All tax-excluded plans
  • Mobile internet plans.
  • Prepaid plans.
  • Single line Magenta plans.
  • Single line ONE plans

Which of these plans is the best for getting Netflix with T-Mobile? In my personal experience, Magenta MAX is the most cost-effective T-Mobile plan out there. I’m the type of person who gobbles up mobile data every single day. With this plan, I get unlimited high-speed premium data. I experience no slowdowns in Internet speed. Plus, I get free access to Netflix Standard!

How Do I Get My Free Netflix From T-Mobile?

To activate your Netflix subscription via your T-Mobile plan, you need to complete the “T Mobile Netflix sign up” process. To do so, you need to have two things ready:

  • An active T-Mobile ID. This ID should have primary account-holder permissions set up.
  • If you already have a Netflix account, log out of it so that you can sign-up for your free T-Mobile Netflix Account.

How to Activate Netflix with T-Mobile?

You can activate your T-Mobile Netflix Account via the T-Mobile app. Download it on your phone (iPhone or Android) and then take the following steps:

  • Log in to the app with your T-Mobile ID
  • At the top of the screen, find & select the “Accounts” tab
  • In the Accounts tab, select the option titled, “Add-Ons”
  • Select “Manage Data & Add-Ons”
  • Scroll down the “Manage Data & Add-Ons” page to find an option titled “Services”
  • Choose your desired subscription
  • Click Continue 
  • Select “Agree”
  • Go through the summary of the plan you’ve selected
  • Select “Agree & Submit”
  • On the next page, find and select an option titled “Go to Netflix”
  • On the T-Mobile app, a log-in page will launch
  • Create a brand-new Netflix account on this page (or log-in to your existing account)
  • Confirm your new free Netflix plan
  • Click Continue

Now your Netflix account has been notified that you’re a T-Mobile user with free access privileges. You can now stream Netflix for free from any device. Here’s a helpful video guide from T-Mobile that explains the same process:

If you want to complete the “T Mobile Netflix sign up” process via your computer, just visit the My T-Mobile page. Log in with your T-Mobile ID, go to the “Manage Add-Ons” section and follow the steps mentioned above. 

What if I’m already a Netflix subscriber?

Yes! If you’re a T-Mobile subscriber with an existing Netflix account, prepare to rejoice. The carrier’s ‘Netflix on Us’ offer is ready to take your entertainment game up a notch. T-Mobile’s beneficial promotional offer can help you save some cash each month. All you need to do is link your T-Mobile account to your Netflix account, and voila! T-Mobile will cover the cost of your Netflix bill, depending on which Netflix plan you select. For those craving more, there’s an option to upgrade to Netflix premium at a reduced price. Now, that’s a perk to get excited about!

What are the benefits of getting Netflix for free with T-Mobile?

Free Netflix with T-Mobile? That sounds like a tech-marriage made in streaming heaven, and trust me, the perks are abundant. Let’s delve into them:

  1. Unlimited Entertainment, Zero Extra Cost: If there’s anything better than watching your favorite Netflix shows, it’s watching them for free. T-Mobile offers a free Netflix subscription to eligible customers. It’s like walking into an amusement park where the rides never end!
  2. Simplified Billing: Tying your Netflix and T-Mobile accounts together means one less bill to worry about each month. The cost of your Netflix account gets integrated into your T-Mobile bill, simplifying your monthly payments and saving you valuable time.
  3. Upgrades with Reduced Prices: Already a Netflix user and considering an upgrade to premium? You’re in luck! T-Mobile also provides an option for its users to upgrade to a premium Netflix account at a discounted price.
  4. Family Entertainment Sorted: With Netflix’s multiple screen feature, your entire family can enjoy their favorite shows simultaneously. And the best part? It’s all covered under your T-Mobile plan.

Free Netflix on Us Pros and Cons

Like all good things, ‘Netflix on Us’ comes with its share of pros and cons.


  1. Cost-effective: The most evident benefit is the cost savings. For T-Mobile users with qualifying plans, this can mean substantial savings over a year.
  2. Convenience: Combining your mobile and Netflix bills simplifies payment and helps you manage your monthly outgoings better.
  3. Upgrades: If you want more from your Netflix, upgrading to premium is cheaper with T-Mobile.


  1. Plan Restrictions: Not all T-Mobile plans qualify for ‘Netflix on Us.’ The offer is available only to users who have two or more lines on an eligible T-Mobile ONE voice plan.
  2. Limited HD Streaming: Unless you choose to upgrade, the ‘Netflix on Us’ offer covers the basic Netflix package, which does not include HD or Ultra HD streaming.

Other Carriers With Free Streaming

While T-Mobile offers a great deal with its ‘Netflix on Us’ scheme, it’s not the only player in the park. Other carriers, too, have realized the immense appeal of bundled entertainment and are stepping up their game.

  1. AT&T: This carrier offers free HBO to its unlimited data customers. AT&T also recently announced ‘WatchTV,’ a free streaming service for select AT&T customers, that includes over 30+ live channels.
  2. Sprint: Sprint offers a free Hulu Limited Commercials plan to its Unlimited Freedom customers, another enticing bundle that opens the door to a vast library of shows and movies.
  3. Verizon: Customers with Verizon’s ‘Play More’ or ‘Get More’ Unlimited Plans can enjoy a full year of Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu at no extra cost.

In the end, the best carrier for you will depend on your preferences. With all the free streaming options available, the world of entertainment is truly at your fingertips!

T Mobile Netflix Setup: Is it Worth the Money?

Before you run to get a Magenta MAX, there are a few caveats that you should consider. Magenta MAX starts at $85 per month. With this plan, you not only get Netflix free of charge, but you also get 12 months of free access to Paramount Plus. This plan also comes with six months of free Apple TV Plus subscription.

But, it’s 2023. There are so many streaming services and platforms that don’t require you to pay anything at all. So, is getting a T-Mobile Netflix Account worth the money? To answer this question, I explored how much Netflix costs usually. Netflix currently has four subscription tiers. Here’s how much these tiers cost per month:

 Netflix Basic (with ads)Netflix Basic (no ads)Netflix StandardNetflix Premium
Monthly Fees$6.99$9.99$15.49$19.99
Annual Fees$84$120$186$240
HD StreamingYesYesYesYes
Full-HD StreamingNoNoYesYes
Ultra-HD StreamingNoNoNoYes

As additional lines are added to Magenta Max, the cheaper the plan becomes. I’ve signed up for two lines of service which currently bring my cost down to $70 per month, per line. While that’s still expensive, the fact that I don’t have to pay an extra fee of $186 per month for Netflix Standard makes it worth the money.

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