7 Tools You Can Use to Improve and Streamline Your Video Making Process

Video making can seem like the most mysterious of all the content creation worlds. Even those who are good at it can struggle to get started or create something that looks professional. Luckily, there are a few tools that you can use to make things easier, and in many cases, they are free.

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Scriptwriting Tools

Scriptwriting tools can help you to write a script for your video. It’s important to have a strong story in mind before heading into production, as it makes everything go much more smoothly and helps you stay on track. Scriptwriting tools can also help organize your thoughts and create a storyboard for your video.

Auto Caption Generator

Auto caption generator is a tool that can be used to add captions to your videos. It works by reading the text in your video and converting it into a closed caption file, which you can then use as an overlay on your video. 

This can be done directly in Premiere Pro, or it can be done 

using Bigvu’s automatic captions video tool. The benefit of doing it this way is that you don’t have to go through each step of adding captions manually. You just need to make sure they look good once they’re applied! The caption generator has many benefits:

  • It’s fast and easy to use—if you’re planning on making more than one video with captions (which I highly recommend), this tool makes the whole process much simpler.
  • There are no subscription fees. You only pay once for its license fee and then get all future updates for free! This means that if there are any bugs or issues found after purchasing then there will always be someone available who knows how to fix them quickly so customers don’t have to wait long periods before receiving fixes/updates again (as seen with other programs such as Adobe After Effects).

Shoot Planning Tools

If you’re going to be making videos, you’ve got to plan. Planning is an essential part of the process, and it will give you several benefits.

Planning can help you avoid mistakes. When you plan your video shoot, it’s easier for all involved (you included) to anticipate what will happen during production. And predict how things can go wrong and prevent those problems from happening.

Planning helps save time: If everything has been planned out ahead of time, there are fewer surprises when shooting begins. The more prepared everyone is when they get on set or in front of their camera(s), the faster everything will move along without wasting precious minutes or hours while waiting for someone else’s decision.  

Planning ensures higher quality output: having a clear idea about what’s going into each project makes it easier for everyone involved with creating content. It can include yourself in making better decisions throughout production that result in higher quality end products (videos).

Video editing tools

As you can see, there are many options to choose from. The first step is to figure out what your needs are so that you can determine which platform will be the best fit for them. For example, suppose you’re just looking for basic editing tools such as trimming down clips and removing unwanted segments. In that case, most free YouTube editors will likely do the trick for you. 

Your video editing projects may require more advanced features like effects or transitions between clips. These programs may not be sufficient. You may need something more robust like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X (Mac only).

What’s great about this list is that all of these programs offer free trials so that anyone can test them out before purchasing them outright!

Video Hosting Platforms

A video hosting platform is a website that allows you to upload your videos and share them with the world. You can use these platforms to show off your latest YouTube cover song or post funny home videos of your dog being lazy. Still, they’re also great for sharing educational content.

There are many different types of video hosting platforms, such as:

Post-production Tools

You can use video editing software to cut your footage together and add transitions and effects for post-production. You can also use audio editing software to remove unwanted sounds or noises from an otherwise perfect encounter with nature. 

Audio mixing software is similar, instead of simply removing unwanted sounds from the mix. It allows you to change the volume of different parts of the recording so that one person’s voice isn’t overpowering another’s.

Another option is a video editing and audio mixing software with a timeline (or just “editing”). It has all of these functions built-in and lets you adjust things like color saturation, brightness levels, and other visual characteristics using sliders on its interface.

Finally, there are hybrids: video editing plus audio mixing programs. These allow users to set up their clips within a timeline and have built-in mixers for more advanced control over what they’re hearing while they work through their projects.

Good Resources for Video Making

You may not have the money to hire a professional video crew and editor. However, suppose you’re willing to put in some of your own time and effort. In that case, several tools can help take your videos from amateurish to professional-looking.


If you’re interested in creating video content but aren’t sure where to start, the tools above are a great way to get started. They can help you create high-quality videos that look professional and are fun to watch without needing any specialized equipment or experience. 

With some of the tools above, you don’t even need to know how to edit videos for your creative process to run smoothly! Of course, if you are interested in learning more about editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X, there are plenty of learning materials out there. Those will teach you everything from basic editing principles to advanced techniques Hollywood professionals use.

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