Why Does My Ring Camera Keep Going Offline?

This holiday season, millions of members of the global Ring community have one question on their minds: why does my Ring camera keep going offline? Ring doorbells are supposed to provide users security, convenience, & peace of mind. But, like all smart devices, these smart doorbell cameras could be better. 

From time to time, Ring cameras keep going offline. Users can’t access these security devices through the Ring app when this happens. The app shows that the camera is “offline,” even when end-users aren’t facing Internet connectivity issues. Why does this happen & can we fix this major glitch? Yes, we can. 

You’re not alone if you’re experiencing this Ring doorbell offline issue. Almost all Ring cameras go offline for no reason at some point. Several Ring customers on the Internet have complained about the same problem. Let’s try to understand why your Ring camera keeps going offline & what you can do to fix this glitch. 

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Why Does My Ring Indoor Camera Keep Going Offline?

From the layout of your house to hardware problems: there are many potential reasons why your Ring camera or Ring floodlight cam keeps going offline abruptly. Here are some of the most common reasons why this glitch occurs:

Wi-Fi Connection Problems

Your home’s Internet connection may be faulty. A faulty Internet connection can cause any smart device to go offline unexpectedly. That’s why, whenever my Ring camera keeps going offline, I first check my home’s Wi-Fi connection. 

Are all the lights on my router on? Is the router functioning as it should? These are the first questions I address when I face this issue. You should do the same. 

Check if your router is functional. If it isn’t, reset it by powering it on/off. Contact your internet service provider if that doesn’t fix your smart doorbell camera’s connectivity issues.

Power Surge

If you live in an old house with an outdated wiring system, your electronic devices may experience power surges. First, check whether your Ring camera’s power source is experiencing any interruptions. If it is, contact a professional electrician to fix this problem.

Wi-Fi Coverage Area

All Ring devices go offline when they’re placed outside Wi-Fi coverage areas. To ensure that’s not the case with your Ring device, place the device closer to your Wi-Fi router. This issue is especially common with people who use 5GHz routers.

That’s because despite being more efficient than 2.4GHz routers, 5GHz routers don’t offer higher coverage. So if you’re facing a similar problem, install your Ring doorbell as close to your router as possible. 

Faulty Battery

If your Ring Pro or Ring Chime keeps going offline consistently, it may have a faulty battery. Check your Ring app regularly to ensure that’s not the case. Don’t let notifications of low battery warnings go unchecked. If the battery is faulty, get it replaced.

Wi-Fi SSID Changes

Your internet service provider may upgrade their server systems and supply your Wi-Fi router with new channels featuring upgraded SSIDs. Unfortunately, your Ring camera may not be able to access these changes & as a result: experience connection issues.

If you think that’s the reason why your Ring camera keeps going offline, reset it to its factory settings. After the reset, your camera will adapt to the new, updated SSID settings on a fresh connection. It will be able to access all the new traffic tunnels as well.

To give your Ring camera a factory reset, take the following steps:

  • Take off the battery cover & locate the orange button on the device (it’s the same button you used to set the camera up).
  • Press and hold the orange button for 15-20 seconds. Stop pressing once the light starts flashing on the front side of the camera.
  • Wait for the camera to reset to factory settings. 

Once the factory reset process is complete, the bright light will turn off. You now have a Ring camera with no fixed settings. Hopefully, the camera will be able to establish a working connection with your home’s Wi-Fi network. 

Here’s a helpful video guide on giving Ring cameras factory resets. It may help you complete this step more smoothly:

These were some of the main reasons why your Ring camera keeps going offline. Some other common reasons include Wi-Fi password changes, temporary power loss, & low voltage in the camera. There’s also the possibility that Ring’s servers are down. 

So, before you apply any fixes, ask yourself: Is Ring offline? Visit https://status.ring.com/ to check if that’s the case. If Ring’s servers are down, all Ring devices will be offline. When such instances happen, you can only wait for the company to fix its servers.

Ring Camera Says Offline but Still Recording

Can a Ring camera say it’s offline but still record video footage? Yes. If your Ring device is showing that it’s offline but still recording footage, activate the live view feature in your Ring App. Ensure your mobile doesn’t have a VPN blocking the live stream from your camera. If the live view feature can’t be activated, give the device a factory reset. 

Troubleshoot Your Ring Camera: A Quick List

Here’s a list of all the troubleshooting techniques you should apply when your Ring device is offline:

  • Open the Ring app, click on the camera icon, and enter the ” Device Health option.” If this menu says that your device is ‘offline,’ you need to check if you have a working Internet connection. Check whether your internet connection is active & whether your router is working as it’s supposed to. 
  • Power cycle your router by unplugging it for a few minutes. Plug it back in to see if your Ring camera goes back online.
  • Check your camera’s internal battery health. If you think that its battery is damaged, get a replacement. 

If these steps don’t work, give your Ring camera a hard factory reset. Also, contact the Ring customer service team for more instructions. Hopefully, one of these troubleshooting techniques will work & you won’t have to call customer care.

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