25 Survival Gadgets You Never Want to Be Caught Without

It has been explained over and over again that zombie apocalypse is not scientifically plausible. However, in the spirit of prevention and preparation in case, some weird stuff happens in the future Large Hadron Colliders. Thus, we have run through our picks of tactical gear and picked the cool survival gadgets of the bunch for you. Enjoy!

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Best Survival Gadgets: Our Top Choice

Best Survival Kit

This EVERLit Trauma bag could look like just any other backpack on the first look. Still, the 250 different pieces inside agree otherwise. This is the best survival kit to have with you on every trip due to the barrage of options it brings to the carrier.

Inside this bag, you have everything from first aid kits to tactical survival emergency kits like a pocket card, glow stick, tactical knife, and more. Relatively lightweight for what it carries, this bag can come along on all your trips without being a hindrance of any kind.

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Brightest Camping Lantern

When camping in the woods, you need alternative sources of light since you’ll most likely be off the grid. To better meet such needs, this Camping Lantern is one of the brightest light sources you can have in the outdoors.

You’ll love how the lantern allows the shining of light in all directions with the main lamp developed into the body of the unit. Alternatively, the lantern can be used as a flashlight for dedicated, long-range visibility. On top of that, it also doubles as an emergency power bank with its big 4000mAh battery.

Besides the four lighting modes on the lamp, this cool survival tool also has a dedicated SOS (red light) mode, which can help you to locate help in the woods when you need it.

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Mylar Thermal Blanket

The outdoors can get cold fast, and you don’t want to be caught in the crosshairs of such dropping temperatures. Even if you were inside of your tent, this Mylar Thermal Blanket helps you retain as much as 90% of your body heat, keeping you warm throughout the night – or day, as the case may be.

The waterproof design of the blankets makes them highly suitable for the outdoors and varying levels of atmospheric moisture levels. Completed with high-quality fabric and materials, this pack of blankets is built to last to the max.

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Ultrabright headlamp

This one by Vont is a life-savior for a quick walk in the woods and hiking trips, even in some extreme conditions since the headlamp is waterproof. Another thing I love about it is the fact it’s extremely comfortable. Not only it has adjustable straps, but it also features a 45° ergonomic tilt so that you can light up whatever you want to see in the dark without the need of bending your neck at the weirdest angle. It comes with 7 (!) different light modes and up to 90 hours of battery life. It’s super bright (200 lumens – one of the brightest in the category), and you get a pack of two for a very reasonable price. What’s not to like?

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Pocket Survival Kit

How would you like to have every other thing you need in your pocket? That is what the Limitless Equipment Mark 1 Survival Kit makes possible. Seeing all that comes in this box, it is surprising to note that it still fits in your pocket and can be carried anywhere.

Waterproof paper, scalpel, stewing kit, wire steel saw for cutting wood and emergency whistles/ fire strikes, etc. There is almost nothing you are looking for that won’t be found here. Interestingly, the box is also designed to be functional enough for boiling water, cooking, digging and such other activities.

Check out the list of about 40 items that comes with each of these boxes and marvel at the clinical, military finishing it has.

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Camping survival tools

Camping Stove

Food is one of the basic needs of man, so it’s little wonder why our top pick for a camping survival tool is this portable camping stove.

As the name implies, you can be sure that the first thing to draw our attention to this unit is the portability. Beyond that, we also love how the design ensures you can carry all the pots and pans needed for cooking in the body of the stove.

The stove is designed in a way that you can get your cooking done without weather interference – even in the wind or rain. You don’t have to worry about carrying any fuel either. The stove is optimized to work with just about anything – from charcoal and wood branches to dry alcohol.

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All-in-One Outdoor Backpack

Featuring large capacity of up to 64 liters, this all-in-one backpack will swallow all your devices including but not limited to laptop, tablets, phones, books, and all the charging devices securely.

Verdict: if you intend to carry some notebooks and pencils, get a smaller bag. This is an all-in-one container for all your devices and a big bottle of water for completely losing yourself in the jungle or mountains.

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Folding Pocket Knife 

Equipped with a stainless steel blade and 13 more tools, you barely need to carry any other hand tool. It even has a built-in LED flashlight.

Verdict: it is neither Victorinox nor Wenger indeed, but it is pretty close to that. You can play MacGyver and no one will notice that you have a different type of knife.

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SOS Personal Alarm 

An alarm is handy in all emergency situations regardless of where you are and what you do. SOS Personal Alarm is small and lightweight, yet it can produce 120 decibel sound (ambulance-level).

Verdict: all you have to do is pull the pin and the alarm will go off for about 30 minutes. It is also useful to scare away a bear or two.

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Folding Knife Clip Point Blade 

The blade is made of carbon stainless steel. The handle is designed for both left-handed and right-handed people. It is manufactured by the same company that makes Smith and Wesson Knives.

Verdict: despite its small form factor, this is not a toy. There is a locking mechanism to prevent the blade from popping out in your pants.

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Survival Multifunction Key Chain Tool 

Instead of folding the tools inside a handle, this outdoor survival tool is in a hexagonal shape with easy access to all tools. It has a bottle opener, hex wrenches, and more.

Verdict: this thing is so small, and the bottle opener is a bit difficult to use. It is still a good introduction to multifunction knife for kids.

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Waterproof Cash Capsule

It is a hollow tube keychain in which you can store two or three US bills. This cash capsule is made of aircraft-grade aluminum material. It is also waterproofed to keep your money dry.

Verdict: you can use it for other things too such as medicines or matches.

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Dog Tag Folding Knife 

A small blade can go a long way in ann emergency situation. This folding knife has a blade made of chisel-ground CPM S30V and a handle made of titanium. Blade length is about 1.2-inch.

Verdict: it is so small that you can almost call it cute. The knife is quite fancy enough to go with an expensive purse, too.

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Hand Warmer by Zippo 

Ready-made hand warmer is always easier to use than making a fire in the middle of a snowy jungle. Zippo Hand Warmer is an easy elegant way to prevent your hand from freezing when you are fishing during winter.

Verdict: you can even put the hand warmer inside your shirt pockets in case you forget to bring a jacket. It is easy to use and can produce warmth for about 12 hours between refills.

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LifeStraw Personal Water Filter 

A personal and portable water filter is must-have gear for outdoor adventures. LifeStraw features a filter that keeps anything down to 0.2 microns away from your throat.

Verdict: a single filter can filter up to 1000 liters of contaminated water and change it to healthy water. No one should forget to carry water on a hike, but it is good to have a contingency plan.

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Solar Powered Rechargeable Flashlight 

Solar power is the future. This flashlight comes equipped with built-in rechargeable battery and cranking mechanism. Crank for 6 minute to produce electricity for an hour of lighting.

Verdict: with just about 5 – 15 lumens, the flashlight is good for indoor use. Crank it up and you don’t have to be afraid of the monster under the bed.

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Camping Cookware Mess Kit Backpacking Gear 

You can probably conquer the highest hills in your backyard, but you still have to cook for dinner when camping. The camping cookware features FDA-approved non-toxic anodized aluminum material and it includes 10 pieces of cooking/dining utensils.

Verdict: pots and bowls are good quality, albeit small. They are big enough to contain a meal for a child, so your kid can still enjoy convenient dinner outdoor.

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Water Tablets 

A bottle of Potable Aqua contains 50 tablets to neutralize contaminated water and make it safe for drinking. Two tablets can deactivate bacteria in a quart of water. Best used when the water has been strained through a piece of cloth to remove debris.

Verdict: it takes about 30 minutes before the tablets have any effect on the water. You can use more tablets than the recommended amount to be sure that the water is drinkable.

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Portable LED Light Bulb 

With a maximum output of 150 lumens, this portable LED bulb can bring light to an entire campsite. It has a dimmer feature to conserve battery life too.

Verdict: a package contains 2 bulbs. They are useful for hiking or fishing especially if you are afraid of the dark, in which case, you should not go hiking or fishing at night.

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Snake Bite Kit 

Package contents three high suction cups (two large cups and one small cup), scalpel, lymph constrictor, as well as an antiseptic swab. The instruction manual is provided.

Verdict: this product is called Snake Bite Kit but it does not make you a doctor in an instant. In actual snake bite case, you don’t want to use your DIY skills for the treatment. Ask a professional to use the kit to treat you.

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A set of Cool Survival Gadgets – 30 Pieces 

Survival gadgets are not always hi-tech. Sometimes you only need simple things such as compass, knife, whistle, paracord, carabiner, fishing gear, bobbers, and more. This package has you covered.

Verdict: it does contain a lot of things, but all of them are quite difficult to access. If you can spend 15 minutes unraveling the cords, this kit is probably good for you.

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5-Day Survival Backpack 

In the event of natural disasters, this 5-day survival backpack can keep you full of energy to find ways to the refugee camp. It contains 32 meals in totals including milk.

Verdict: with 20 meals and 12 servings of whey milk, you should be able to survive for several days or more in the wilderness. Of course, you can also learn how to fish before you run out of milk.

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Outdoor survival gadgets 

Storm Headlamp

As functional as a regular lamp would be for visibility in a storm, they also keep one of your hands busy. This can be a problem – one which is effectively tacked by this storm headlamp.

This gadget comes with eight different lighting options, featuring a waterproof design and night vision mode to match. The lamp is equipped to be used underwater for as much as 30 minutes (up till about 1 meter deep), further underlining its importance for weathering storms, so to speak.

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Other useful survival tools

Tact Bivvy Emergency Sleeping Bag

Without the right kit, outdoor sleeping can get dangerous. From being prone to elements of the weather to getting attacked by bugs and other small animals, the possibilities are all scary.

Using this Emergency Sleeping Bag improves the situation, creating a waterproof and dustproof protection cover for its occupant throughout their sleeping time. The bag is surprisingly lightweight for the kind of weight it supports, better helping its case in terms of portability.

With a bright, reflective yellow color to match, this survival gadget is also designed for easy sighting in emergencies.

 Check more reviews and the latest price here.

Cool Survival Kit

Lanqi survival kit features a total of sixteen (16) tools and remains inconspicuous till it’s needed.

Inside every pack is everything ranging from flashlights, woodcutter, emergency blanket, flint (with a striker), water bottle clip, and carabiner to a whistle.

This wide variety of carefully selected cool tools can put the confidence back in your mind. Even when you are going on the most challenging camping/ hiking adventures.

With the kit, you are prepared for an array of situations you might come across. Literally any, from bear attack to aliens invasion. That’s not to mention how cool it would make you at your party of campers.

Check more reviews and the latest price here.

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High tech survival gear

Ultraviolet Water Filter

If you are doing outdoor things often, can you answer one question?

How many times your supply of water was depleted right when the fun was about to begin? 

Of course, there could be water bodies around – but there is no filtration system for them.

Right until you get the CrazyCap Deep UV Water Filter out of your bag, that is.

I find this filter to be amongst the coolest survival gadgets. It can be screwed onto the heads of most water bottle types, delivering instant clean water when passed through its UV filtration system. Due to the absence of a physical filter, this FDA-certified unit also lasts more than the conventional devices of that kind – requiring lesser maintenance too.

Check more reviews and the latest price here.

Whether or not you care about styles, those survival gadgets can help you go through the difficult days of hunting and scavenging in the wild. Although some of them work better for a picnic than a mountain hike, they are at least functional and affordable.

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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