Cool Tactical Gear: Top 5 to Bring on Your Next Adventure

When the term ‘tactical gear’ comes up, many people tend to think only the military folks can have all the fun. Well, that is if tactical gears are not specially designed to make your life easier – especially when going outdoors.
Here are some of the cool tactical gadgets you should totally add to your collection today (even if you are just a normal guy enjoying doings things outdoor).

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Solar Inflatable Lantern

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A lot of thought goes into basic human needs being food, clothing, and shelter. Still, almost no consideration is given to the importance of light in our day to day activities. Whether you will be going camping, hiking, or working in confined spaces, light is something that you need.

Why we love this lantern, in particular, is because of its mode of operation – from top to bottom.

For one, you can quickly pack when using this solar lantern since it is inflatable. The entire setup inflates to give a totally transparent luminous structure. Besides that, this device can be recharged using solar energy, so you don’t have to worry about being off-grid or running out of batteries.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this waterproof unit is that it also serves as a power bank for your phone and other devices. So those will never run out of juice.

Complete with adjustable straps for easy carriage, this is one of the coolest tactical gear you can own in the lightning department.


Lantern is solar rechargeable, and ships with a 4-level battery charge indicator
Offers an additional outlet for reverse-charging phones and other USB-supported accessories
Waterproof shell improves outdoor functionality


The unit might lose its brightness very fast
Doesn’t charge ALL the phone models
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Folding Camp Stove

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as of March 7, 2023 4:59 am

When you are packing for the outdoors – no matter why you need to do so – the goal is always to pack light while ensuring you got all the essentials at the same time. With food being one of the most serious considerations to be made, this folding camp stove fits perfectly into your plans and luggage at the same time.

Each unit supports basically any fuel you can find in the outdoors. This means anything from twigs, wood chips, and dry branches to charcoal will get your food cooked. Thus, you don’t even have to worry about carrying extra fuel with you.

The folding stove also comes with a carrying bag. At about 26lbs, it’s a little weighty, but that’s not anything to give you serious concern.

Finally, we have to comment on the versatility of this gadget.

It allows for almost all kinds of cooking operations – frying, simmering, barbecuing, and even baking, besides traditional cooking. With the capacity to serve up to 10 people from one cooked meal, it is the ideal outdoors companion for small groups of such sizes.


The choice of dry fuel makes it highly suitable for the outdoors
Stove material is high-grade aluminum steel, promising reliability at its best
Portability is guaranteed


Legs may get wobbly quite quickly
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Multi-Tool Bracelet

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as of March 7, 2023 4:59 am

Most of us have heard of the swiss army knife before, especially the fact that it has almost everything you can ask for. However, that is not something that you could always remember to take on a trip with you. That makes this Multi-Tool bracelet a must-have for anyone looking to be ready for anything that comes their way.

It’s easy to lug around. You can even use it to make a fashion statement when you are not busy looking for a tool to solve a problem. When the time does come for the tools to work, though, you have a slew to choose from.

From the various box wrenches, hex wrench and their drives, oxygen tank wrench, cutting hook, and carbide glass breaker to the sim card pick. There is almost nothing you won’t find on this bracelet.

Featuring a total of 29 tools in all, you are almost always covered in case of emergency.


Aesthetically pleasing and highly functional
29 different tools provide a lot of options for any situations
Allows removal of unnecessary tools


The bracelet might be too heavy for some people
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Portable Campfire

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How would you like to carry fire in your pockets and not get burned? That would be cool, right? Well, that’s just what this piece brings to the table.

Weighing just 4lbs, you won’t even know you were packing anything. It’s totally worth it, though, seeing as a single tin could burn for 3 – 5 hours at once. The fire is also strong enough to provide warmth to people around it – as well as roast marshmallows.

The environment is also safer when you use this portable campfire. On the one hand, it was designed with totally recycled items. On the other hand, the fire does not leave any soot behind. Neither does it give off a smoky smell characteristic of wood fires.

Instead of having to go in search of dry logs when camping, this makes the experience much better.


Portable campfire is made from recycled soy wax
Easy to light, reusable
Burns on end for about 3 – 5 hours with an intense flame


Users have complained of smoke and soot on use
Might not last up to 3 hours in certain conditions
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Tactical Pen

Edward Bulwer-Lytton once famously mentioned that these pens can be mightier than the sword. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, this multifunctional tactical pen combines several useful survival items into a single package.

Like any ordinary pen, this one by Atomic Bear allows you to jot down notes, draw pictures, or fill in forms. But unlike most pens, it writes just as well in dry conditions as it does in the pouring rain or in sub-zero temperatures. Coupled with the non-aggressive appearance, it is an excellent everyday writing instrument and the pen of choice for many firefighters, police officers, and military personnel.

The tip is made from heat-resistant steel containing tungsten. When repeatedly struck against hard objects, it doesn’t dent or break. Because the tip directs all impact force to a small area, even weak or injured people should be able to easily shatter the glass windows of a car in case of an accident.

Unscrew the pen in half, and you’ll expose a razor-sharp stainless steel blade for cutting seat belts, rope, or preparing firewood. While small, the curved edge of the blade makes it precise and effective. It’s perfect as a backup blade or as an inconspicuous EDC (everyday carry) knife.

The top side of this tactical pen houses a bright LED. The LED can be activated with a press of a button. At 130 lumens, it’s almost as bright as a powerful incandescent bulb. If you can imagine what it would be like to have a lightbulb in your tent or car, you can imagine how bright this pen is. If not, turn off the light in your bathroom and activate the LED light on your smartphone. The chances are that it will be similar in brightens to the pen—although much less practical.

The pen weighs 3.2 ounces and it’s the same length as any regular ink pen. Its matte black finish doesn’t attract unwanted attention. Neither does the streamlined body.

Many tactical pens try to look as frightening as possible, making them seem more like dangerous weapons than pieces of cool tactical gear.

Should you ever need to use it in a defense situation, you definitely don’t want to be in a position where you would have to explain to a judge why you carry with you something clearly made to take lives, not save them. And this pen definitely does the trick.

Although fingers crossed you won’t be in those situations at all.


Solidly built with good heft
A handful of tactical tools from a glass breaker to a crazy powerful flashlight
The cap won’t accidentally fall off
Writes well as a pen 
Easily fits your hand so won’t be noticeable when using it for defensive purposes
Comes with 3 black refills and 4 battery packs


May not fit smaller hands well
Unscrewing the cap for writing is a bit of a hassle
Lot’s of competitors selling the fake version of this tool stain the product’s reputation

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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