Can I Control My Non-Smart Tv With My Phone?  

Non-smart TVs are still available even as smart TVs flood the entertainment market. It is straightforward to manage some functions with your phone on a smart TV but can you do it with a non-smart TV? This article will show you how you can control a non-smart Television with a phone. 

You will need to download an app or buy physical hardware to use your smartphone as a remote control for your non-smart TV. However, this is only possible if your phone has an IR (infrared) blaster. Alternatively, you can purchase a separate IR blaster if your phone doesn’t have the option. In other words, your phone will help you replace the obsolete, battery-devouring remote control on your non-smart TV. 

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Apps to connect a phone to non-smart TV

There are apps for both Android and iPhone that will facilitate the connection between your smartphone and non-smart TV. However, you may need to purchase additional hardware if you use an iPhone. 


This is a top-rated app on Google Play Store with more than 5 million downloads. It will help you control your non-smart TV with your Android phone. Fortunately, most Android mobile devices have inbuilt infrared (IR) blaster. So besides your TV, this app will also enable you to control any other device with IR signals like your set-top box, DVD player, etc. 

Lean remote 

This is a universal remote control available on Google Play Store. It has IR capability that will enable you to control your non-smart TV and other devices like cable boxes, DVD layer, Chromecast, Roku, etc. In fact, it can allow you to switch sources and access the menu on certain Televisions. 

Twinone universal remote 

Twinone is the easiest-to-use universal remote control on Google Play Store. It has a simple-to-understand and control interface, allowing you to control any device with infrared with ease. Just open the app and choose the device you want to control and the remote. In addition, there are various buttons on the user interface to manage your non-smart TV with your phone. 

Hardware devices 

You may need various hardware devices to use the above apps to control your non-smart Television. 

IR blaster dongle 

Unfortunately, iPhones don’t have an inbuilt IR blaster like some Android devices. You will need to purchase an additional hardware device to control a non-smart TV. Thankfully, you can plug in an IR blaster dongle on your phone’s jack port to enjoy the functionality. 

The problem is that the latest iPhones lack a jack port, so you have to buy a lightning adapter. Also, Apple devices are not compatible with third-party products. So, ensure the IR blaster dongle works well with your phone before purchasing. 

Baoblaze IR remote control 

This is an IR adapter exclusive for Android devices. It is compatible with Zaza universal remote control and will help you control your non-smart TV with your phone. What’s more, it has an IR distance of 10 meters, which will come in handy in a large room. 

MoesGo Wi-Fi IR control hub 

This popular wireless IR hub works well with Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices. It will bring together all the compatible IR devices, enabling you to control them easily. Of course, the best part is the possibility of using your Google Home or Amazon Alexa device to control your non-smart TV with voice commands. 

What else can these apps and devices do?

The benefit of a universal remote control app, adapter, or hub is that you can control other devices as long as they have IR. This can include surround sound systems, Blu-ray players, and air conditioners, just to name a few. 

This means that your phone can become a hub to control many devices, eliminating the need for many remote controls in your house. In fact, newer phones come with voice commands and air gestures. So, even if you don’t have a smart TV, a smartphone with IR capability will help convert your home to a smart home. 

Wrap up 

As you can see above, it is straightforward to control your non-smart TV with your smartphone. All you need to do is download a universal remote control app on your phone. However, you can purchase an adapter if your phone does not support IR. 

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