Cool Cheap Gadgets That Will Make Your Life *So* Much Easier

Ever seen a friend with a really cool gadget which, surprisingly, wasn’t just aesthetics but also happened to be *very* useful. And you thought to yourself, I didn’t even know this thing existed! Well, we’re here to make your friend feel the same next time they see you!

Read along as we break down our list of the awesome cheap gadgets to buy right now (and the list is continuously updating).

Cool cheapest tech

Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

You know those times when your desktop looks like a whole crime scene of its own – and you’re too lazy to clean up the mess. Guess what – your boss is about to pass through your working space. And you’re going to be blushing with embarrassment! 

With this desktop vacuum cleaner – you can quickly clean up the mess on your desktop, office desk, and car with the press of a button! This is a cordless, portable vacuum that allows quick, efficient cleaning. Just perfect for grabbing all the dust off the table.

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 The coolest slightly more expensive gadgets

Wireless Key Finder

You place the keys on the kitchen table, happy to be back home after a tiring day at work. The next two hours are spent looking for the keys inside your car. You’ve had this problem all your life – and your marriage might just have broken because of this habit. Esky Key Finder to the rescue!

If you’re one of those people who drives everyone *crazy* with their forgetfulness – all you have to do is attach Esky’s small, slim receivers to all your items like keys, wallets, bags, etc.

Esky Key Finder rings an alert reminder through the remote control to instantly lead you to your lost item. It offers a range of 100 ft. The radiofrequency will penetrate through doors, cushions, and walls to find the lost item up to 165 ft. away (in open space). Overall, this little device is the ultimate time and stress saver.

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Useful Inexpensive Gadgets

Tent Lantern

Remember the times we had to carry those ugly torch lights to every camping trip – and they’d run out of power halfway through the night? Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore!

With this  LED Rechargeable Tent Lantern toy can light up your space in the best way possible. What’s more – it can also be used as a power bank to charge handheld devices like smartphones. With a capacity of 5200 mAh, you can use this super lantern to charge your mobile phones up to 2 times from 0% charge. A lotta light in a little package. Talk about a lifesaver!

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Headphone splitter

Next on our cool cheap gadgets list is this splitter. Out of all the inventions branch, headphone splitter has saved us the most. It’s the easiest way to share your playlist with your friends; it provides you up to three to four connections for earphones.

Let’s say you are traveling with your friends. And its a very long transatlantic flight with a minimal selection of movies onboard. This little thing can be a lifesaver if you want to share the joy of a really good movie stored on your laptop. And that ‘t only one use case.

Queuing somewhere unpleasant? Headphone splitter! Got a colleague over to prepare a report for work based on someone’s video presentation but can’t watch it at the loud volume? Headphone splitter… well, you’ve got the picture.

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Awesome Cheap Gadgets

Alkaline Water Bottle

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. We’ve heard it from all the health gurus. We’ve heard about it from those Instagram models. Now that you’ve decided to follow this great advice and actually try to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day – consider this!

Why not have a water bottle that remineralizes your drink by adding calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, selenium, iodine, lithium, and other minerals and trace elements.

 And also removes chlorine, fluoride chloramine, and heavy metals from your beverage? 

This portable bottle offers all these features. And there’s no reason you shouldn’t cop one for yourself!

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Wooden headphones (with noise-isolating capabilities)

 These are great, in-ear noise-isolating, good value wooden headphones. People at workplaces are buying it so they won’t be bugged by the noise of everyone chatting around (and also look pretty awesome). And you can definitely use them on the airplane all the time, and by their form, they do cut out a lot of noise. 

Sound quality is excellent, and the price is ridiculously low for the value you get.

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 Coolest Affordable Tech

Byron Statics Record Player 

We get it. It’s the age of smartphones and Spotify. Not everyone will want to blast Cardi B on a vinyl player out of a 1960s movie. Some of us, however, are nostalgic for the times when music was more of a shared experience and actually involved a rotating CD with high-quality sound. Let’s find something that works for both parties!

What if you had a Byron Statics moving music box that was the perfect combination of modern and retro – one that also makes for a perfect romantic gift for your loved one!

This one  is a durable, lightweight PU leather case with silver fastener and white interior. It will stop playing once it reaches the end of a record. Just like the old days and so cheap!! 

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