Best Gifts for Artists: Digital, Sketch, Painters, & More

It is often said that artists see the world through a different lens than the rest of us. If that is true, picking the perfect gifts for artists could genuinely be something of a headache.

We know how challenging that can be – so we have curated some of the best picks you can get your creative loved ones.

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Gift Ideas for creative people

Creativity book 

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A book can help your creative friend get better, but not just any book. Fortunately, the Creativity Challenge book from Tanner Christensen is not just any book, either.

This book especially stands out for the practical approach it takes to teaching, offering about 150 different creative challenges. That is sure to keep your creative friends engaged, give them some fun, and make them better at the end of the reading journey.

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Gift for art lovers

Forensic art book

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Forensic art is one of the most exciting art forms – and you don’t have to be a full-blown artist to appreciate it yourself. It’s also becoming more important in identifying crime perpetrators and solving these crimes.

That’s why Karen Taylor takes one of the most exhaustive approaches to the subject in her Forensic Arts and Illustration book.

She has been teaching this same subject in top law enforcement schools and agencies for years now. So this book has been adjudged one of the best, piecemeal deliveries on the topic ever.

If there was ever a way to get your loved ones started on forensic arts – or make them appreciate it even more – we believe this is it.

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Gifts for young artists

Large drawing set

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For the young artist, what they need at this stage of their journey is all the support they can get. Gifting them, an XL Drawing set from Norberg & Linden is just the right way to make that happen.

This drawing set contains all they can ever need to launch their process or make an existing one even better. It includes everything from 100 drawing sheet pads, high-quality HB pencils in different grades, sandpaper block to graphite charcoal sticks. So it is the perfect companion for any young artist.

Perhaps the best thing about this kit is the portability, allowing your young artist to work on-the-go since they can take this with them anywhere.

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Gifts for artistic girls

Van Gogh scarf

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Artists are usually simple people at heart, so they will not take to things which might be too loud about their personality. However, that is unlike this Van Gogh and Claude Monet’s painting scarf, which goes with just about any outfit for your artistic girlfriends.

The scarves are much worth the price, not too thin and designed with high color intensity.

Perhaps the first thing your artistic girlfriend will look at in the scarf is the painting itself. –And we can assure you that it has been recreated with close attention to detail. On top of that, it comes in different color types so you can better match the recipient’s personality and probably wardrobe better.

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Gift ideas for digital artists

Drawing tablet 

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Digital artists need new age, technology-based gadgets to ply their trade. That is more reason why they will appreciate your getting them a Graphics Drawing tablet to make their work even easier and faster.

This unit comes with a high pressure-sensitive board, helping your digital friend make the most out of the lines, shapes, contours, and shadings.

The tablet also features a touchpad with four customizable buttons, allowing for easy access to the most used features on the board.

Lest we forget, the large 10 x 6-inch work area is more than most tablets offer anyways. It also comes with a battery-free pen. So the recipient is guaranteed unlimited play on the tablet without having to worry about stopping for charging.

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Gifts for artists who paint

Art supply box

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Do you have the next Van Gogh on your hands? Getting a full box of art supplies with an easel to aid hosting up their canvases just makes sense.

An ideal choice will be a tabletop easel. This one by US Art Supply doesn’t take to much space and brings extra to the table, so to speak.

With support for custom canvas sizes, the tabletop easel also features a drawer in the overall design.

That ensures painting and drawing materials can always be kept at arm’s length, further streamlining the artistic process for the user. It also comes with the pallets, brushes, acrylic paints and much more. Amazing set!

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What to give people who like to draw?

How to draw cool stuff 

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People who like to draw have a lot of things going into their trade. Form basic image placement to use of space, shading, texturing, and so much, a single mistake on any of the parts could ruin the entire work.

Fortunately, they can learn about all of that to improve their craft when they have solutions like How to Draw Cool Stuff from Catherine Holmes.

The book details all an artist needs to know about drawing, even if they have never drawn before. This book takes a holistic approach to all parts of a drawing. And also teaches all the concepts in an easy-to-follow manner. But it not only works for drawing newbies. It will be a delightful treat for anyone willing to draw more cool stuff. 

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Gift options for art students

Art shirt

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If you have been considering something for a particular art student, you can never go wrong with the Renaissance Ninja Artists Shirts

The first thing that becomes obvious about this shirt is the quality of the print, high grade of material used in making the shirt itself, and overall fit.

Of course, that’s only second to the faces of four of the greatest artists to have lived – Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo – gracing the front of the shirt.

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Gifts for animators

Totoro coat hooks

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Animators are artists too, and they deserve a present as cool as the CoolPlus Coat Hooks. Creations of Studio Ghibli are sort of a baseline of amination genius. So you can be almost sure that your animator friend is a big fan of Hayao Miyazaki. And Totoro, of course, is one of the most loved manga characters ever created. 

These coat hooks can be chosen in almost endless forms, designs, and color options. They are also as gentle as can be, never drawing attention to themselves until it is time to become functional.

These animations on walls create a kind of mood on their own, complementing the home décor while not just taking up space either.

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Gifts for sketch artists

Sketch pads

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There is no better present for a sketch artist than sketch pads – one of the most essential tools for their trade. However, not just any sketch paper will do, and that is why we have chosen the Strathmore Series 400 sketch pads.

This item is made from heavyweight papers. And it supports a wide variety of medium – from charcoals and sketching sticks to soft pastels.

It also features superior sheet formation and lightly harder surfaces, which are all things that an advanced sketch artist will very much appreciate.

With a durable build and design to match, these sketch pads can always be brought on the move.

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