Best Gifts for Police Officers: for Newbies, Rookies, Graduates, and More

Police officers deserve all the love and care they can get from us. They are putting their lives on the line for us every day. According to Statista there were 697,195 law enforcement officers in 2020. And 403 of them died trying to do their duty. So choosing the great gift to celebrate a police officer is the least we can do.

If you have also been thinking along the lines of this, here are some awesome gifts for police officers you can also consider picking from.

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Gifts for new police officers

Waterproof notepad

Cops have to write down a lot of things – from notes, they take at crime scenes to number plate details and as well, other essential observations which they feel need jotting down.

Something as simple as writing can get tedious if it is to be done under, say, conditions of rain. That makes this Waterproof notepad an essential to make sure they can keep writing, even in the rain.

Made from materials which resist tear, can flip quickly even when wet and a pen that writes upside down, you make note-taking for those new officers a breeze.

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Custom police awards

The police is a noble profession. And our fellow policemen are not always rewarded enough for their bravery. If you feel that’s the case for someone you know maybe it makes sense to give this person these custom police challenge coins as souvenirs and rewards.

They can be used to celebrate an important event, a career change, professional achievement, progress on a case, etc. It can be bought in bulk and that way you can customize these personalized double-sided coins to reward a bunch of outstanding police officers. That’s quite a unique and special gift! 

Law Enforcement Gift Ideas

BPA-Free Water bottle 

Whether working the beat, chasing down a lead, or just ensuring that law and order are kept in a particular locale, law enforcement agents are usually at the heart of the action. They can get so carried away by this that they fail to remember staying hydrated.

That should not be, especially when you can get them a BPA-Free Water bottle like this to make their days more pleasurable.

The bottle, made from BPA-free material to protect the health, also comes with a finger-carriage system. This beats the normal hand-carrying mode of most bottles, which renders one hand unusable.

Since this bottle also comes with an ice chug, to enjoy the most refreshing water, this bottle is as functional as it can be.

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Tactical Gifts for Cops

Tactical pen

Cops face a lot of dangers every day they send in the office, and the next one might just be lurking around the corner. That means they might not always be prepared with self-defense tools, making the addition of an inconspicuous tactical pen like this just brilliant.

This tactical gear packs enough power to smash a car window or launch an assault on a criminal in the least time possible. This cool gadget is also discreet enough to be carried around like a regular piece of stationery while also not sticking out so much that it draws any attention to itself.

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Gifts for Police Officer Boyfriend

Policeman Apron

Want to show your police officer boyfriend how much you care about them? You will love what a gift as thoughtful as this apron brings to the table.

This policeman apron also comes with small additions (like the identifying police embroidery), which spells the profession of your boyfriend to the world. There is no better way to handle the weekend party grill while still showing the neighbors who is in charge, don’t you think?

On top of that, the apron is made of high-quality, stain-free material which can easily be machine washed after every cooking.

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Police Detective Gifts

Police badge wallet

Police detectives always have to be mobile. At the same time, they have a better chance of getting what they want when they flash their badges. But they can’t always have it around their necks for security and detective purposes too.

Thus, they will be most appreciative of a fantastic police badge wallet, like this.

This particular pick has been designed to hold any size and type of badge comfortably, featuring extra pockets for holding cards and such other valuables. They can even have a small notebook and pen here, aiding the detective in taking instant notes on getting to any crime scene.

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Cool Police Gifts

Bullet shot glass

If you intend to make your present the most talked about in the office, while also making your police officer loved one look cool too, you can’t go wrong with this bullet shot glass.

The glass might be made for shots, but it is also ironic that it has been shot with a real bullet too. Or has it?

Carefully crafted with a real bullet, the glass is suitable for taking anything. From whiskey sips in the after-hours to coffee gulping while on the job, they are the ideal drinking companion for your friend.

And oh, you don’t have to worry about the real bullet used in the making. After all, you are getting it for a police officer.

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Funny police gifts

Donut mug

The law enforcement business is a serious business. So it may be worth it to give a police officer something funny to lighten up their mood. And that of their co-workers too.

That’s what you get with this mug, offering a two in one breakfast or lunch experience while also being comical in its form.

This present is perfect because of how functional it can be as either an actual mug/ donut holder or just a tabletop piece in the office. Crafted from high-quality, easy to clean ceramic materials, this novelty item is a practical joke that won’t be lost on even the most serious of cops.

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Gifts for retiring police officer

Personalized policemen board

After long years of serving to combat crime and making the world a better place, every police officer deserves just the absolute best for their service. You can always show how much you appreciate what they have done by gifting them a simple but very personal present. 

The best thing about this present is not the fact that it comes with the American flag to denote your appreciation of their service to the country but also features their name. Maybe you are not a constituted authority. But this piece is more like giving a personal medal of recognition for all the past sacrifices.

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Gifts for Police Academy graduates

Mini donut maker

With a lot of years in front of them, considering something that would mark a unique start of their journey in the force is just apt. That is why we recommend buying this mini donut maker for them.

After all, if they would get into the cop stereotype of coffees and doughnut, you might as well be the one to usher them into it.

Ideally, this present can be taken to the office since it makes a total of 12 doughnuts on every try. Way to endear the recruit to their superiors faster.

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