9 Fantabulous 80s Gifts Ideas: Gems from Casio, Nintendo, & More

Neon tights, aerobic workouts, mullets, scrunchies, The Breakfast Club, Madonna, and oversized blazers. This is the 80’s, loud, crazy, and colorful. The decade of spunky, upbeat music and high, messy hair. They were radiant times, and we are truly seeing a comeback of this style today.

Even recent hits, shows like Stranger Things, GLOW the Goldbergs are set in the 80s. And we can’t seem to get enough of it. So, if you know someone who has a slight obsession with this period, I have some cool 80s gifts idea to share. 

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Retro roller skates

What do we do with our friends today? Go to the club or bar, watch a movie, play video games (for guys), or simply hang out at home but stay on our smartphones. How boring. What did they do in the 80s? Roller skate, of course! If you’re looking for a quirky, colorful gift for a nostalgic friend or family member, then these skates is that perfect 80s pop culture gift. The bright pink wheels and laces totally define the 80s. It’s a fun way of getting around town and meeting friends. Plus, it’s an excellent way to incorporate some sport in anyone’s routine too. 

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Wooden victrola 

Michael Jackson, Madonna, Cindy Lauper, David Bowie, Prince, or U2. These are just a few examples of amazing artists that defined the 80s. If you, or your friends, are ones to listen to music from previous decades, then this retro gadget from the 80s will definitely spark some joy. The victrola retro radio and speaker can be connected using Bluetooth and a traditional AM/FM tuner! Imagine having this in your home while entertaining guests. It’s different, eye-catching, and a conversation starter. What better way to listen to older music than with a retro speaker. A classic, wooden design.

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Handheld game console

This next 80s gift idea is perfect for the kid at heart and the gamers. Today, we have Fortnite and Call of Duty, which is played for hours at home, with the internet connection. But back in the day, gamers used to carry their own portable game console around with them. But just because it’s a game from the past doesn’t mean you can’t buy it today! This handheld console is the ideal 80s gift for him. It contains 400 super classic games, easily portable, and can even connect it to a TV. These are simple, arcade-style games that are sure to make you feel nostalgic.

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Retro emulation console

If the Handheld Game Console isn’t enough for you to give as a gift, this cool 80s gift may satisfy your expectations. With 135,000+ games available, a fully loaded retro gaming console comes with two controllers and 50+ consoles in one device. You can easily plug and play it anywhere you would like and even sync it via Bluetooth. So there are lots of classic games that are no longer readily available in the current market. This is sure to gather your friends if they need to feel like a kid all over again!

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Retro wall phone

Back in the day, before our portable smartphones, our phones used to hang on our walls. Shocking, right?! But really, this sort of product would be the ultimate gift for people who admire the 80s and like to have unique items in their household. This phone achieves that vintage look with its rotary dial plate. It is, however, push-button technology, so it is easy to use. Plus, it comes in black, red, and chrome. So, it’s up to you for what look you’re going for—definitely an 80s nostalgia gift.

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Casio retro watch

Another 80s gift idea to swear by is the classic Casio. It’s very techy and very 80s! It comes with an 8-Digit Calculator, so forget about that Apple watch! This one is water-resistant, has dual times, a daily alarm, and an auto-calendar. It’s practical and has a battery life for 5 years. What more can you want in such an 80s accessory?!

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Retro cassette player 

If you want more of an 80s tech gift, then a classic cassette Player might be another option. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like I use my smartphone too much for everything. Once in a while, it’s nice to use the traditional devices/tools separately and genuinely enjoy their purpose. This cassette player is small and compact, easy to plug and play, and has the 80s bright aesthetic.

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Nintendo mini console

Another smashing 80s gift idea for gamers, collectors, or just admirers for 80s nostalgia gifts is the Nintendo Classic Mini. C’mon…everyone knows the name Nintendo! Using this entertainment system will allow you to rediscover your beloved 80s video games and sounds. However, unlike the quality in the 80s, this Nintendo is in HD! It has the classic game console look that is known almost everywhere globally; sure to make some 80s kids happy.

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80s t-shirt 

A simple and inexpensive 80s gift idea to please an 80s-loving friend is some relatable t-shirt, like this one. These are fun graphic t-shirts that feature vintage cassette mixtapes in a colorful layout. It’s a fun gift for those who love retro mixtapes, whether it’s hip hop, punk, dance, pop, or R&B.

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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