Binary Watch, Ergonomic Mousepad, and 10 More Awesome Gifts for Coders

Coding, also known as programming, is becoming more popular than it has ever been. Once considered a full-time profession requiring degrees and formal education, it has become more accessible than ever in modern days. So that anyone can learn how to code pretty much for free using resources found on the Internet. And you likely know someone who can code or is trying to learn how to.

For some, coding is an occupation, and for others, it is just a hobby. Regardless of which it is, however, there are definitely numerous benefits to learning how to code. Even without knowing these advantages, more and more people are getting into it. In 2019, it was estimated that there were over 26 million software developers worldwide. It has been projected that this will hit 45 million by 2030.

With so many coders in the world, the chance that you know one of them and will have to buy a gift for them isn’t as faint as it might seem. If you’re on this page, that is likely the case for you. You don’t need to worry; I’ve got your back with the best gifts for coders that you can buy right now that will most likely make any coder quite happy. 

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Smallest Power Bank

They say bigger is better, but that has never been less true than it is when it comes to this power bank from T-CORE. To cover something as small as a credit card, you’d need two of these – that’s how small this is! Despite that, it manages to fit a 10,000mAh cell in its casing. And this is even getting better. Because it has 2 USB ports and one for Type-C, Lightning, and Micro-USB. Gifts for techies are always cool, but this one has the potential to be a particularly big hit. 

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Binary Watch

In an age where we have smartwatches, regular watches have become a relative drag. I mean, they are still attractive in a classic sense, but if you want to stand out with a watch, it needs to be a little different. This is where binary watches can fit in nicely. The time is read using a series of stacked LEDs that indicate the hour, minutes in tens and ones, and AM or PM. Cool cheap gadgets like this are excellent choices for any programmer you know, and it comes in three finishes, so you have options.

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Smart Notebook

Suppose you’re looking for a programmer gift. In that case, it’d definitely be appreciated if you could get them one that has solid application for them in their work. Coders need to jot down ideas and write out coding solutions on the fly, so a smart notebook is one of the best coding gifts you can get. Just like any notebook, you can write things on it. Unlike any notebook, tossing it in the microwave is how you reuse it. But what about what you’ve written, you ask? I’m glad to tell you that you can store all the notes you write via numerous cloud services. 

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Retro Keyboard

Suppose you’re trying to be safe when looking for gifts for computer programmers. In that case, you can actually never go wrong with a retro keyboard. The whole job is constant typing, so a keyboard is always appreciated. The only reason people don’t like mechanical keyboards is that they tend to be bigger. When it comes to the typing experience, however, they are miles above any other kind. This one goes with a retro look and resembles a typewriter, making it as nice-looking as it is functional. Oh, it has a stand for a tablet, too, so no matter what you’re coding on, you’re covered.

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Yellow Glasses

Blue light is emitted by most of our devices with displays, such as monitors, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This blue light is thought to have a negative impact on vision and alter Circadian rhythm affecting general well-being. A computer programmer will continuously be looking at displays. So to protect them from the potential harm that this blue light has, gifts for programmers like this one will be a great way to keep them in good health.

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Ergonomic Mousepad

Some coders can spend straight hours going at their work, and as a result, comfort is integral. It’s not all about the chair they sit on or the shoes they wear. Something as small as their mousepad can have a big effect on comfort. Programmer gifts don’t have to be expensive. An inexpensive ergonomic mousepad like this one has a soft gel-filled cushion that will provide you with unbeatable comfort for your mouse hand. As a mouse pad, it is excellent as well, with fabric that ensures smooth movement.

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Zelda Monopoly

Monopoly has always been a game that teaches strategic thinking, even if it doesn’t seem obvious. Who doesn’t like Monopoly or The Legend of Zelda, for that matter? Put these together, and you get one of those potential gifts for young coders that are bound to be an absolute hit. The characters and images from the popular video game will interest them enough to play Monopoly. They will learn a lot in the process.

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Bit Coding Robot

I personally feel that there’s no better way to teach children the wonders of coding than to give them something hands-on, where they can see the product of their work. This bit coding robot is perfect in that regard. It is tiny and cute and getting started writing commands for it is super easy. Gifts for beginner coders like this are perfect for someone just getting started with programming to make learning more fun.  

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Coding Shirt

I found myself looking for funny gifts for coders when my friend asked me to. And this one caught my attention. Bugs are the bane of all programmers, and trying to fix them can sometimes result in spawning even more of them! This shirt can be purchased for either women or men in various sizes, from S to XXXL. It is made of absolute cotton, so it is super comfortable to wear. If you’re looking for gift ideas for computer coders that you know, this is a safe bet.

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Coding Mug

If you’re on the lookout for gifts for software engineers, then you can never go wrong with this coffee mug. The code on it is funny and easy to understand for pretty much anyone who understands code. It becomes a bit of an inside joke among coders due to that, which increases the appeal!

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Geeky Cutting Board

Just because you are a computer programmer doesn’t mean that you can’t cook too! You can get the best of both worlds with this. Gifts for computer engineers tend not to be as multi-disciplinary as this one, but that is really not a bad thing. If you have a friend who loves to code and cook, then this will be an absolutely perfect gift for them! It is made of bamboo, so it will last. Scientist gifts like this one bring precision to the kitchen.

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Monitor Message Board

When you’re working on a project as a coder, you’ll sometimes need to leave notes to remind yourself of things to fix or the next thing to tackle. You can do this easily on a smartphone or a PC app, but that requires diverting your attention for too long. Why not bring sticky notes straight to your workstation? Programmer gifts such as this will allow you to save memos right beside your screen, where they can easily be seen.

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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