Best 9 Hacker Gadgets for Savvy Pros and Beginners

Movies and TV have always done their part to make hacking look exciting. 

Those are just movies, though, right? Nope! Even in the real world, there are good hackers, known as white hat hackers, and bad hackers, known as black hat hackers. And to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with being a white-hat hacker. It is actually a viable career path to go down that offers a huge earning potential helping big companies finding vulnerabilities in their system.

Whether you know someone who does it for a living or interested in exploring this profession yourself, it is never a bad idea to begin to cultivate that interest with hacker gadgets. 

Some are simply fun to use and will teach you the basics and even more advanced concepts involved in hacking. 

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Crypto Hardware Wallet

The advent of cryptocurrency changed many things, especially transactions on the internet and how they can be carried out. It provides a secure means for paying for services or products online. Its versatility has made it grow considerably since then. Like a bank or safe can keep your physical money safe, there needs to be an equivalent cryptocurrency tool.

Hackers generally are very preoccupied with security. And this wallet is all about it. You will need to verify all your transactions on this hardware token. So anyone who even manages to hack your account can’t do anything with it unless they have this little device. This level of added security makes all the difference. 

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Raspberry Pi Computer

A Raspberry Pi is one of the absolute best parts of hacking kit that you can get for anyone. This is essentially a very tiny computer that can have an operating system installed on it or be programmed to do a wide array of things. Its flexibility is nearly endless. This means that a Raspberry Pi can serve so many purposes when it comes to hacking stuff, and this versatility makes it a true gem for any aspiring hacker.

This model is from 2019, and in its small build, it can pack a 64-bit processor with 4 cores, WLAN, Bluetooth, and an ethernet connection. The connectivity does not stop there, though. You get an array of ports to bolster this portable hacking device, which includes a total of 4 USB ports and @ micro-HDMI ports. A lot is going on in this tiny machine, and all of this just comes together to make it priceless for any hacker or a computer whiz. This is one of the best hacking devices that you can find, and it doesn’t cost anything ridiculous.

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Wireless Adapter for Penetration Testing

Suppose you’re working on Linux, or you’re on the go. In that case, you may need a wireless adapter that can keep your internet connectivity unaffected and uncompromised. This Alfa adapter will do just that for you. It is one of those hardware hacking tools that the very best white hat hackers can’t do without. It is absolutely integral to access the internet because hacking offline requires you to be directly connected to the network. Unless you have infiltrated a facility like in the movies, this won’t be possible.

You get 2.4Ghz wavelength but no support for 5.0Ghz. The rubber antenna that comes with this can easily be screwed off and replaced with another if you so desire. It supports many security protocols as well as an array of operating systems. For instance, you get support all the way from Windows 2000. It can be challenging to find white-hat hacker tools that can really come in useful, but this is an easy one to select.

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Wi-Fi Deauther

Deauther sure is a funny-looking word. It derives from the word ‘deauthentication’. You can think of a Wi-Fi deauther as a device that ‘deauths’ or deauthenticates. This refers to a Wi-Fi deauthentication attack, which is a way of gaining access to a hotspot and taking control over it, including being able to boot people off the network. Many black hat hackers use this to push users to connect to an almost identical but malicious second hotspot, which is compromised. They can collect the user’s personal information and more. This is some next level hacker equipment. Did you know that hotels sometimes use a deauthentication attack to push users off their personal Wi-Fi? That’s crazy!

Hacking gadgets like this can give budding hackers an absolute edge in their activities. It comes with an app that makes it super easy to use and control. Not to mention that you can use it to boot nosy neighbors or anyone else off your Wi-Fi.

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Voice-Activated Drone Base

Like all the spies and hackers in the movies with all the best hacking gadgets, you might find yourself needing a drone. It will provide you with the ability to take to the air for surveillance and watch for anyone that might be closing in on you. 

This is a piece of hacker gear that will cost you far from an arm and a leg. In fact, it is quite inexpensive. It can be connected to Alexa or Google Assistant, so you can simply power it on or off with your voice. This means that you don’t even need to waste any time moving over to its dock when you can simply tell it to take flight.

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Wi-Fi Testing Wearable

One primary requirement for hardware hacking tools is that they should be portable and easy to take with you anywhere you go. I think that makes an excellent argument for why you might need to shrink hacker accessories like this Deauther down to something that you can wear on your wrist.

This hacking device has a working time of up to 7 hours, which is plenty to do some tests in the field, and it has a display so that you can access its functions fast. It is important to note that interfering with Wi-Fi networks that do not belong to you is a crime in some regions. Ensure that you only use this for testing or academic purposes!

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Toolkit for USB Attacks

If you want to hack a system that you have physical access to, then hacking gadgets like a USB hotplug are a great bet. Hacking hardware like this Bash Bunny drive contains various programmed attacks that can simply be run by plugging this USB drive into a PC and running any of them. It has multiple attacks that can be run in seconds and comes with a book that can guide you through using any of them.

You want your hardware hacking tools to be as uncomplicated to use as possible, and what can be less complicated than a USB flash drive? This is a must for any serious hacker kit.

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Keystroke Injection Attacks Learning Kit

This keystroke injection tool is sometimes affectionately called ‘rubber ducky.’ And it can be quite destructive despite its small size. Despite not being a keyboard, it appears to the PC as one. Plug it in, and it can start executing pre-programmed code by typing in keyboard shortcuts and text that were pre-written to be executed by this portable hacking device.

The best part about this one is that you can program it over Wi-Fi, which means that once you plug it in, you can wreak havoc!

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Faraday Duffle Bag

There are many times that you’ll need to prevent your gear from being accessed from the outside. You don’t want anyone being able to track your location or cell signal after all. A Faraday cage can effectively block or attenuate wireless signals. This is all of that in a duffel bag.

This hacker gear will keep all your wireless hacking devices that use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and more safe and sound from outside receivers or transmitters. The best part is that this piece of hacker equipment looks just like any other duffel bag that you’ve ever seen. Talk about low-key.

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