How to Connect to Wi-Fi Router Without Password?

WiFi has made our lives a lot easier by providing us access to fast, reliable internet almost anywhere we go. WiFi existed just before the turn of the millennium, but it really entered the public eye in the mid-2000s. Since then, it has become the preferred means of accessing the web for most people in countries like the United States and Canada.

Now, we don’t only have routers in our own homes. Still, public spaces give us the chance to connect to the internet even if we’re in a place like an airport or getting our favorite coffee from Starbucks. Certain public spots put passwords on their WiFi to prevent just anyone from overwhelming them. A good example of this is hotels. You must follow some safety tips when using WiFi in spots like this, such as not accessing any websites that involve you entering sensitive info.

When you’re in these public spots, you might want to connect, even when you don’t have the password. Or maybe you’re at home, and you can’t remember what your WiFi password is. So, you might be wondering how to connect to a WiFi router without a password. Is it even possible, you ask? Well, let’s get right into all of that.

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Is it possible to connect to the router without password?

Sure, you might be thinking that the reason a WiFi router has a password is to prevent unwanted people from getting out. Still, there are absolutely ways to connect to a router even if you don’t have the password.

WPS is an option to connect to WiFi without a password. You can also turn to certain apps that help crack the password to a router. However, you need to keep in mind that using some of these apps definitely might not be on the right side of the law. So it’s best to read up on the regulations and laws in your part of the world before taking this risk.

How to connect to any WiFi?

The answer to this is no. If you’re looking for how to connect to any WiFi whatsoever, no guaranteed method will help you achieve this. Some WiFi connections have levels of protection that make them not worth the effort to break into.

However, don’t be disappointed. You can still connect to a wide range of connections around you, even if you don’t have their password. Certain apps essentially hack WiFi networks automatically to give you access to them. Once again, understand the legality of this in your region before going ahead.

Reaver WPS

Reaver is a software tool that you can download for your computer. What it essentially does is quite simple. It basically tries every possible password for the WiFi network you’re trying to access until it finds the right one. This type of technique is known as a brute force attack in cybersecurity.

Reaver WPS is built for Linux, so it is your best option from a UNIX-based system.

Pass WiFi

What makes Pass WiFi such a great option if you’re looking for how to connect to any WiFi connection around you is that it is compatible on multiple platforms. Plus, it hacks the network and returns the password in a matter of minutes in most cases.

How to connect to the router without a password?

If you’re at home and you want to connect to a router, but you can’t remember the password, you can make use of WPS. This stands for WiFi Protected Setup. This gives you a way to connect to the device when the router is physically accessible to you instead of entering a password.

Ensure that WiFi is enabled on your device, and then press the WPS button on the router. It will usually be clearly labeled as such. Note that you might need to go into the WiFi settings on your smartphone or computer to enable WPS. It should be called “WPS Push Button” or “WPS Pin Entry.”

Just like that, as long as you have access to the router, you can connect to WiFi without a password.

How to connect to WiFi without a password on Android?

You can use the WPS option to connect your Android device to a router close to you, even if you don’t have the password. What if you want to hack neighbors’ WiFi or connect to a network where you can’t get to the router?

Fortunately, apps available on Android can help you access WiFi networks that have passwords protecting them.

Reaver for Android

This is the Android port of Reaver WPS which we mentioned earlier. It works just as great on Android as it does on a computer, giving you a convenient way to break into a WiFi network even when you don’t have the password.

The only downside is that you need to have a rooted Android device before you can use it, but if you do, you’ll be glad to have Reaver for Android among your arsenal of tools.


Instabridge doesn’t crack into a WiFi network per se. Still, it is basically forming a giant database of WiFi networks, their locations, and their passwords. These networks are added thanks to the community of users and stay up-to-date. So, if you’re at a hotel, you don’t need to bother asking or looking for the password when you have this installed, as long as another user has been there before.

How to connect to WiFi without a password on iPhone?

Just like Android, there are mobile options if you’re looking for how to connect to any WiFi on an iOS device. However, suppose you’re looking to connect to WiFi without a password. In that case, there are pretty much no brute force options available for iOS due to their tight App Store curation.

However, you can use the WPS option detailed above if the router is available. You can also opt for Instabridge.


Instabridge, as described above, is equally available for iOS. The best part is that you don’t need to root your device or do anything of the sort. It works straight after installing it, making it one of the more convenient options, even if it doesn’t actually hack the network. 

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