How to Control Non-Smart TV with Alexa? 

Alexa is one of the most popular interactive voice assistant technologies developed by Amazon. Its ultimate goal is to make your life easier and more convenient with over 70,000 commands from playing music, setting alarms, etc. 

Particularly, what could be better than operating your television without a remote control? Yes, Alexa can help you turn on the TV, search for a specific show or change the channel with your voice.  

Smart TVs are becoming prevalent, but some people still use the older models that lack modern features like Alexa compatibility. Fortunately, a straightforward solution can help you take advantage of these features on an older piece of technology. This article will show you how to create an Alexa TV control for non-smart TV and much more. 

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How to connect Alexa to TV?

These are some of the different ways you can control TV with Alexa. 

Logitech Harmony hub 

Logitech Harmony has a long-standing reputation of being a reliable universal remote. That said, the company has recently moved away from developing smart remote controls to building a hub that will do much more. 

It will enable you to control devices connected to your Wi-Fi network and virtually anything you can control with IR. In fact, you can create scripts so that a single button can do multiple functions. For example, you can turn on the TV, activate a schedule, and set the input you want. This great setup will become even more impressive when you connect Amazon Echo. 

It is extremely easy to start your smart living conversion. First, place the Harmony Hub strategically such that the IR sensor points at the television. Then, add Harmony to Alexa once you set it up and connect it to your network. 

Here is how to do it: 

● Launch the Amazon Alexa app on your phone 

● Click on the menu icon in the bottom left corner 

● Tap on Skills and Games 

● Search for Harmony

● Tap on the blue icon 

● Activate the Harmony Skill 

● Access Harmony through the Alexa app 

Integrating Alexa with Harmony lets you turn the TV on or off with your voice. But, just like everything else, you will need to put in a bit of extra work to access more functions.

For example, Harmony knows the channels available. Still, you can’t request a specific channel unless you’ve connected your TV to cable. So, you will need to create specific actions in Harmony if you have an HD cable box that links to your TV via HDMI. 

Moreover, it is possible to control the volume with Alexa through various command types. For instance, you can turn up the volume or even state-specific increments from 1 to 20.

Currently, Alexa cannot switch inputs via Harmony without action. Still, you can set up an IFTTT trigger to allow it. There are constant updates to integrate Harmony with Alexa, but this is a great way to control your TV with your voice. 

Amazon Fire TV Blaster

This infrared (IR) controller will enable you to use your Amazon Echo on your non-smart TV and other media devices. Unfortunately, it isn’t compatible with Alexa or any built-in speakers or microphone, so you need to use Amazon Echo or any Alexa-enabled device. 

Here is how to control your TV with Amazon Fire TV Blaster 

● Launch the Fire TV Blaster and set it up in direct line of sight with your TV and Amazon Echo. Remember that the blaster should be close enough (usually one or two feet away) from the devices. In addition, the LED should face the TV. 

● Download the latest Fire TV app version on your mobile device.

● Choose New Devices in the app. 

● Select Fire TV Blaster and use the on-screen instructions to integrate the device with the Fire TV app. 

● The Fire TV app has instructions on how to set up your device 

After setting up the three devices, TV, Echo, and Fire TV Blaster, you can start to give Alexa commands. This is an ingenious and affordable way to make your older TV smart. 


Another easy way to control your non-smart TV is through your mobile phone. However, you have to download an app or purchase physical hardware for it to work. Also, your phone should have an IR (infrared) blaster or buy a separate one. 

These are some of the apps to help you control your non-smart TV. 

●     AnyMote Universal Remote and Wi-Fi Smart Home Control: AnyMote is highly regarded and is available on Google Play or Apple App Store. 

●     Lean Remote – Universal Remote Control: This app is also found on Google Play and a similar type on App Store. 

●     Twinone Universal TV remote: It has a simplistic interface compared to other outrageous complex universal remotes. You can get it on Google Play, but sadly it is not available on the Apple Apps Store. 

Unfortunately, iOS devices don’t have infrared blasters, so you will have to buy a separate toggle. In addition, Apple scrapped the AUX input, starting with the iPhone 7. So, you’ll have to purchase an Apple lightning headphone jack adapter if you have iPhone 6. 

Can Alexa change channels on non-smart TV?

Yes, and it is straightforward if you have a smart TV. However, you can use the above methods if you have an older TV model without smart capabilities. After integrating Alexa with your TV, you can use voice commands to change channels. For example, you can say, ‘Alexa, change the channel.’ 

Alexa won’t turn on the TV. 

Here are the reasons why Alexa won’t perform some functions. 

Alexa malfunctioning 

Maybe Alexa is experiencing some issues if you cannot turn on your TV with a voice command. Check the color of the LED light on the Echo device to identify the problem. For example, a solid red color indicates that the microphone is turned off. This means that it isn’t taking your commands, but you easily resolve the issue by pressing the microphone button. 

Wi-Fi disconnection 

Alexa may fail to turn on your TV because of issues with the Wi-Fi connection. First, move the Echo device closer to the router to reduce interference. Also, restarting the router may resolve the issue. 

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