How to Edit Gaming Videos for Social Media Posts?

 Pew Die Pie is expected to earn $40M by the end of 2022. And it’s a high rise from merely $15M in 2019. So being a gaming streamer is not such a bad idea. 

According to Pew Research Center, gaming videos are among the most viewed video genres. Gaming offers great entertainment to people. And, some people love to watch others play. Creating and editing videos that keep them hooked is challenging. Today, we will discuss how to edit your gaming videos for social media posts to make them more engaging for such an audience and increase the following.

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Choose the best video editing tool

The first step in editing is to choose the best video editor. When choosing one, there are several factors that you need to consider. Various tools are available, and some have advanced features that may be complicated to use. You should choose a tool that is easy to use, self-explanatory, and suitable for your needs.

If you are a beginner, you will be overwhelmed by the variety of tools available. However, these tools are essential for creating stunning videos. You can choose the best video editing tool based on your experience, budget, expectations on how you want to present the video, and above all, based on the features. 

Gaming videos need to be captivating and create edge-of-the-seat entertainment. The tool you choose for editing gaming videos helps you achieve this.

Make a detailed plan of actions

Video editing has to be planned because it is not as easy as it sounds. Your gaming videos need a proper structure so that viewers are hooked. When you create videos out of passion, you do not merely want more views but want them to be appreciated by people who love the genre.

With the help of an online video editor, you can create a professional video that will be liked by experts and commoners alike. A meticulously structured gaming video leads to more shares, making your video viral. 

The plan of action will include identifying the goals of your video. For example, is it to increase the viewer count, or do you wish to create high-end videos targeted toward a section of the audience? 

Checking the audio component is another crucial aspect of editing. A good blend of audio and video lets the audience enjoy your videos. Always step into the shoes of the viewer and edit videos accordingly. Visualize the result and make more refined edits. You may have created many components in your videos that are not needed. You might have to eliminate a few to make the video attractive.

Make a cool and attractive intro

An intro video is as vital as a trailer is to a movie. You can get more views and increase engagement by adding it to your gaming video. You can add music, text, screen recording, and other elements to create a fantastic gaming intro video.

Create an attractive thumbnail

Another critical part of the videos is to create a thumbnail that grabs the viewers’ attention while scrolling. The thumbnails are a great way to entice people to your videos. It gives an idea and infuses interest in the viewer to click and view. Several video editing tools help you create an exciting thumbnail.

A thumbnail could be a crucial element of the game. It could also include your picture with facial expressions that stimulate curiosity in the viewer. It could also have some text to make it more interesting.

Make sure that whatever has been added as a thumbnail is included in the video. Else, people will consider it misleading. Also, while scrolling through so many videos available on social media, your video can garner attention just because of your thumbnail.

Thumbnail creators are available in free as well as paid versions. Do look for editing tools that allow you to explore various types of thumbnail creators. This can help make your video vibrant.

Edit videos per the compatibility

First, you must ensure that your videos are compatible with several platforms. For example, your videos may be played on smartphones, PCs, or tablets. The orientation in these cases can be either vertical or horizontal. The editing stage is critical to making videos compatible with the platform. 

For instance, you can create a square video format for a smartphone. Features like aspect ratio, size, and social media format need to be analyzed before your videos can be edited. In addition, the videos should fit the screen and be comfortable to watch.

Keep an eye on the duration 

Gaming videos are indeed interesting to watch but for how long? Each video must maintain a specific length, so the viewers are not bored. During edits, you can make them as 2 or 3-part videos as well. 

The length of the video also depends on the platform where it will be hosted. A YouTube video can be a little longer than an Instagram one. Through editing, you can eliminate all unimportant parts of the video. This makes the entire video compelling.

Take care of the color saturation and brightness

You can edit your footage to adjust the color saturation and brightness. Saturation decides the intensity of the colors on your videos. When it is high, the video appears bright. Adjustments in these can bring about a significant change in your gaming videos. 

It can improve the outlook of your videos. But, at the same time, it is comfortable for the eyes too. So, editing gaming videos for social media posts also consider the color and brightness aspects. 

Include transitions during edits

Adding high-quality transitions to your videos is another aspect of editing. You have an online video editor for games that can create unique transitions. You can make your videos look professional with the help of these tools. These are available as free and paid versions as well. 

The transitions help to highlight the critical aspects of your game. People are crazy about watching gaming videos, and including these will only further increase their interest. You could also include elements like freeze frame, focus on objects, etc., to make the video engaging. 

Adding highlights lets viewers move over to specific video parts that interest them. 

Check out the audio aspect

Adding or removing audio is a crucial part of editing. If you are to speak throughout the video, make sure you invest in a good mic. A good mic will eliminate audio disturbances during editing through noise cancellation. You can also choose to add a voiceover while editing. 

Care should be taken to include subtitles if you speak a language most viewers do not understand.

Final words

Editing helps you eliminate all unnecessary parts of the video, thus making it compelling to watch. Make sure you utilize all available tools for this purpose. Using technology to the best of your advantage, creating and editing stunning videos is no longer a big task. 

Hope the above makes it clear on editing gaming videos for social media posts. Now, strike the right chord and make your videos viral. 

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