How to Manage, Edit, & Delete Your Hulu Watch History?

Struggling to check or delete your Hulu watch history? You’re not alone. Despite having over 47 million paid subscribers, the platform’s interface needs to make things easier for its loyal users. Be it the smart TV app, the mobile app, or the platform’s browser version: Hulu’s interface has a track record of confusing users. As a result, even something as basic as checking your Hulu viewing history can be way more complicated than you expect. 

That’s why Hulu’s customer feedback forums are full of complaints about the platform’s interface being too hard to navigate. If you’re a dedicated platform user paying $6.99/month, you need to learn how to manage your viewing experiences. You need to learn how to delete watch history on Hulu. Like Amazon, Netflix, & Disney, Hulu allows users to view and manage their viewing histories. Users can even customize their home screens based on their watching histories. 

Once you learn how to manage & clear your Hulu search history, the platform will provide better TV show or movie suggestions on your home screen. In this article, we’ll teach you how to remove watch history on Hulu in just a few easy steps. Let’s explore! 

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How to See Watch History on Hulu?

The easiest way to check your watch history on Hulu is from a PC or a laptop. Here’s how you can do that: 

  • Go to the Hulu home page
  • Login to your Hulu account
  • Scroll down to find the “Keep Watching” section 
  • Go through your list by clicking on the “swipe right” button

You’ll be able to check the shows or movies you’ve watched on Hulu but haven’t completed yet on this list. To get an in-depth account of your watch history on Hulu, you need to submit an official request to Hulu. Here’s how you can do that: 

  • On the top-right section of your screen you’ll notice your Account Name 
  • Tap on that menu to open a sub-menu
  • On this sub-menu, you’ll find options like “Manage Profiles,” “Help Center,” & “Accounts”
  • Find & click on the option that says “Accounts” 
  • Inside the “Accounts” sub-menu, find & click on the option titled “California Privacy Rights” 
  • In the “California Privacy Rights” menu, find & select the “Request Report” button 

Follow the on-screen instructions to submit your request. As you can see, the process of detailed information on your Hulu watch history is complicated. But once you submit the request & jump through the subsequent hoops, you’ll get your lifetime watch history on the platform. This history list will contain the names of every content you’ve consumed on the platform, including timestamps. 

How to Check Your Hulu Watch History on a Mobile Device?

There isn’t a big difference between checking your Hulu watch history on a browser & on the mobile app. You can either check the “Keep Watching” section to see what movies/shows you haven’t completed watching. Suppose you want a more detailed list featuring your entire watch history. In that case, you’ll have to submit an official request via the “Accounts” menu. This process is identical to the process of submitting requests via browsers. 

How to Check Your Hulu Watch History on a Firestick?

Launch the Hulu app on your smart TV. Under the main toolbar, navigate to the “Keep Watching” section. Browse the list to check what movies and shows you’ve completed watching. You can also go to the “My Stuff” tab & enter the “Unwatched” section to see what movies/shows you’ve queued or saved but haven’t completed watching. Again, if you want an in-depth list of your previously watched movies/shows, you’ll have to submit an official request to Hulu.

Can You Delete Watch History on Hulu?

Yes. It is possible to clear Hulu history. But, just like getting an in-depth account of your watch history, this process is complicated. You’ll have to jump through many hoops to clear your Hulu search history. 

How to Clear Watch History on Hulu?

Here’s how you can clear Hulu search history via your browser:

  • Open Hulu on your laptop or PC’s browser 
  • Scroll down to find the “Keep Watching” section
  • Find the title you wish to delete
  • Hover your mouse over this title; the title will enlarge automatically 
  • Select the “X” icon at the bottom-right section of the title’s window
  • A pop-up menu will appear, asking you to confirm your decision
  • Select the black “Okay” button to confirm your decision 

By taking these steps, you can manually clear individual shows/movies from your Hulu watch history. Now, let’s learn how to do the same on the Hulu mobile app:

  • Open the Hulu app on your smart device
  • Keep scrolling & swiping until you find the “Keep Watching” section
  • Select the show or movie you want to remove
  • Find & select the three tiny dots in the upper-right corner of the title of the show/movie you want to remove
  • Once you press the three dots, a sub-menu will appear 
  • On this sub-menu, select “Remove from Watch History” 

Now, this specific show/movie will be deleted from your Hulu watch history. 

How to Delete Search History on Hulu Permanently? 

It takes work to clear watch history Hulu one by one. What if you want to completely remove your watch history Hulu all at once permanently? Can you do that? Yes, here’s how: 

  • Open Hulu on your browse  
  • In the upper-right corner of the homepage, find and select your profile name
  • In the sub-menu that pops up, click “Account”
  • On your account page, keep scrolling down to find an option titled “Privacy & Settings” 
  • Enter the “Privacy & Settings” menu to find an option titled “California Privacy Rights”
  • On the “California Privacy Rights” sub-page, find a section titled “Manage Activity”
  • Under the “Manage Activity” section, find an option titled “Watch History”
  • Check the box next to the “Watch History” option
  • At the bottom of the screen, click the black button titled “Clear Selected” 

A pop-up menu asking you to confirm your decision will pop up. Select “Clear” to confirm your decision & complete the process. Hulu will now perform a full-scale, account-wide wipeout of your watch history. All the accumulated data from all of your Hulu profiles will be deleted. Once you complete this process, your Hulu account will be restored to a brand-new state. Here’s a video guide explaining the same process: 

The Internet is full of Hulu users trying to learn how to manage, edit, & delete their Hulu watch histories. Hopefully, this article will clear up all of their & your doubts regarding this matter! 

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