How to Stop Alexa Flashing Yellow Light?

If you own an Alexa, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Why is Alexa blinking yellow?” before. Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Thousands of customers have asked the same question & they deserve a clear-cut answer. But, more importantly, they need to learn how to stop Alexa flashing yellow light. 

Despite being a highly advanced piece of technology, sometimes it’s impossible to figure out what your Alexa wants from you. Blue, green, orange, red, & yellow – every Alexa displays various colors. Each color means something. Whenever your Alexa lights up, it signals you something. 

Not knowing the meaning behind these signals could lead to many issues. So let’s explore these signals in detail to understand why your Alexa is blinking yellow. 

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Why Is My Alexa Blinking Yellow?

Technically, you can ask this question to your Alexa. Just ask your smart speaker – “what’s the meaning of the yellow light on Alexa.” You’ll receive a decent explanation from Alexa. But this explanation alone won’t make the solid yellow light on Alexa go away. 

To become an expert at turning off Alexa’s yellow flashing light, you must learn the meaning behind each light color –

  • Blue: A solid blue light indicates that your smart speaker is listening for voice commands & actively processing your requests. You’ll also see this color every time you plug a device into your Alexa.
  • Green: A flashing green light indicates that there’s an incoming call. Ask your Alexa to answer/ignore the call to respond to this green light notification.
  • Orange: A bright, rotating orange light indicates that the smart speaker is ready for setup. It’s in pairing mode and trying to connect to the Internet. This orange-colored light is the first color Alexa users see when they attempt to connect their devices to the Internet.
  • Red: Solid red-colored light signals can mean two things. Either your mic is muted, or the camera is disabled (only for Alexa Echo Show devices. A flashing red light indicates that the device isn’t connected to the Internet. 
  • Yellow: Lastly, a bright, blinking yellow light indicates unaddressed messages, reminders, or notifications in your catalog. The easiest way to turn off yellow ring on Alexa is to ask the device to delete all notifications. But, doing so isn’t the best idea as you may lose important data.

Now that we know what the different flashing lights on your Alexa mean let’s explore the yellow light issue more deeply.

How to Turn Off Yellow Light on Alexa?

A pulsing yellow light on Alexa indicates that you have unread notifications or messages in your inbox. These messages or notifications could be from sellers trying to update you on your orders. They could also indicate notifications from Amazon. To get rid of this light, ask Alexa to read your messages & notifications. Just say, “Alexa, what are my notifications.” 

If they are delivery notifications, you’ll hear Alexa say that your orders have been delivered. If they are messages in your inbox, the smart speaker will read you the messages. In most cases, the yellow ring on Alexa appears when packages from Amazon have been delivered. 

Another common reason why the yellow notification sign appears is that Amazon’s about to ship “Subscribe & save” items. You can give the command “Alexa, delete all my notifications” to delete all these trivial notifications without hearing them. 

But what if the Alexa yellow ring won’t go away even after all notifications are deleted? Then, you’ll have to get rid of the yellow light manually.  

How Do I Stop Alexa From Blinking Yellow?

Follow these simple steps on how to stop Alexa flashing yellow light to solve this problem –

  1. Open the Alexa app on your Android phone, iPhone, or iMac. 
  2. Press on the three-line icon in the top-left region of the app.
  3. Click on the option that says ‘Settings.’
  4. Select the option that says ‘Device Settings.’ 
  5. Choose your device
  6. Select the option that says ‘Communications.’
  7. Select the option that says ‘Toggle Next’ to Communications.
  8. You’ll notice the yellow light slowly becomes grey.

Once you’re done following the above steps, the yellow light on Alexa will go away. To ensure the yellow light doesn’t reappear, disconnect your Alexa from any power source. Turn it back to check whether the yellow light is still flashing/blinking. 

If it isn’t good, your issue is solved. However, contact an authorized Amazon Store if the bright yellow light is still present. An underlying hardware issue with your Alexa may need to be fixed. Take it for repair. Take it for repair. Repair technicians turn off the echo light ring by resetting the device.  

Alexa Blinking Yellow: The Final Solution

Before you take your Alexa to a repair store, take the following precautionary steps

  • Check whether your Alexa’s batteries are fresh. Sometimes a blinking yellow light may indicate that your Alexa isn’t getting enough power from its batteries.
  • Make sure there are no obstructions/cords between your Alexa & other nearby devices. Obstructions may block the flow of electrical current into your Alexa & cause problems like blinking yellow lights. 
  • Reset your Alexa by pressing & holding down the home & power buttons for approximately 10 to 15 seconds each. Amazon’s YouTube channel has many easy-to-understand videos on this topic. Check them out before resetting your device.

If none of these steps work, you’ll need expert assistance. First, take your device to an authorized Amazon Store. Usually, these devices come with 1 to 2-year warranties. So if you visit an Amazon Store during your warranty period, you’ll probably have this issue fixed for free. But bear in mind – Amazon has gotten very strict when it comes to replacements. 

Don’t expect them to replace your device because of the yellow light issue. Just ask the repair experts to diagnose the light-related issue. Owning an Alexa is a rewarding experience. But issues like this can ruin the experience. Use this guide to stay ahead of your Alexa at all times! 

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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