Roku not Connecting to Wi-Fi: Tips & Troubleshooting

When it comes to options for using streaming services with your TV, you can get a smart TV that supports apps and different streaming services. Or get a stick or a streaming box that has the streaming service built onto it. When it comes to Roku, you get both of these options, which is awesome.

Roku is no slouch in the market either, with Roku TV OS serving as one of the major operating systems for people to stream on their TVs. In fact, as of 2020, it shared the third spot in terms of market share, at 6.4%, just behind Tizen and WebOS.

While these numbers might seem small, you need to recognize that these are the worldwide stats. A partnership from TV manufacturers has allowed Roku to come pre-installed on televisions. This has pushed their market share to 38% in the US and 31% in Canada, which is huge.

With 56.4 million users every month as of Q3 2021, it’s no surprise that some folks might have issues with their Roku not connecting to Wi-Fi. The larger a platform scales, the more likely that some users will experience issues, after all.

If you find that your Roku won’t connect to Wi-Fi, this is the place to be. I know about this issue, and I’m about to tell you all you need to know about it, as well as the steps you can take to fix it and make sure you’re prepared if you ever face it again.

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Why Is Roku Not Connecting?

There are many reasons why your Roku won’t connect to the Internet. Knowing these possible reasons makes it so much easier for you to pinpoint which is the issue in your case. So that you can tackle it promptly and get back to watching your favorite shows.

Some of these reasons include the following:

  • Your Wi-Fi is on a band that your Roku does not support, i.e., Roku supports only 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, but the Wi-Fi router uses 5GHz.
  • Software glitch or bug prevents Roku from utilizing the Wi-Fi network like usual.
  • The Wi-Fi network reaching the Roku device is weak, either because it is far away or obstructed by something, preventing the signals from reaching it normally.
  • The Wi-Fi router is glitching, stopping it from broadcasting wireless signals normally. In this case, other devices like computers and smartphones will also have difficulty connecting to the network.
  • There is an issue with Roku servers.
  • There is downtime from your internet service provider’s side of things.

Roku connected to Wi-Fi but not working

So, you’ve managed to connect Roku to Wi-Fi, but for some reason, it still doesn’t work. It’s like it’s not connected to the Internet at all! What’s going on, you must be asking yourself. I know exactly what the issue is.

When you face a situation like this, the culprit is most likely your internet service provider. If your Roku can connect just fine, then it certainly isn’t an issue with connectivity, strictly speaking. Giving your ISP a call can help to narrow this down.

Another cause could be a software issue with your Roku device. Typically, this can be cleared by restarting whichever device you’re using. A system update can also help get rid of known bugs. 

How Do I Check My Roku’s Internet Connection Status?

By accessing your Roku wireless settings, you’ll be able to do a network check to see whether your wireless network is strong enough to be reliable for streaming services. It can also help you locate a stronger wireless network in the vicinity.

To do a network check on your Roku device, just follow these steps while navigating through the onscreen menus:

  1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote.
  2. Open the Settings.
  3. Choose Network from the options that appear.
  4. Now select Check connection to begin the process. Your Roku device will start to assess the quality of the wireless connection it is connected to and the ones nearby and give you the results once done.

You can learn more about troubleshooting connectivity options on your Roku device by visiting Roku’s support page.

How to troubleshoot your Roku if it’s not connecting to the Internet?

Now then, your Roku won’t connect to Wi-Fi, which is why you’re here, looking for help. Fortunately, there are many solutions that you can try out, many of which will do the trick for you.

Below I’ve listed all the different ways to fix a Roku TV not connecting to Wi-Fi.

Change Internet Band On Your Roku

Wireless networks can be either 2.4GHz or 5GHz. This defines the supported speeds, so a device that supports a 5GHz connection can theoretically achieve faster wireless speeds based on that. 

A 5GHz device will support 2.4GHz connections most of the time, but a 2.4GHz device won’t have a 5GHz band. Certain Roku devices support only 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, so it won’t work if you use a 5GHz wireless connection.

The solution is to switch from a 5GHz connection on your router to 2.4GHz if your Roku device doesn’t support the higher band. This will differ depending on your router model, so search with your specific model to find out how.

Restart Your Roku

Restarting your Roku is an easy step that can help clear out any glitches that might cause Roku not connecting to Internet. 

You can restart your Roku device from the Settings by following these steps:

  1. Press Home.
  2. Scroll down to Settings and select it.
  3. Select the System option from the list.
  4. Now, choose System Restart.
  5. Press Restart to shut the device off. It will then turn on again by itself.

Check For Wi-Fi Signal Obstructions

Look around your router and your Roku device for any large objects that might be blocking the path between these two devices. If possible, remove the obstruction, or find a way to move the Roku device or router closer to the other.

Reset Router

Most of us know how to reset our routers. This is often all you need to clear out any issues you’re experiencing with your network that might result if your Roku TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

Most routers have a tiny reset button on the backside. However, you will need to use a small object like a paper clip or SIM card ejector tool to push this button.

  1. With the router on, use a tool to press down the reset button.
  2. Hold it down for 15 to 30 seconds.
  3. You may see the device undergoing a reset procedure. Once it is done, it will power back on, and the problem should be gone.

Update Roku

Updating the software on your device can be a helpful step to take if Roku not connecting to Wi-Fi is starting to give you a headache. This can help eliminate any major bugs that might be causing network issues.

Normally, your device will automatically check for a new update whenever you turn it on or at regular intervals. It will even download and install without getting in your way.

However, you can check manually for an update, especially if you’re trying all solutions to see why your Roku won’t connect to Wi-Fi. To update your Roku device:

  1. Press Home
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Choose System.
  4. Choose System Update.
  5. Press Check Now to manually check for any new OS version.

What to Do When Your Roku Still Won’t Connect to the Internet?

If you’ve tried out all of these but none of them has done the trick, you might have to turn to use a wired connection. An ethernet cable can be used to connect your Roku TV directly to the router, which can help get rid of any issues specific to wireless transmission.

You can also give your ISP a call to figure out whether the issue might be general. If it is, it will usually be fixed without having to wait too long.

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