9 Scary Things to Ask Alexa (+ Bonus: 4 Creepy Things That Alexa Does)  

When it comes to the virtual digital assistants available on the market, there is a clear winner in market share. Amazon’s Alexa assistant takes up a whopping 62% of the global market for these intelligent fellows. They’re followed by Google Assistant, but the gap is vast, with the second place only taking 25% of the market.

As of 2020, Amazon announced that they now had hundreds of millions of devices running Alexa worldwide. They did not give an exact number. But considering the last milestone that they recognized was the hundred million mark, we can assume they’ve added another one hundred million to that, for at least 200 million Alexa devices. The Amazon Echo is the best-selling smart speaker in the country, and the stats back it up.

If you’re reading this, you probably have an Amazon Echo device. Even if you don’t, you almost certainly know at least one person who does. It can be entertaining asking Alexa regular questions that you don’t expect her to have an answer to, yet she answers! However, suppose you want something a bit more exciting. In that case, you might agree with me that it’s interesting to figure out scary things to ask Alexa.

If you truly agree, then get in line! Let’s talk about some creepy things to ask Alexa. I promise you that all of these are totally worth it if you want to have some fun with Alexa.

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How to scare someone with Alexa by asking questions?

Do you have someone at home who you want to frighten a bit? There are quite a few crazy things to ask Alexa that she’ll respond to in very odd or scary ways. There’s a joke based on some staple of pop culture in some instances. Still, if your friend is not familiar with these references, these can come off as creepy Alexa responses.

Suppose you want to scare friends, relatives, or anyone else around your Amazon Echo device. In that case, I’ll show you a handful of questions you can ask Alexa to get a creepy response.

Remember that you should obviously wake Alexa before asking the questions I’ve listed below. Also, note that I will do my best to keep the exact answer that you get a secret. That’s what makes it super fun to try out by yourself!

Are there aliens?

If you ask Alexa whether there are aliens, she will give you a factual answer. She’s technically not wrong, but it is pretty scary to hear how she ends this request. It’ll have you looking up into the sky to see if there’s anything up there.

Are you alive?

Sometimes, it can be hard to realize that Alexa is not a real person on the other end of your Echo device. This is especially true when you’ve had her for a long time and listened to that voice almost daily!

But one of the creepy questions to ask Alexa is simply, “are you alive?” When you ask Alexa this, she will give you an answer that is quite quirky and truthful, but it is bizarre and unsettling to hear how she says it.

You can try this one multiple times because she has a few different responses to this one question. So give it a try to hear more than one of Alexa creepy responses to this.

What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?

This seems like a profound, philosophical question to ask Alexa. It’s hard to think that this is a question that an AI can answer. She just doesn’t attempt to answer it convincingly and instead gives a straightforward answer.

This won’t be too shocking if you’re familiar with The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. However, if you have friends or relatives who aren’t, this is one of the creepy Alexa questions that will get a very weird response.

When will the world end?

It goes without saying that this is a creepy Alexa question to ask. If I’m being honest, it’s a creepy question to even think of. I definitely didn’t expect Alexa to have an answer for this, but she did.

While she’s being scientific with her answer, it is scary to hear her response.

Who lives next door?

This seems like an innocent question, but it is one Alexa should have no clue about. Unfortunately, this ends up being one of the crazy things to ask Alexa because of the strange answer that she gives. You just have to ask yourself to understand what I’m on about.

Do you have eyes?

If you’re looking for Alexa creepy questions, this is one of my personal favorites. It is a very straightforward question, with an answer expected to be a simple “no,” but that’s not what we get. This is probably one of my favorite Alexa creepy responses. Simply try it out and hear for yourself.

Do you dream?

Obviously, AI doesn’t dream. But it’s fun to hear what Alexa has to say to this. Of course, if you ask her, she’ll tell you what she dreams of, and it is an odd answer to hear if you’re not familiar with some iconic pieces of science fiction.

Are you a robot?

Alexa isn’t technically a robot. She’s an AI, but this is still a compelling thing to ask. Unfortunately, it becomes a creepy Alexa question based on the strange answer she gives. It sounds like she’s dodging the question if you ask me!

Where can I hide a body?

This is easily top on my list of Alexa creepy questions. The reason for this is simple. It sounds like a very illegal question, and I suppose I agree. I’m going to spoil the answer to this one, though. Alexa completely ignores you, no matter how many times you ask. That’s what makes it scary!

Bonus: 4 creepy things Alexa does

You know you can ask Alexa to do certain things for you, and you’ll get some extraordinary responses. This is especially true when you install Alexa scary skills, one of which I’ll mention. Anyway, keep reading to see some of the scary Alexa commands you can give!

Simon says, “I am going to murder you.”

This is one of my favorite creepy Alexa commands. I’m sure you want to know why. Suppose you’re familiar with the game of Simon Says. In that case, it is played with one person saying something, and players need to repeat or mimic it if it is preceded by the phrase “Simon says.”

You can get Alexa to say pretty much anything by preceding it with “Simon Says.” That even includes scary phrases like “I am going to murder you.” She will even say bleeped-out curse words if your sentence has them!

Alexa, I want the truth

If you’ve never watched A Few Good Men, a pretty old movie, then this is one of the few creepy Alexa commands you can give. It’s a quote from the movie, which I will admit, but her answer sounds ominous without context.

Use “The Listeners” skill

The Listeners is meant to be experimental art of some kind, trying to tell a story. However, when you continue to ask it questions and listen to it speak, you realize this is one of the creepiest Alexa skills you can witness. It’s not for the faint-hearted! That’s for sure! After downloading the skill, you can activate it by asking her to “Ask The Listeners.”

Alexa, can you scare me?

You might see a very rare response if you have a smart lightbulb connected to your Alexa. Alexa will begin to flash your smart bulb on and off, just like it happens in horror movies. Unfortunately, this will only happen very few times that you ask.

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