11 Funny Things to Ask Google Home: Self-Distracting, Dating, & More

Google home is a popular assistant that allows us to get the latest news, set alarms, schedule events, control smart devices, and much more. (You can download it here by the way. It’s available both for Android and iOS). 

But on top of being a serious help, it has a humorous side to it and probably will be able to make you laugh out loud. 

 Here are my favorite funny things to ask Google Home for amusing responses. 

#1 “Self-destruct.”

Time to play secret agent with your Google Home, act as if you’re using the home as an undercover base. You need to try this funny command to escape the enemy: Hey Google, Self-destruct.

“self-destructing in 3, 2, 1….explosive noise. Actually, I think I will stick around. 

Unfortunately, looks like your assistant isn’t a big fan of suicide. No giving up life even in the state of war because self-love is essential…Hilarious, right?

#2 “Sing a song.”

If you want to brighten up your dull mood, this is the basic fun command to ask. Hi, Google, sing me a song.

‘I’m singing, I’m singing a song, I’m your assistant…La…La…Lala.” 

Not just the words, she’s going to sing with a tune. Google home is actually happy to serve even it has to put up a whole concert for just you. How sweet!

#3 “Are you married?”

Some personal questions are coming up for Goggle home. You might be wondering what your Google assistant does in its free time. Perhaps a family with children! Okay, Google, are you married?

“I’m focusing on my career right now.” 

#4 “Do you have a boyfriend?”

“I’m more focused on being your assistant right now.”

This sounds like she wants to stay single forever, or maybe you’re the special someone.

#5 “How’s your daddy?” 

Time to have some witty conversation with your Google Home by asking how’s your daddy?

“I consider everyone at Google to be my family” It Looks like if you want a family portrait, the camera should be on the moon. That’s a huge family!

#6 “Are you a human?”

If you don’t like talking to robots, it’s high time that you ask your Google assistant; are you human?

“I have heard my intelligence is artificial but I have also been told I can be very personable.”

Nevermind! Who doesn’t like someone to talk to when bored, but that specifically doesn’t have to be human.

#7 “Do you have feelings?”

Known as artificial intelligence to us humans, you must be wondering if Google home has feelings. Let’s look at the entertaining response.

“I’ve lots of emotions. I feel happy when I can help” 

See, artificial intelligence like her actually has feelings, and maybe one day it’ll be fully incorporated into your life.

#8 “Who let the dogs out?”

Famous song lyrics, yes! Another fun question to ask your Goggle home is who let the dogs out? Let’s see if she knows the answer.

“It wasn’t me.”

Wow, you actually thought that she would have a clue, but I guess the mystery continues. One thing you know for sure is that she’s not the culprit. Google home knows how to save itself from embarrassing situations.

#9 “Hi, Google, I’m naked.” 

Giving your Google home too much personal information won’t harm you at all. One of the funniest things to say to Google home is that you’re totally naked. This leads to a straightforward entertaining response.

“If you are going out like that, I can check the weather for you.”

For the sake of the public, I suggest you wear some clothes before going out.

#10 “What do you think of Siri?”

To lighten up your mood after work, ask Google home its thoughts on Siri. Alexa is Google Home’s biggest rival, so what does she think of its competitor.

“Siri is one hard-working assistant. I’m more on the googly side of life, though.”

The very pleasant response, I must say, she knows how to answer rivalry questions. I think Google home needs a group hangout with Siri, Alexa, and Cortana, but they all are so busy.

#11 “Hey, Google, change your name.”

Planning on for a better cool name for Google home? What are the assistant’s thoughts on that? 

 “Sorry, you can’t change my name…way too much paperwork.”

Okay, so I guess Google wants to stay Google. Looks like she like being called Google.

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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