8 Reasons Mac Is the Best Computer for Studying

The key to a successful academic year is good preparation and the right selection of tools. It is almost impossible to do anything without gadgets nowadays. Even professions that don’t require working with any kind of device may need a computer in case of an abrupt transition to remote work. Luckily, nowadays, we can enjoy various products and gadgets to simplify our everyday life. 

Or for example, when you were given an assignment to craft a presentation for the next class, obviously, you’ll need good hardware and software to accomplish the task.  

Thus, many students come out with the question of what device to choose. According to an Apple device management company, 71% of students prefer using Mac for their studies rather than a Windows-operated PC. This article will detail why Macs are worth buying and using for your academics.

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It Is Sustainable and Durable

The MacBook’s all-aluminum design is built to withstand an intense everyday load. You can use it for your daily routine and will have no trouble carrying it around the campus and wherever you go. You can be sure that no matter how chaotic the conditions when you use Mac are, it will withstand almost everything.

The reason this Apple product can handle all conditions is that there are no plastic body elements. It explains why it is durable and preferable in such an active mode of operation. In fact, after six months to a year or longer of active use, it will still perform and look as perfect as it was when you bought it.

You can take Windows laptops as a counterpoint. Most models of their laptops are made with a less durable plastic case. That’s why, over time, it rubs off, loses its marketable appearance, and is easy to crack and break when a little force is applied.

Self-Contained Power Supplies

Apple laptops have always been known for their excellent battery handling most everyday tasks. The developers’ small but significant revolution was the transition to their own M1 processors. As a result, apple laptops can now provide users with better performance, confidently outperforming most competitive companies. 

Compared to previous generations of MacBooks built on Intel processors, the devices with M1 chips can perform much better and faster. For instance, the new MacBook models have set a record: users can expect 18-20 hours of operation on a single battery charge. Hence, you can use Mac for your academic performance all day long and be sure the battery will last as long as you need.

User-Friendly Operating System

Many people believe that MacBooks are hard to operate. However, that is not the case. Apple’s OS is quick to set up and easy to use without any extra intervention or maintenance. It is impossible to break or disable macOS by ineptitude or unsuccessful system registry cleaning. In addition, there is no need to spend a lot of time reinstalling the system, reconfiguring, and loading drivers and third-party software.

If you are a computer newbie, some websites provide users with Apple training guides. With the help of video tutorials, you will learn how to set up and operate Macs. You will also learn how to make the most of any Apple device. After you finish the course (or courses), you will acquire all the critical skills for working with Mac.

A Standard Set of Software Is Sufficient to Perform Any Tasks

When buying a Mac, you will be provided with plenty of parameters that matter for study and everyday use. Among them: 

  • a powerful email client
  • a calendar
  • applications for notes and reminders
  • a voice recorder
  • a good photo editor 
  • a tool for reading books
  • a functional notepad

At the same time, the standard software set includes: 

  • an engineering calculator
  • an interactive charting tool
  • a handy tool for quickly transferring data from a previous computer

Right from the Mac App Store, you can download the following tools for free: 

  • Numbers
  • Pages
  • Keynote
  • iMovie
  • GarageBand

And if you want to become a software developer (either to become a full-time employee or to take it as a hobby) or, for example, run a startup, you can use Xcode for free. That way, you can start writing software for Mac, iPhone, or iPad without any additional investment and get the desired result.

Long-Term Support

Apple has always been known for its long-term support from its manufacturers. This applies to both mobile gadgets and computers. So if you purchase a MacBook now, you’ll get up to 7 years of trouble-free OS updates. Besides, you will be provided with all macOS updates every year with new features and changes, system patches, and solutions for vulnerabilities found. 

Perfect for Running Fast-Paced Applications

Thanks to Apple laptops’ speed and processing powers, they are a perfect option for running fast-paced programs compared to Windows computers. The reason is that Microsoft builds its systems with a generic approach. Simply put, they develop only one platform to handle all kinds of assignments.

As for Apple, the developers equip devices with state-of-the-art chips and memory power and take a more specialized approach when manufacturing MacBooks. Therefore, if you are studying design or want to become an engineer, the best option for you is to purchase the MacBook Pro. On the other hand, if you need a laptop for everyday use, you should consider the Air model. However, you will still be able to run heavy software on both devices.

Better Security and Data Protection

Recently, many cases of cyberattacks have been recorded. The number of hackers has also risen with the development of various services and tools. So you can never know if you are the next target of cybercriminals. Around 90 percent of people use Windows OS, and only 10 percent use Mac. This means that hackers’ targets are Windows users.

That’s also why it’s the right time to think about purchasing Apple products as developers build strong security and privacy features into the software. The technically sophisticated runtime protections, together with state-of-the-art antivirus software, are built at the very core of any device. They are designed to block and remove malware. Thanks to the technologies listed below, it is difficult for hackers to attack your devices with malware. 

  • ASLR (address space layout randomization)
  • XD (execute disable)
  • SIP (system integrity protection) 

Excellent Services

In addition to a good standard set of software, you will get access to Apple’s ecosystem and services. For example, when you purchase your first Mac, you will receive a free Apple Music membership with the option to sign up for a student subscription for three months.

Plus, when you activate any new Apple gadget (MacBook included), you get a full year’s subscription to Apple TV+. The service already offers a wide range of movies and TV series. After registering an Apple ID account, you will also be provided with 5 GB of iCloud cloud storage. It’s a huge bonus for students as they will have enough space to store documents, class projects, and photo albums with a quick shuffle option.

Summing Up

In reading this article, one can easily define why MacBooks are the best devices for students. You get plenty of advantages in terms of design and practicality when purchasing it. Although the only disadvantage is the price, if you save the necessary amount of money to buy it, in the future, you will not regret purchasing one.

This article is written by Vivianne Bell. 

Vivian is an academic writer with EssayPro who’s also involved in website content creation. She is an expert in content writing and analytics.

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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