The Most Awesome Geek Wallets Found Online

Online shopping gives the people the ability to shop at their own home.  Various E-commerce sites made their process convenient by introducing digital currency.  Sadly, it has affected the popularity of hard currency.  Over the last years, the decline in the sales of the wallet is undeniable.  This proves that more people prefer the use of the digital form.  However, the latest wallets are not just a leather product used to store your cash.  Geek wallets come with the state-of-the-art features such as RFID and blocking technology.

Top 4 Geek Wallets Found Online

Listed below are some of the best geek wallets that you can find online.  We provided a short review and description of the product.  Be sure to read it first to have an informed decision.

Nintendo Bi-fold Wallet That Acts as NES Retro Controller

This bi-fold wallet is an official and authentic Nintendo item. Any collectors will love this product.  The item has the classic design of the NES Controller.  It is well-designed and stylish. The controllers come with buttons that gives its unique texture.  Inside the wallet, there are three side pockets that you can use to store your cards.  It basically comes with the fundamental slot for your dollar bills and cards.  The manufacturer used high-quality and durable materials in creating this wallet.

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Star Wars Bi-fold Armor Polymer Wallet

Another collectible item.  It comes with various inner sleeves and a transparent slot.  It has the regular slot for your money and card.  All materials are top quality and imported.   The product is designed neatly that highlights the unique color pattern of the Vader Helmet.

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Super Mario Bi-Fold Wallet

Bi-fold wallet licensed by Nintendo.   It is the perfect gift for the millennials who love Mario.  The design and style carry sentimental value.  Anyone who played the game will appreciate owning this wallet. It is an excellent product made from quality fabric.

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The Marvel Superhero Bi-fold Wallet

 Die-hard fans of the Marvel characters will love this Bi-fold wallet. It bears the image of their favorite superhero character.  The figure is based on the classic image on the Marvel comics.  The level of artistry is also top quality.

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The geek wallets today are not just designed to carry your cards and wallet.  Nowadays, they can be an affordable, light, useful and quite a cool piece that helps you to identify a potential friend from the crown (and be identified yourself).

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