7 Levitating Gadgets That Make You Wonder What Year Is It Now

Just a few decades ago, the whole idea about a smartphone would have seemed ridiculous. Yet, look at us now. We just can’t get enough of yet another model of super-powerful device capable of landing over 100,000 of Apollo 11 (probably simultaneously). 

The same trend is accurate for levitating gadgets. Humans seem to be always fascinated with the idea of making things fly (including themselves, of course). And we’ve achieved some progress in this field as well. 

Still, such apartment gadgets like flying objects make a great addition to the contemporary interior and can be an amusing conversation starter. So, buckle up, we are going to the future (which is apparently NOW) to see what’s available for levitation junkies and review … 

The best levitating gadgets 

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Levitating globe

This magnetic levitation globe is something. It’s not only hovering but also slowly rotating. Even though making this gadget spinning requires some practice, you will be rewarded with a fascinating view. The soft light from the flying globe adds up some ambiance to any space. It works well. It looks cool. And people love watching it. (So you can potentially save on your Netflix subscription if you are going for minimalism and frugality). 

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Levitating platform

This stand is by far one of the coolest levitating gadgets of all because you are free to make anything float (as long as it’s not heavier than 350g). 

This levitating stand also features 8 LEDs, so it can be used as a night light too. 

It can be a challenge to make it work at first, but you’ll master it in no time with a bit of determination and practice. (And the company has excellent support in case you are wondering). 

This piece utilizes the power of magnetic forces, so you shouldn’t be using it around anything metal since it will mess up the field’s power. 

Other than that: books, flower pots, socks – you can make fly any of these. And that’s probably what it feels like to be Harry Potter after perfecting Wingardium Leviosa charms. 

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Levitating lamp

Heng balance lamp is not something I’d call a real floating lamp, but it comes close to it. And it looks incredible, making it a perfect piece of geek room decor. It features 48 LED light beads and is supposed to last for up to 50,000 hours. 

You might be on the fence about the design. Still, the item tends to receive tons of compliments, and you will definitely love the quality of lighting itself. Piece of art lamp, that almost can be called levitating. (Yes, it’s not “actually” flying, but on the bright side, you won’t have to go through the trouble of making it “fly” in the first place. Very practical and still looks lit).

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Best floating desk toy

I guess if someone would ever ask you whether or not you need a floating skull at your desk, you most likely would have answered: “Hell, no!”. 

But trust me, this levitating gadget is almost the same as the iPhone in this department: we never knew we wanted it until we got it.  

It looks smashing. It has those blue and red LED lights, and it automatically rotates while floating. And as some pointed out: if your friends weren’t going utterly ecstatic after seeing this levitating toy, you might don’t want them as friends. Ahaha. 

All in all, if you are into being a big hit at work or amongst people coming over to your place, you should totally consider getting this for your desk. 

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Magnetic plant pots

It’s nice to have plants at your place. Those will add up some life to space and also bring in some oxygen too. But it’s even better to have levitating plants around. Flying pot is a bold statement: it says that you are eco-conscious, enthusiastic about the future, and also a fun person to be around. 

The great thing I love about this magnetic pot in particular (apart from the levitating feature, of course) is the design. It looks really slick and adds up some class to any interior – whether it’s something more cozy or minimalistic. 

Just make sure that you don’t put a palm tree in this pot, that plant has to be small (aka not heavy) for the levitating feature to work. 

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Levitating light bulb

This bulb is one of the coolest looking levitating gadgets on the list, in my opinion. It’s very well built. The design is eye-catching and simple (imagine having this at your working station at all times?). And all the parts are pretty straightforward and sturdy.

The price might not be the lowest. However, that’s what we have to pay for better craftsmanship now and then. 

Although you can’t deny, this bulb is an absolute stunner. It works well as a night light or decoration. And for me personally, it might serve as a beautiful reminder to stay creative (and maybe be like Tesla. I love Tesla). 

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Levitating speaker

This little guy is the best levitating speaker I was able to find. Although there’s no shortage of similar devices, they all seem to be of very poor quality. And I am not talking only about the sound, but the build-in general. Other models feel flimsy, cheap, and break easily.

However, Orb is something different. It’s very well designed and feels really solid. The magnetic base charges your speaker directly so that it keeps floating while playing (practically forever). Or you can also use it as a charging station for your phone – how cool is that?

So it’s actually 3 in 1. You can use the Orb as a charging dock, as a portable Bluetooth device, and as a mindblowing futuristic levitating speaker. 

And the best part, even though the sound quality is not the high-end $3000 music gear level, it’s still very decent. Great little find. 

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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