Best Retro Keyboard: Top 7 for Gaming, Cheap, Ergonomic & More

In a world where computers (laptops) come with inbuilt keyboards and everyone taps away on the screen of their phones to type, it seems the appeal for old school keyboards has gone down. That is not so true.

Retro keyboards of the yesteryears are back and better than ever, following other retro gadgets. The fact that you are reading this post is a testament to that fact. Many gamers fancy retro keyboards because they are more tactile, durable, and have a faster response time than conventional keyboards. 

Whether you need a retro keyboard for gaming purposes or just enjoy the rustic feel of it, and you are not sure which one to buy, my research below might be useful.  

If you are in a hurry and just looking for a quick suggestion, I’d say check out this one. It looks super sleek, priced reasonably, lightweight, and it’s wireless.

But stick around if you can. 

I’ve looked into dozens of retro keyboards and shortlisted 7. And since I’ve spent around 20 hours on this research, I hope you’ll find at least a few of the suggestions below helpful. 

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Retro mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboards have slowly crept their way back to dominance after years of seemingly being relegated to the background by onscreen keyboards and laptop keyboards. Some new mechanical keyboards are a perfect amalgam between the old design and new tech.

Ajazz has been in the business of making keyboards for about a decade. For ten years, they have perfected the art of designing and manufacturing keyboards. This amount of experience has made them one of the best brands in the industry.

With the AK510, Ajazz wants to find the right intention by getting the keyboard back in its ‘original shape’. The AK510 features a set of mechanical brown switches that are believed to offer the same experience as Cherry MX Brown. The keycaps are designed to have a spherical and plump shape. The sidelines are intended to gather naturally at the upper end to fit the fingers. This product is a wired keyboard with a wire length of about 5.25 ft. It is an excellent combo of all the features that make this product one of the best mechanical keyboards.


  • Extremely durable
  • Designed for ultimate comfort
  • Great for folks that love loud keyboards
  • The lettering on the keyboard is stamped thorough and transparent, so there are no chances of fading


  • Could be problematic for folks that do not like noisy keyboards
  • Not lightweight

Best retro typewriter keyboard

There is no more retro about a retro keyboard than a typewriter design. This product is designed to give you the classic typewriter feel without compromising its compatibility with all your digital devices. It features an integrated tablet stand, a programmable return bar, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. This product also has a wired USB mode and dual scroll knob encoders that can control Volume and Page Scroll.


  • Classy design
  • Good build quality
  • Has a fantastic typewriter-like feel
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Great for nerdy home decor


  • A bit pricey
  • You have to resync it each time you want to connect it to a new device because it has only one Bluetooth profile

Best retro wireless keyboard

Are you tired of the old-fashioned look of your well…old fashioned keyboard? Are you looking for a retro keyboard that still looks cool and sophisticated? Then, FK iK630 wireless keyboard is what you are looking for to meet your geek decorating and wire (wireless) related needs. This may sound antithetical, but this retro keyboard comes in a very stylish modern design. It features a 97 keys slim design that strikes the perfect balance between a full-sized keyboard and mini size keyboard.


  • Has the functionality of a full-sized keyboard, but it is very portable
  • Sleek modern design
  • Perfect for people who prefer low noise keyboards
  • Designed to provide a comfortable typing experience
  • This product comes with a wireless mouse
  • Lightweight


  • Not to compatible with Mac devices
  • Low durability
  • Not great for gaming

Retro gaming keyboard

Apart from folks that prefer the feel of an old keyboard, gaming is by far the most practical use of a traditional keyboard in modern times. There are many keyboards manufactured for this purpose. My choice in this category is E-YOOSO K600. This keyboard combines retro aesthetics with advanced functionality. It has a 9-backlight mode that makes it a colorful addition to your desk. You can alter the brightness, speed of animation, pattern, and color of the lights to fit your style. It features 104 anti-ghosting keys. This means that an independent switch controls each key. You have an accurate response, no matter the number of keys you hit simultaneously. All that makes it the ideal gaming keyboard.


  • The keyboard is perfectly optimized for gaming
  • Fast response
  • Very colorful design


  • Price
  • Keys are pretty high so could take some time to familiarise yourself if you are not used to keyboards with high keys
  • Not a great choice from people who don’t like loud keyboards

Retro ergonomic keyboard

The Felicon Wireless Keyboard comes out tops when it comes to ergonomics. This keyboard is compact and features a unique round keycap design. With its button noise reduction technology, the key click sound is minimized so you can have quiet and comfortable typing. And thanks to the 2.4GHZ wireless technology, you can get a fast, seamless and reliable connection for up to 10 meters.

It has all of these functional attributes without failing to improve the aesthetics of your workspace potentially. It features chocolate color, matte round keys, giving it a nostalgic look and an amazing modern beauty.


  • Easy to install
  • Amazing design
  • High connectivity
  • Low noise
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Some found it challenging to figure out

Wooden retro keyboard

Class, that’s the simple definition of what this keyboard looks and feels like. Like most of the other retro keyboards on this list, it scores high on functionality and efficiency. The last thing that makes it stand out is its luxurious design. From Elwood’s use as the keyboard base to the forging of the frame with aluminum alloy, the keyboard is built to take your breath away.

And all of these aesthetics do nothing to limit functionality. The keyboard features dual USB and Bluetooth Interfaces, high connectivity and compatibility. Your comfort also isn’t compromised. You can easily adjust its height by swapping out the different sets of pillar-style feet included in the box. It sums this up with the tactile, backlit mechanical keys that are reminiscent of typewriter strokes when pressed. Thus, making it the perfect amalgam of the typewriter and the keyboard discussed in this post.


  • Classy and luxurious
  • Compatible with most devices
  • ‘Value For Money’ product
  • Comfortable


  • Price
  • Not so lightweight
  • May take a while to connect using Bluetooth

Cheap retro keyboard

If you are looking for “retro” on a budget, but still want the product that is well-built and last, I have to suggest this one. It may look plain (compared to others on this list), but it is very functional. Because of its size, you will save yourself a ton of space on your desktop when using this. In essence, this keyboard will perform all the essential keyboard functions that you need without having all the razzle-dazzle of the more expensive retro keyboards. There are no theatrics or special features (not even wireless connectivity). It is just a plain old keyboard. But it works. And it’s retro. 


  • Responsive
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Has a great tactile feel without being too loud


  • No wireless connectivity
  • Not so aesthetically pleasing

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