What are the Best Monitor Settings for Gaming? 

Probably the most underrated aspect of gaming is adjusting your monitor settings. Whether you’re playing on a PC or console, without the best monitor settings for gaming, you won’t have fulfilling gaming experiences.  Lags, screen tears, and abrupt freezing. These are just some of the problems gamers face when they don’t use the right monitor … Read more

Is Vimm’s Lair Safe? Do I Have To Use Vpn To Download It? (+Other Tips)

Vimm’s Lair has been a mainstay for the retro-console gaming community since 1997. Driven by the love of nostalgia and “preserving the classics,” the non-profit site supplies downloads for most of your favorite console games. Throughout its existence, Vimm’s Lair has tried to exclude viruses and malicious behavior from its site.  However, that has not … Read more

How Hot is Too Hot: What’s the Normal CPU Temp While Gaming?

Fearful of exceeding normal CPU temp while gaming? You’re not alone. Everyone’s PC gets hot when gaming. Most gamers don’t have too many complaints about this issue. But, when temperatures outside break world records, gamers must ask themselves – how hot is too hot?  Hot PCs are unhappy PCs. More importantly, hot Central Processing Units … Read more

How to Edit Gaming Videos for Social Media Posts?

 Pew Die Pie is expected to earn $40M by the end of 2022. And it’s a high rise from merely $15M in 2019. So being a gaming streamer is not such a bad idea.  According to Pew Research Center, gaming videos are among the most viewed video genres. Gaming offers great entertainment to people. And, … Read more

Cyberbullying in the Gaming Community & What to Do About It?

Video games, whether on a traditional PC, console, or even on your phone, became utterly mainstream for people from a wide variety of ages, genders, and backgrounds. A recent study showed that there are 3.2B gamers worldwide. And more adults are playing games than children. However, with the rise in online and multiplayer gaming, we’ve also seen a rise in cyberbullying … Read more

Is There a Nintendo DS Emulator for iOS? And How to Use It?

Ds emulator

Everyone knows the name Nintendo. They’ve become a renewed force in the gaming market ever since they released the Nintendo Switch, the best-selling console in the world in the year 2021, with over 25 million consoles sold. That was more than double what the PlayStation 5 sold in the same year. This is just to … Read more

Why Is My Upload Speed So Slow?

You’re probably thinking of your download speed when you think of your internet speed. That makes sense, considering people are downloading or streaming things to their devices most of the time. In the United States, the average download speed is 105.15 Mbps for people on broadband, which is fine for most of us for most … Read more

12 Tips for Optimizing Your Online Gaming Experience? 

Over the last two years, people have had to turn to different methods of socializing. Of course, with the pandemic necessitating so much isolation, things like Zoom calls and Discord group chats have become ever more popular. But another method people have turned to is online gaming. Multiplayer games, in particular, have seen quite the … Read more

Best DNS for PS4: How to Set it Up and Which Address to Use?

PlayStation 4 is the second best-selling home game console of all time, with 116.3 million sales worldwide. That number is impressive, and it is dwarfed only by two handheld systems and the PlayStation 2 in top position (more than 155 million!).  If you’re reading this now, you’re one of those many people who have a … Read more

3 Foolproof Methods to Connect Joy-Con to PC

Joy-cons are the Nintendo Switch gaming console controllers. They have an attractive design as you can detach them into two separate units. So, you can play with the controller as a single unit or split it into two controllers when playing a multi-player game. Each controller has an analog stick and several buttons.  Fortunately, there … Read more

Agrr! Discord Stuck on RTC Connecting. Here’s What You Do…

Are you familiar with Discord? If you’re a gamer, you likely are, and even if you’re not, there’s a chance that you’ve heard of it. It’s an application for chatting, whether by voice, video, or text, used mainly in the gaming space. Discord isn’t small by any measure, going from 250 million registered users in … Read more

How To Make a Grindstone in Minecraft: Crafting Guide?

A grindstone is a block that you can use to make items sharper. Minecraft grindstones are used to repair and remove weapon enhancements, which adds value to any world. It doesn’t take long to craft, but it does require some resources. This article will show how easy it is to make one in your Minecraft … Read more

Why Discord Isn’t Detecting Your Mic and How to Fix It?

Discord is a voice and text chat app that has become very popular in the gaming community. Discord allows gamers to talk on different servers or “channels” with other people who share their interests. However, Discord not detecting mic can be an issue for some users. Maybe your microphone isn’t working at all, or it’s … Read more

How To Create The Perfect Minecraft Circle?

It’s impossible for Minecraft to not come up in some form or the other in spaces filled with video game enthusiasts. After all, it is the biggest game of all time by the number of units shipped (a massive 200 million as of May 2020). So it is no surprise that it is on people’s … Read more