Hulu Can’t Verify Email: How to Fix this Common Hulu Login Issue in Minutes?

hulu blocked login

Trying to catch your favorite show, but Hulu can’t verify email? You’re not alone. The Internet is littered with user complaints regarding Hulu login issues. The streaming platform is available only to US-based customers. It features 70,000+ TV episodes and movies. This massive library of content attracts over 45 million paid users in the US.  … Read more

How to Delete a Page in Google Docs: 7 Formatting Tricks You Should Know 

how do i delete a page in google docs

Want to get your document’s formatting right but don’t know how to delete a page in Google Docs? You’re not alone. Many users on the Internet have complained about extra pages hanging around somewhere inside their well-formatted documents. They, like you, want to know how to delete unwanted pages in Google Docs. One extra page … Read more

How to Turn on Roku TV Without Remote?

turn on roku tv without remote

Is your remote lost/broken & you don’t know how to turn on Roku TV without remote? Don’t feel silly. There are many Roku users who frequently complain about this issue. Roku TVs & players are extremely popular devices. They let users access several of their favorite services like HBO Max or Apple TV from one, … Read more

Why is My Vizio SmartCast Not Working & How Do I Fix This Issue?

smartcast not working on vizio tv

Is your Vizio SmartCast not working? Don’t worry. It’s a common problem that several Vizio smart TV owners have complained about. To understand why your Vizio TV’s SmartCast is not working, you need to understand what SmartCast is & how it impacts your TV viewing experience. Let’s explore. Do you have a particular question about … Read more

Headset Microphone Not Working on PC: 7 Easy Fixes

headset microphone not working on PC

Is your headset microphone not working on PC? That means you won’t be able to record audio, participate in Zoom calls, or voice chat with anyone via your PC. That’s why if your headset mic is not working, you need to get it fixed immediately. Don’t worry – we have you covered. You’re not the … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Using Snipping Tool Shortcut

snipping tool tips

The snipping tool shortcut is a feature that was introduced in Windows 7. To use this shortcut, you have to press Win + Shift + S on your Windows PC. Pressing these keys opens the snipping tool. You can use this tool to take screenshots and save the images on your computer.  The snipping tool … Read more

How to Unlock Your Roku TV’s Bluetooth Capabilities?

do all Roku TVs have Bluetooth

Consumer queries regarding Roku TV Bluetooth connectivity features are increasing daily. That’s because people are buying this TV streaming player/platform in record numbers. In 2021, the platform had 60+ million active accounts. That’s more than Amazon Fire TV & Google Chromecast.  In 2022, Roku became the leading smart TV operating system in the US. The … Read more

3 Best Ways to Store Large Amounts of Data (With Pros and Caveats) 

best ways to store big data

The world is changing, and virtually everyone in developed countries like the United States has access to the internet and a smartphone or computer. For instance, in the US alone, 85% of people are estimated to have a smartphone, and about 93% of households have at least one computer. When paired with the approximately 92% … Read more

iPad is Disabled Connect to iTunes: Fix This Problem in Seconds

Is your iPad screen showing the following message – “iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes”? Don’t worry – several iPad users have faced this issue. Usually, this message pops up because of three reasons:  Regardless of the reasons, it’s never nice to receive the “iPad disabled connect to iTunes” notification on your screen. That’s because … Read more

Wyze vs. Blink: Which Security System is the Best for Your Home

If you’ve been paying attention to the $3.2-billion-dollar smart home security market, you know that there’s a raging debate on the Internet – Wyze vs. Blink, which is better? These are both super-popular smart home security companies. Both Wyze & Blink specialize in producing wireless security camera solutions for residential consumers. These companies offer a … Read more

Samsung TV Not Connecting to Wi-Fi: 6 Easy Fixes

All Samsung smart TVs have Wi-Fi capabilities. But Samsung TV Internet connection problems are rare. Every year thousands of Samsung TV users complain about Wi-Fi connectivity issues. Is it due to weak Wi-Fi signals? Or is it DNS server issues? Or is it because of outdated TV firmware? Let’s address all the potential causes of … Read more

How to Perform an LG TV Reset Without a Remote?

Can you perform an LG TV reset without a remote? Whenever LG Smart TV owners experience device issues, they’re asked to reset their TVs. But what if they don’t have access to their remote controls? What if their remote controls are malfunctioning or not working? Can anyone perform an LG TV factory reset without a … Read more

YouTube Music Keeps Pausing: Is This Bug Fixable?

YouTube Music, YouTube’s stand-alone music streaming app was launched in 2015. Since then, the app has supplanted Google’s “Play Music” as the sole music streaming app on Android phones. Like Spotify, the YouTube Music app is available in free and premium (paid) tiers. It’s available in many countries worldwide and is growing in popularity yearly. … Read more

Xfinity Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting: 10 Easy Fixes for This Issue

Comcast isn’t a beloved brand. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Xfinity’s Wi-Fi service has consistently ranked poorly in customer satisfaction ratings. Despite this, Comcast continues to be the largest broadband supplier in the US. Currently, over 32 million people in the US use their Xfinity Wi-Fi service. Needless to say, several of these … Read more

My YouTube TV Keeps Freezing: Here’s How You Fix This Bug

For several years, streaming gateways like Apple, Amazon, Disney, Netflix, & Roku have been key stakeholders in the third-party streaming subscription industry. Now, they have a major competitor in YouTube. YouTube recently launched YouTube TV – the platform’s own streaming television service. On this streaming platform, consumers can sign up to access content from Paramount+, … Read more

How to Restart an App on Samsung TV?

Samsung has been the leading Smart TV manufacturer in the world for the past ten years. Most smart TV owners worldwide are Samsung users & this number is only growing yearly. Unfortunately, many people in this userbase have to deal with a common issue – the apps on their Smart TVs not working properly. On … Read more

Samsung TV Not Recognizing HDMI Input: 9 Easy Fixes

HDMI connectors are the standard interfaces for connecting virtually all modern-day audio-visual devices. TVs, set-top boxes, game consoles, media streamers – most components of new-age entertainment setups require HDMI connectors. Without the HDMI connection, you can’t game or stream high-definition media. That’s why seeing your Samsung TV not recognizing HDMI input can be a terrifying … Read more

How Do I Know Which AirPods I Have In 3 Easy Steps?

Ever find yourself asking – how do I know which AirPods I have? Don’t worry. You’re not alone – many AirPods owners have asked the same question on the Internet. That’s because unlike different versions of iPhones or iPods that have different sizes and designs, all versions of AirPods seem to look alike. Differentiating them … Read more

Can You Control Volume on AirPods? Easy How-to Guide

In 2021, Apple made $12.1+ billion in revenue from AirPods sales alone. Apple has sold over 150 million units of these wireless earphones. AirPods are extremely popular products. But they don’t have physical volume controls. So, questions like – “Can you control the volume on AirPods” are on the minds of millions of curious users. … Read more